Friday, 20 September 2019

Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Aladdin Teaser 2

Greetings my friends! I'm back with another teaser from the Irregular Choice Disney Princesses line and it's...another Aladdin sneak peek! I feel that may be a surprise to some. So last week we saw matching Aladdin and Jasmine mid heels and bag, this time it's the turn of the Genie.

I'll be honest, I'm a bit muddled by this. On the one hand, I realise the Genie is a super popular figure in the film (and big part of it), ergo people are going to want a piece of him. However remember this isn't a general Aladdin collection, it's Disney Princesses, therefore the focus, in my opinion, should be on the female lead, Jasmine. We were told from the start that villains, friends etc could be included and really who is Snow White without the Seven Dwarfs? However Jasmine and the Genie have very little interaction from what I remember (it's a while since I've watched it), he's more Aladdin's sidekick, no? Regardless, I'm sure these pieces will be popular and I like the materials used. Starting with a kids style, Geniebopper. blue metallic Disney Aladdin Genie trainers

I think the name is really fitting for a children's style and like the Snow White boots (Hum A Merry Tune), this is a style I could very much imagine working in adult form too. The uppers are mainly blue metallic, with a slightly creased look and there's pale gold metallic trimming the toe and up the centre back. back side view of metallic trainers with gold magic lamp applique
Down each side is the magic lamp in that same gold, similar to what we saw on the bag last week and a puff of swirly smoke coming out of it in pale blue and holographic silver. side of kids metallic blue trainer with gold genie lamp and glitter starleft shoe blue metallic with smoke plume and strap and genie lamp applique
The main attraction are the puffed, oversize tongues, different on each foot. One features the Genie, the other, his hand. IC always get the characters and personality spot-on in their Disney releases and they have again here. His mouth is open wide, his tuft of hair sticks up, there's even a small gold metallic hoop earring. front view of blue and gold kids trainers with Disney Genie character tonguegold and blue metallic trainer with puffed genie tongue
The straps across the trainers fasten with Velcro and feature embroidery saying "your wish is my command!" in a swirly smoke shape. There's a large blue glitter star across each toe and a smaller one on the side of each shoe. Up close you can see multiple coloured flecks. blue metallic Disney Genie trainers with character puffed tongues and glitter stars
It's a cute and playful style that I could see boy or girl Genie fans wanting to wear.

Then we move onto an adult style, in a slightly higher heel than last week, You Rubbed? blue sequins genie shoe in foreground with magic lamp shoe in background
These are blue sequined, slip on court shoes (silver on the flip-side) with a softly rounded toe. pair of blue sequin court shoes with Disney Genie characterclose up of blue sequins toe of shoe with blue suedette swirlblue and silver sequin shoe toe close up with smokey swirl applique
Again there's slight differences to each shoe with the Genie swirling his way around the right foot, from back to front. He sits upwards slightly from the shoe onto the ankle and foot. lucite heeled shoes with Genie character applique on side
The other shoe features the magic lamp with a plume of smoke embroidered with "your wish is my command!" like the kids trainers. gem filled lucite heel shoe with magic lamp applique on side
What I really love is how the two fit together, as shown in the image below, with the Genie working his way out of the lamp from the other shoe. blue sequined shoes from above showing pink lining and genie figure coming from magic lamp applique
The chunky heel is heart shaped and transparent, with colourful gems inside. These will vary, so each pair is unique. gem filled transparent heel on blue sequins shoeperspex heeled shoe filled with gems and sequins uppers
That treasure trove, gem idea and the sequins, although not considered an exact match, still ties in with the bag from last week if you didn't fancy those shoes. pair of sequins shoes facing each other with perspex heel and genie applique figure on side
As always, follow my Instagram or Facebook for updates and I can tell you this collection will launch next Friday, 27th September at 12pm. Like last time there will be a mix of heel heights, bags, accessories and kids styles. The range will be available worldwide, online and in stores.

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  1. Both pairs are pretty cool! I do like the Asymmetric look with the genie on both! The gems in the heel are cool!


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