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Irregular Choice Collection: Square Bags

I've been in the process of doing collective Irregular Choice bag posts for ages now. Honestly I have folders of photos from years ago and every time I take a group shot, I either forget to include something or buy a new one, so feel I need an updated photo and months later I do that and the same happens again! I've finally found the energy to compile this post and I'm starting with an easy one, as this is a newer bag shape, so I don't have that many of them.  I'm calling this the 'square bag', it's ever so slightly off being a square (maybe 1cm taller than wide) measuring around 24cm and it's 10.5cm deep.  4 irregular choice square shaped bags front facing on floor
So the thing with this bag shape is, the front is one big, interrupted, clean space which allows a really decent sized image or applique to be the focal point without any flaps, fastenings or oddly shaped bits getting in the way. That also means that inside, you can fill that whole space, there's nothing encroaching on the storage of these ones and I really like the size. As with most IC bags, they come with a short fixed handle on top (my preference) and a longer strap is included which can be attached to D-rings either side of this. The only negative is I find the opening fiddly. The zip unzips maybe 3/4 of the bag, but the flap then doesn't open very widely. I feel I'd like a gusset at the sides, not only to stop contents falling out, but to have that extra pull so it's easier to get my hand in. I'd also prefer a double zip pull than just the one (the round bags tend to have gussets and a double zipper), that's just a minor gripe though. For that reason it isn't my most favourite shape, but I like it enough that I've bought most of the variations it's come in and I have to say every colour or theme I've bought, I really love, they are gorgeous.
4 irregular choice bags back facing on floor
So here's pictures of them all lined up together and I'll go through each bag one by one. row of 4 irregular choice bags pictured from the top with handlesrow of 4 irregular choice handbags shown from side with fur and metallic trims
I think I'm correct in saying the first one I bought was Poodle Oo. I mean, how can anyone resist this quite frankly? The front is made from this incredible white glitter with a blue sheen and is super sparkly. In the centre you have a poodle made from rainbow coloured fluffy pom poms, with a furry head and pink pearl lead. There's little poms poms for the nose and feet and tail and even a glitter bow on there. I love the way these bags adopt a framed style, like IC shoe boxes usually do, with a scalloped detail in the corners and pink glitter trim all round the edge. glitter and fur pom pom poodle handbag
The back is an ivory pearlised material with the same scalloped frame detail and "ooh la la" embroidered in gold diagonally. There's glitter stars dotted around and the sides of the bag are furry lilac with the ivory at the bottom and the pink glitter separating the two. A material IC have been using a lot of in the past few years is this pearlised lilac, which provides the corners, piped edges and handle of the bag. There wasn't any matching poodle heels for this bag, just a flat style, but I have Barnacle Betty which uses the same material. back of poodle handbag with embroidery and glitter detailsside of handbag with ivory metallic, lilac fur and pink glitter trimmetallic shell lining inside handbag with Irregular Choice label
Another style from the same season was Sundae Funday. I waited until the sale to get this, but ogled it in Manchester and every time I saw someone with it! Oddly this bag didn't perfectly match the ice cream sundae heels, but did go with the macaron Little Kisses, which launched at a different time. Sometimes you have to wait to find your perfect match (I don't own LK, so I'm not particular about being matchy-matchy)! The background and back is the macaron print in mint and the centre front features a large applique ice-cream sundae. It's in exactly the same style as the sundae heels with the teddy and there's little gems, beads, glitter and pearls. front of Irregular Choice ice cream sundae mint handbag
Again you have that frame style with the scalloped corners. The silver material is really cool up close, it's like a holograph with triangular shapes in it. The glitter is also amazing, very dazzling. The sides are mint fur and this fur is silkier in my opinion than the shaggier lilac on the poodle one (it's the same as the top of the poodles head). mint macaron printed handbag shown on backside of handbag in mint fur, silver holographic with glitter trimmetallic shell lining inside handbag with Irregular Choice label
Then we have the limited edition The Big Act from Dumbo. There's no fluffy bits on this one, the black is a suedette material (which picks up dust very easily). On the front there's a large applique face of Timothy Q Mouse. It's really detailed with embroidered features, floppy ears and even 'real' whiskers. Behind him are various ribbon rosettes and circus tickets and the corners are lime glitter with ric rac braid and more ruffled ribbon details. Disney Dumbo handbag with Timothy Q Mouse applique on front
The back features a vintage print from the film with embroidered gold stars.  The sides are black suedette with metallic trim in a jagged finish rather than scalloped and the whole bag is finished off with gold metallic piping. Disney Dumbo scene on back of handbagside of handbag in metallic and black with jagged edge trimblue metallic lining inside handbag with Irregular Choice Disney Dumbo ticket label
Then my final one is my most recent, from the 20th anniversary collection.  Bon Anniversaire comes with a 20th anniversary scarf tied to the handle, though I'm more than likely going to wear that separately (and iron it first!). The scarf is the same print as the one available to buy on it's own, however that one comes in a presentation box and is silk. This one is polyester, but I think it's a really nice scarf. It's got a bit of weight to it, has elastane, so is slightly stretchy and has a sheen to the printed side. It's also huge! I was pleasantly surprised by that. The print is just stunning too with lots of older characters and box and sole designs.  Plus, I love how hidden the bag is on top of the scarf in these photos!  large printed scarf with small square handbag in centrelarge Irregular Choice printed square scarf on floor20th anniversary handbag in centre of scarf of same printclose up of 20th anniversary irregular choice bag in centre of scarf in same print
The front of the bag takes on the same theme as the scarf with that trip down memory lane. I love the way the print has been executed, in a sundial style. That sun, moon and stars theme, which has recently come back in fashion was so popular in the late 90's when Irregular Choice started. I remember my big sister completely changing her pink childhood bedroom with sun, moon and stars. Everything was navy with yellow or gold, it felt like it was permanently nighttime in her room! Anyway the surround is black with embroidered stars and moons in gold and applique hearts in each corner. They either read "established 1999" or "anniversary 20th" and there's gold metallic piping around the bag. square handbag in 20th anniversary print with matching scarf tied on handle20th anniversary handbag front
The back is a plain black and the sides are wow! I'm drooling over those colours, they are right up my street. Beautiful rich and bold purple, blue, green and pink sequins loosely sit amongst the black backing. It looks like mesh, but in reality it feels kinda fluffy, I'm sure there's a little pile there.  The base is bright pink faux fur with red scalloped and blue metallic trim separating the two.  It's a weird combination of colours, it sounds hideous on paper, but somehow it works.
back of square handbag with scarf tied to handlepink fur, blue metallic and multi coloured sequins sides of handbaglilac leopard print lining inside handbag with Irregular Choice labelling
So that's my little collection of square bags.  Do you have any of these?  I've taken group shots of my round bags, so I think that will be my next post, but I'm keen to share most of my bags in a series.  I'm aware some are more accessible than others, so will work with what I can see and find first!  The ones with the flap (Flounder, Monty etc) and the double clasp (Purfect Pose, Do The Hula etc) are the ones I keep adding to and have to rephotograph, so I'll wait until I'm sure I'm not buying another one, before I start on those again.


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