Friday, 13 September 2019

Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Aladdin Teaser

Today I bring you news of the next Irregular Choice Disney Princess release. In the original announcement, it was revealed there would be 6 Princesses throughout the rest of the year, with Mulan and Snow White already dropping in July. Today I can tell you, Jasmine from Aladdin is coming next! Did you see Abu and the magic lamp in the box clues? irregular choice disney aladdin themed handbag with twilight agrabah palace scene
What I love about Jasmine and the whole movie really, is the rich, jewel colours and the first teaser doesn't disappoint in that department. The A Whole New World Bag features a beautifully lit twilight scene in pinks, purples and yellow.
The sun setting over Agrabah with the palace in the centre, covers the full back of the bag. back of handbag showing twilight scene over Agrabah from Disney Aladdin
The front is slightly different with Aladdin and Jasmine featuring. The Jasmine figure is appliqued on, while Aladdin is printed into the scene. The colours just get even better for me, with this stunning purple, multi-flecked, chunky glitter and gold, which could possibly be the same material used on the toes of the Still The Fairest boots. I loved that stuff as it's also got multi-coloured flecks and is super decadent in real life. Over the top of this is the famous genie lamp in metallic, with a whiff of 'blue' coming out and jewels and pearls stitched on. purple twilight scene bag with Jasmine and Aladdin character applique
The small flap and gussets on the side of the bag come in this beautiful transparent sequins, which appear to be blue on the reverse but reflect several colours on top depending on the light. You can see green, gold and silver in these photos. The flap also features that beautiful purple glitter in a star shape with a large jewel on top. close up of sequin and jewel flap on handbagside view of handbag with sequin gusset
The bag has a metallic blue frame, short fixed gold handle and an adjustable longer strap in blue and gold which can be detached. The lining for the Aladdin shoes and bags is a deep pink metallic. pink metallic lining close up inside handbag with stud closureDisney Aladdin handbag from back with long detachable strap

This bag shape has become one of my favourites as it's lightweight, not too large, but big enough to hold my daily essentials in. I have several from the regular line and bought Let Dreams Blossom from Mulan, so this one's a must-have for me. If you're hoping for shoes to match, then look no further than A Whole New World. These mid-heels feature a t-bar design with Aladdin on one foot and Jasmine on the other. Note the little jewels on Jasmine's headband and belt to match the bag. Disney Aladdin and Jasmine themed shoes Disney Jasmine and Aladdin characters on t-bar of shoes
The uppers are mainly covered in that same beautiful sequins from the bag and again they have gold glitter as a trim at the toes and centre back. There are little stars attached to the strap and even the buckle is star shaped. star shaped buckle on sequin shoes close up
The triangular tipped heel comes in the same purple glitter as the bag, but over the top are layers of gold fringing reminiscent of the old Satine sandals.  The soles are the same theme as the previous two collections, with items and characters from each of the 6 Disney films we'll visit in the Princess collections.  gold fringed heel shoe with sequins uppersDisney Princesses Irregular Choice soles of shoes
Down the side of each shoe is the applique lamp with 'mysterious' smoke appearing, alongside different shaped jewels. A perfect partner for your handbag. Disney genie magic lamp applique on side of sequins shoepair of fringed heel sequins shoes with magic lamp applique
What do you think of this first reveal, do these take your fancy? The next Princess release will be launching online and instores soon, more details will be revealed, so be sure to check back or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. The shoes are amazing! I love the star buckles! The whole look is really attractive!


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