Sunday, 3 December 2017

Irregular Choice Muppets: Louder! Louder!

Irregular Choice furry Muppets Animal bag and shoes with graffiti background, amp and fur carpet
Hello! This week I'm reviewing the Animal themed heels from Irregular Choice's Muppets collection, called Louder! Louder!
red fur shoes with gold glitter applique Louder and musical themed items
I was immediately drawn to the furry heel, which we'd already seen on several styles this summer. Underneath the fur fabric, is a reasonably chunky heel (like Whoopi Do, Flaming June, May Meadow etc), so I find it really stable and comfortable. On my Cream Puff sandals, I rub the fur up the wrong way, so it's super fluffy and I've done the same with these. It looks nice smoothed down too though! Red fur Muppets Animal shoe with gold applique, guitar case, amp and drumsticks in background close up of red fur fabric shoe heelclose up of heel tip on furry heel of shoe
There's a small silver glitter platform at the front and an open toe finished with a jagged edged trim of the same silver glitter. The front of the shoe is made into Animal's face and I mentioned this in the preview, but I absolutely love that Animal's mouth is beneath your toes as part of the insole. It's a quirky touch that finishes them off perfectly. There's white teeth on the sides of the shoes, an orange pom pom nose, large applique eyes and hairy eyebrows across the top that almost sit upwards on the foot. Looking from above with the tongue/open mouth detail, it's just brilliant! close up of silver glitter platform and horsehair uppers on shoesDisney Muppets Animal face and mouth on Irregular Choice shoe close uptop view close up of Disney Muppets Animal shoe with peep toe, mouth, applique eyes, pom pom nosered Muppets Animal shoes by Irregular Choice on fur background red open toe Muppets Animal fur shoes on furry backdrop
The main uppers are a red horsehair, but as I mentioned previously, it has an almost velvet pile appearance. It looks more luscious than horsehair usually looks and has a lovely sheen. Down each side are large applique letters in gold glitter. One shoe saying "Animal", the other "Louder" and there's a strip up the centre back with a gold glitter exclamation mark to finish each word. You'll also see the same spiked silver glitter trim as the front, so it all ties in nicely. gold glitter letter applique on side of shoes close upside view of Louder applique lettering on red Muppets shoeside view of Animal glitter lettering on side of shoeLouder and Animal red fluffy shoes with amp, guitar case and drumsticks in background back view of red fluffy fur heels of shoes
The inside features the padded all over Disney Muppets print with the half insole in gold metallic with the Irregular Choice and Muppets branding. As a sidenote, I really hope they continue with this style of insole as I was just looking at the SS17 cats today, thinking how lovely it is to have that image inside the shoe.
metallic and Disney Muppets lining and branding inside Irregular Choice shoe
The soles are the all-over turquoise print but with a large Animal face under the pad of the foot with "Animal!" and "Louder!" scrawled up the instep in bold yellow lettering. soles of shoes with Muppets print and Animal faceclose up of soles of shoes with Animal face and Muppets character printdetailed look of Animal face print on Irregular Choice Muppets shoe sole
For details on the fit of these and to see them on the foot, see my Shoesday Tuesday post and you can find images of the Muppets box here. Once I break in that front section, I can see me reaching for these a lot as they are easy to wear, though maybe not for torrential rain kinda days! Plus they look awesome with the coordinating handbag. I did love the Animal flats even more than these heels, but I just can't walk in flats (though seriously considered it, because they are crazy cool). What do you think, do you like these? Limited edition Disney Muppets Irregular Choice Animal handbag and shoes on fur and graffiti backdrop
Multi-coloured fur coat used in background.  Post contains affiliate links.    


  1. OMG, these are so fun and I LOVE the props you've used!

  2. These are so nice!!! Though I KNOW I'd tread in dog poo if I owned these!


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