Monday, 20 November 2017

Irregular Choice Muppets: Daredevil Bag

Irregular Choice Muppets Daredevil bag on red cape with cloudy background
I feel like this post should begin with some sort of trumpet fanfare. Presenting "Gonzo The Great"; eccentric, performer, stunt-master extraordinaire! My first Irregular Choice Muppets bag review is my favourite of the bunch, Daredevil, featuring (if you haven't already guessed), Gonzo. Just what he is, nobody quite knows!  I said this in my first impressions post, but I'm so fond of this bag shape. It's the perfect size for me and what I need it for and is a lot roomier than it seems from the outside. So let's take a closer look.
close up of Gonzo Muppets handbag with sky backdrop
The front, top and base are a gold sparkly material, kind of like a firmer, more robust lurex. It is a yellow gold and like I said in that other post, the stock photos varied greatly between a pale gold and bright yellow and I can see why, because it can brighten quite a bit in different lights or when something else is reflecting off it. I wasn't prepared for how glittery the fabric would be. It's really pretty when it twinkles. There's an embroidered flying Gonzo figure which fills the entire front. I hadn't picked up the beaded eyes and little diamante jewels on his shorts and vest, until I saw it in person.
beaded eyes and Gonzo embroidered face on handbagclose up of gems on embroidered Gonzo on handbag
There's a large blue glitter applique star with chunky metal stars and "Gonzo" written in the centre and a slightly smaller red one with "The Great", alongside a plain red glitter star and black embroidered stars. blue glitter applique embroidered Gonzo star on handbagred glitter embroidered applique star on handbag
Turn to the side and the bag is covered in multi-coloured, rainbow sequins. They are dazzling, seriously! I just love all that colour. Between the gold front and rainbow sides, there's a thin blue fur trim, not the same colour as the back, but the same as the extra strap (which I'll come to later). side view of sequins Irregular Choice Muppets Daredevil bagclose up rainbow sequins side gusset of handbag
The back of the bag is blue, long-pile fur fabric. It's got a slight purple undertone, which is beautiful. blue fur fabric back of Gonzo handbaghand showing length of blue fur fabric used on Gonzo handbag
This bag has two main compartments. Both fasten with a metal twist, clasp closure at the top and have visible framework around the opening. I do like my bags more structured than slouchy, so it's another reason I love this. Though the side gussets in these bags do tend to take on a life of their own.  I have some that prefer to stick out from the rest of the bag, actually these ones are quite in-line with just a small part of the sequins visible from the front and the fur fabric masks most on the back. I always like to open up these bags to show you just how wide they are when fully opened.  For me, the bag isn't too deep to lose things and opens wide enough to see in anyway.  The high sides prevent anything from falling out.close up metal frame and clasp closure on handbagside view of size of handbag when fully opened
The lining inside is gold metallic with the Disney Muppets and Irregular Choice applique cloud branding and a zipped pocket in the back. Inside the front, you'll find a mobile phone pouch. open bag with gold metallic lining and clasp closuremobile phone pouch inside bagzipped pocket and Irregular Choice Disney Muppets branding inside handbag
There's one short fixed handle in red on top of the bag and gold rings at either side to attach the spare strap. As I mentioned earlier, the detachable strap comes in blue fur fabric, lighter and brighter than the one used on the back. There's metal stars attached to mirror the details on the front of the bag and it attaches and detaches easily with large metal clips. The strap is not adjustable and I'd think too short to wear across the body, but long enough for the shoulder. The base of the bag has 4 metal studs to keep it off the surface. short red fixed handle on to of handbaghand showing red metallic fabric used on handle of bagblue fur detachable strap slung over handbagmetal star details on blue fur detachable bag strap shown in handlong detachable bag strap shown attached to handbag gold sparkly base of bag with bag on it's sidemetal studs on base of handbag
I'm trying to think how many of these bags I have; the velvet bunny (Forest Fantasy), Purfect Pose cat and sequins lobster Thermidor. I think that's it. The Nut Cruncher squirrel is the elusive one I hope to get my hands on one day! As Daredevil was top of my bag list in this collection, I did decide beforehand to get the matching purse and I'll review that separately for you, but you can see them both together below. I really love this bag and I like that it's a little different colour-wise to the rest of my collection. I didn't get the Gonzo shoes, but the gold base in the leopard print on Fierce Piggy is the same tone, so those boots could work quite well or of course, if you have Disco Bunny (bunny character heels) in the rainbow sequins, they'd perfectly compliment the sides. What do you think, do you like this Muppets bag? Check back next week for another Irregular Muppets review. Irregular Choice Muppets Daredevil bag and purse with sky background and red cape       

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