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Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Aladdin & Sleeping Beauty Tights Review

[Tights provided for review consideration. All words and photos my own.] 

Today sees the second Disney Princesses launch this season at Irregular Choice. In July we had Snow White and Mulan and the 3rd and 4th Princesses are Jasmine from Aladdin and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. There's still two more to come before the year's out and most people have managed to guess who they are from the clues we've been given on the packaging. Today I'm reviewing tights from the latest drop and there's one style in each collection. Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, Genie from Aladdin character printed tights review

Oddly, the Aladdin 'Jasmine' tights, don't actually feature Jasmine, but I spoke about that in my teaser post last week, so won't go into it again.  Instead the Genie Tights funnily enough feature...the Genie!  He (solely) appears in 8 of this 13 piece collection, so if you're a fan of his, you're in luck and there will be lots of exact match shoe options to wear them with.  I'm not a massive Genie fan (don't shoot!), however I'm  genuinely really loving these.  They are really fun to wear with that bold print and I really like the placement of it, as you'll see in the photos of them on my legs.             boxed Genie Aladdin printed tights with shoe shelves in background
They have an all over print on a bold blue base. The Genie (face) and golden, magic lamps are dotted around with red stars and puffs of smoke saying "your wish is my command". They just look really cool on, as the colour remains vivid and the print is so fun.          blue Genie face printed tights lying flatclose up of Genie face tights with gold hoop earringyour wish is my command smoke printed tights with genie characterblue tights close up lying flat with gold magic lamp print
I was spoilt for choice when selecting which shoes from my collection to team them with, which again gets a thumbs up from me. I like options! I decided on Candi Lolly as they have a similar gem encrusted heel to Arabian Nights from this range.  I hadn't realised how perfectly the blue matched at first, but it's spot-on.  I love how the toe section, visible in these peep-toes, is split white and blue and the open sides of the sandals reveal the smokey quotes coming from under my feet.   legs standing wearing Aladdin Genie tights with blue lollipop sandalswearing blue disney genie tightsfeet with jewelled heels and blue genie tights on legsblue tights with Genie magic lam print on legsjewel heeled sandals on feet with printed Disney tightstights with your wish is my command quotes and magic lampsgem encrusted heel shoes in blue glitter with legs wearing Disney genie print tights
From Sleeping Beauty, we have the Dark Vs. Light Tights. Similar to Still The Fairest from Snow White, where you have two very different leg patterns. Aurora sits up one leg on a pale pink background with baby blue hearts and the adorable blue birds flying around further up the leg. The other leg features Maleficent on the purple and green flame background with looming ravens circling around the upper part of the tights. The character pattern wraps all the way around the leg, so the back is different to the front.         boxed Sleeping Beauty tights with shoe shelves in backgroundAurora Maleficent Sleeping Beauty character tights flatlaytights with purple green flame print on one leg and pink and blue heart print on otherraven and blue bird print on tights flatlay
I paired them with Teddy Toes, the mint being a similar shade to Maleficent's skin colour, but because there's so many colours in these, you could choose anything really. I can't decide which leg I prefer, I like them both! I did really enjoy having such a leg contrast on the Snow White tights and again I'm loving that here. It's maybe even more obvious because the colours are so dramatically different. I did have a little readjusting to get the faces sitting up my shins, especially Aurora, as the print wanted to naturally sit a little more side-on (when the toe seam was properly straight). Perhaps that's how they are supposed to be, but my preference was to have that image more central. As with other Disney tights, larger areas of black (Forest Friends from Bambi, Mulan's hair in Growing Up Brave, Still The Fairest), if you stretch the pattern too much, it will start shining white (either on larger or longer legs). Mine aren't the thinnest just now, but you can see it's minimal and doesn't detract from the print. legs wearing Maleficent and Aurora character print tights with mint fluffy shoesAurora character print pink leg on tights with black Maleficentclose up of foot wearing mint green glitter and furry shoes with black Maleficent print tightsmint green fluffy shoe on foot with pink and yellow Aurora print tightsfeet with Aurora pastel and black Maleficent tights and green fur shoesfurry heeled shoes worn with Sleeping Beauty Disney colourful tightscrossed legs wearing Maleficent tights with Aurora in background
Irregular Choice tights are one size, aiming to fit up to a size 16. I found the sizing on these comparable to the last Disney Princess collection. Both are 80 denier, so really thick and cosy and are 85% Polymide/15% Spandex, so have a nice amount of stretch to them. I hope you enjoyed this post, if there's any questions let me know below. I managed to get the Jasmine bag (A Whole New World) I was after, so I can't wait for it to arrive!

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