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Irregular Choice: Mr & Mrs Clause

Irregular Choice festive Santa shoes in Christmas scene with cookies, carrot, hot chocolate
A little break from Muppets this week, to review the newest Santa character heel from Irregular Choice. There's been a lot of festive offerings this season, mostly mid-heels and flats, so I was thinking there wouldn't be any high heels this time and indeed no Santa. I told myself beforehand that if Santa heels were released, they would have to be pretty amazing to justify buying my 4th heel of this kind. Naturally, they were amazing and I had to get them! Festive Christmas Irregular Choice shoes with letters for Santa and hot chocolate in background
So, on Mr & Mrs Clause, the heel is exactly the same as previous years and this mould is without a doubt one of my favourites of all character heels. I find there's a nice amount of detail (both carved and painted), but it's so practical; no annoying bits sticking out to look out for. It's still chunky enough to feel comfortable, but is definitely more of a heel than a wedge like the unicorns or bunnies.
I wore these earlier this week and one old lady took the huff when she asked if they were comfy and I replied "yes", then proceeded to sit back in my wheelchair (I'd been sitting in a normal chair for lunch as I get very sore sitting for long periods in the wheelchair). "Oh, but no wonder you said that, you're not walking about in them all day, that's a different story" she said tutting. I laughed it off, but thought it was rather rude! A few years back when I could walk more, I did indeed wear my Santa heels all day and had no qualms about choosing to wear them to something where I knew a bit of walking was involved. If you're accustomed to wearing heels, then yes, you can wear these all day, no problem. I just didn't realise I had to provide a history of instances when I have walked and a medical report every time a random stranger asks how they feel!  Anyway, back into the festive spirit!back view of Father Christmas Santa heeled shoes in Christmas settingSanta heels of shoes on letters to Father Christmasfront view of two Santa heels on shoes with elf mug of hot chocolate in backgroundside and front view of Santa heels on shoes
It's a glazed finish on the heel and Santa is in the exact same position with arms stretched up as if he's holding the shoe up. I know some people think this position is a bit cruel, like Alice hunched over from the weight of carrying your body around all day, but like I say, it keeps fiddly bits like arms, out of the way.  I found the complexion on this pair a little more ruddishy than previous releases, but I think they can differ between pairs, as well as styles. I've always said this, but I love how the Santa and gnome heel tips are basically the soles of their shoes. If you get them re-heeled, it's like he's getting new soles, so cute!  I also love his big bum sticking out under the arch of the sole.  two Santa heels facing each other with elf face in backgroundclose up of Santa Father Christmas heel on shoeback view of Santa heel on shoeside view of Santa character heel on shoeSanta character heel close up of faceSanta heel on shoe heel tip in gold
The previous two releases have both been Rudolph themed, but this time they've gone in a completely different direction. The uppers are black with large metallic spots in wine. On the lower part of the front of the shoe is a scalloped edged, bright green glitter section. Green has been lacking for me in past Christmas styles, so I'm loving it here. It's very festive!  The glitter is fine and really brightens what would otherwise be quite a dark shoe. The back of the shoe is soft, distressed, red metallic and there's shiny, metallic gold trim around the top edge and a small concealed platform. festive Christmas shoe side with Santa character heelgreen glitter scalloped section on shoeclose up of red fabric and gold metallic edge to shoered metallic fabric at heel of shoe
Then across the almond shaped toes, you have the most wonderful applique, different on each shoe.  On the right shoe you'll find Mrs Claus and on the left, Santa Claus. The detailing and amount of different materials used is incredible. Mr & Mrs Claus applique shoes in Christmas scene with plate of cookies and carrot Mr & Mrs Claus applique design close up on shoes
Mrs Claus is wearing a red glitter hat with fur trim, pushed back her head a bit. There's a real white pom pom on the end of her hat and a small red, satin ribbon in her hair. You can just see the top of her outfit, also in red glitter across the tip of the toe and again it's trimmed with fur and has the most adorable little sprig of holly with real red bead, berries. Her face is embroidered, even with rosy cheeks and some of her hair is embroidered while other bits are fabric pieces. There's so much work gone into it. tip of shoe showing applique Mrs Claus with green and red glitter, fur, pom pom and satin bowalmond shaped toe of shoe with applique Mrs Clausclose up of white pom pom and red satin bow on applique Mrs Claus on shoe
Santa is similar with the red glitter hat, sitting further forward this time and again with the fur trim (fyi very soft) and pom pom. The holly detail sits in his hat and he has a shimmering, metallic beard and embroidered face. Both of them have such character to their faces, it's adorable and this part definitely had me sold.  They are definitely the most intricate Santa heel we've seen so far.  close up of Santa applique on toe of shoesmall white pom pom on red glitter hat of applique Santa on shoeclose up of holly detail on Santa applique on shoe
However, it's Irregular Choice, so you can expect something extra and it's that the shoes light up. Not just white lights, but multi-coloured and they are dazzling! My legs were actually hurting on Thursday from replying to "I love your shoes" with "look, they flash too"! Honestly, it was constant, every second person had something to say about them from the moment I left the house! I mentioned this in my Shoesday Tuesday fit review post, but they work through sensors and movement on the soles. As I was sitting in the wheelchair (sorry lady!), I lifted my legs, clicked my feet together and they flashed every time. It's a bit disappointing when you don't walk and can't get the benefit of them 'lighting the way', which is why I felt the need to let everyone know they lit up too, but it means I can 'flash on demand' and save their battery life (though I've got old styles that haven't run out on me yet, so they last ages). The lights when not on, are more noticeable on the dark uppers than say Sparkling Slipper, which were entirely silver glitter, so you really needed a sharp eye to spot the little bulbs.  I don't find it particularly unattractive that you can see them, it just looks like a spotty pattern.  The lights flash blue, green and a purpley pink.  Obviously in darker conditions, it's more spectacular, but the actual flashing sequence is still impressive in daylight or under artificial light (as I found)!  festive shoe with multi coloured flashing lights on uppersclose up of unlit lights on uppers of shoes
The shoe itself has quite a short toe-box, which I find tends to gape slightly on top as it's positioned over my toes which are in a tilted position inside the shoe, therefore down below the top of the shoe. As the front is short, you will be aware of your toes touching the tip or sides on the shoes, but they aren't too small. I also found I could slip my heel out if I tried, so I certainly didn't need any more room, it's just the shape of the shoe. It wasn't until I wore them, that I realised what 'rockers' they were.  The front sole feels really upturned when walking, so you adopt this rocking style when taking steps.  Inside you'll find the dark floral fabric and gorgeous metallic half insoles with the AW17 cat and Irregular Choice branding. I love seeing that inside the shoes when they're lined up on my shoe shelves, it's so pretty. The sole also features the cat on a pink background. Shoes showing metallic cat and floral insoles insidepink cat print soles on shoes
I loved putting together this little festive scene for the shoes, despite all our Christmas items still being packed away in the attic (I took these photos a couple of weeks ago, not that we are any more organised now)!  The biscuits are Galaxy Cookies and ridiculously yummy.  As always I took one for the team, did my bit and ate a couple to really immerse myself in the theme of the day.  I didn't feel the carrot would add to that artistic creation, so funnily enough, left that!  The bag is also Irregular Choice and I took photos of that too, along with some Christmas shoes my sister got, so I'll have those coming up soon.  I also took lots of photos of ALL my Santa heels together.  It was like a Christmas convention!  Did you manage to get a pair of these heels?  festive shoes in Christmas scene with cookies, carrot and nice list
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  1. They are really beautiful and your arrangement of the props to photograph these is absolutely exquisite!!! SOOO clever!x


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