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Irregular Choice Muppets: Haul First Impressions

 selection of various shoes and handbags from the Irregular Choice Disney Muppets
Though it was very tiring and physically demanding, I had great fun last weekend photographing my entire Irregular Choice Muppets haul. It was like Christmas last Monday when it all arrived. One fabulous box of goodies after another. I was so excited to get stuck in and review it all, then something happened this week which was about to derail the whole thing and I thought it was going to be put on hold for a month. However that crisis is (hopefully) averted and I can get back to doing the stuff I want to do! I'm so excited for you to see it all, because the shoots worked exactly how I hoped and the actual items are just a dream to look at anyway. I thought in the meantime I'd put together a first impressions with photos I took whenever they arrived. I was going to chat about the launch and how I got on buying, but I felt I was blethering and minus a little glitch or two, it actually went well for me, so let's leave it at that and get onto the beautiful stuff!
Disney Muppets Animal Was Here Handbag by Irregular Choice in hand
Animal Was Here bag
The only thing that had me a little hesitant to buy this, was that the colours aren't totally me. Obviously they are 'Animal' colours, but I have a decades long hatred of orange. Now that I've seen it in person, oh my goodness, I love it. The orange bit (around the sides) is incredibly soft, like really, really silky soft. Once I got it out, I realised that the feathers might catch in the zip when opening it. I found the scalloped glitter trim around the edge seemed to keep them out of the way, though the orange fur section caught in bits. Maybe not a bag to use if I need to get in and out of it quickly! The strap feature is really cool (you can either clip it on as a shoulder strap or thread it through the back to turn into a backpack), though I'll likely only use the short, fixed handle. Louder Louder red Muppets Animal peep toe shoe in hand in shoe room
Louder! Louder! shoes 
Another item that is even nicer in real life. The uppers are that horsehair type pile, but usually that is quite coarse and here it's soft and has an almost velvet appearance and feel. They are quite a hard shoe, the front is tight, but the size up would be too big. You can find my Shoesday Tuesday review of those here
Irregular Choice Muppets Miss Piggy bag in metallic and glitter with pearls
Hiii-Yaaa bag 
Wow, this is big! She's very in your face or you're in hers! I love the pearls, as I thought I would. The lilac fur back isn't as soft as Animal but it's a lovely colour. This is the one, I'm debating whether I need or not. I don't have much need for larger bags and I already have a few this shape, so I think I might return it (if the pearls and glitter would stop distracting me)! Irregular Choice Muppets pink satin shoe with Miss Piggy character heel in front of shoe shelvesFluffy pearl heart on pink Miss Piggy shoe by Irregular Choice
 All About Moi shoes 
The shoes I was most excited to get and my favourite of the whole range. They didn't disappoint, they are so me and so much more ridiculous than I realised. I just adore them. If I could go all geeky on the buckle for a moment; it's a joy to fasten! Big and not at all fiddly, a similar size to the one on Take A Chance. I now have the pearl bracelet feature on 3 shoes and I still adore it. The colours are pretty, love the fluffy pearl heart and of course the interchangeable skirt feature on Miss Piggy. Again quite a hard shoe, not a lot of room, though a little gapey at the inner side at my instep. Muppets Gonzo sparkling gold handbag held in hand
Daredevil bag 
My favourite bag pre-launch from this collection, this was the "Chip N Dale" of The Muppets for me. The only trouble with seeing preview photos is, sometimes the samples differ slightly from what actually gets produced. I felt this bag had a shorter pile fur fabric back than this longer one. It's still lovely, but I would've preferred the shorter, shaggier pile. It weighs a ton, I hope it's the tissue packaging and it's not really that heavy! I hadn't noticed the little jewels on Gonzo from the stock photos. The gold material shimmers, the sequin sides dazzle and it's still my favourite, closely followed by Animal. Gold sparkly Gonzo Daredevil purse by Irregular Choice in hand
Daredevil purse 
Now this one differed a lot from the preview. The back was so shaggy that even from the front there was visible fluff peeking out, however it's a very, very short trim pile. I was a little disappointed about that and wondered if I should've left this one and got the matching Animal purse instead. The colour of the fur is a beautiful blue with an almost purple tone, it's much prettier than I imagined. The purse and bag also varied between bright yellow and paler gold in photos and in reality it's definitely gold. I would've liked it yellow, but the gold doesn't disappoint to be honest, it's so shimmery. light up glitter eyes Muppets Miss Piggy handbag with fluffy heart closure
Who? Moi? bag 
You had me at lights! I think a lot of people might've missed the fact this one lights up, so I was glad I knew of that feature beforehand as I tend to throw everything in my basket and don't have time to read descriptions! I think the Gonzo bag shape has become my favourite IC shape, though I really like this one too. I love the pink fur sides, I do wish the pink marabou trim around the fastening was the same shade as the All About Moi shoes. I don't know why it's not, because it's the same trim but paler and I think it looks a bit faded alongside the pink fur sides too. The lights are...well I wish they flashed for longer or that they were easier to activate. I find myself grappling about inside to press it and it flashes once, then the second time you press it, it flashes three times in quick succession. There was much hilarity trying to photograph the lights in action for my review. I'm just not sure when I'll ever flash...with shoes, they flash as you walk, this is a bit "hmm, hi, would you like to see my bag light up?"! Regardless, it's lovely and works well with Original Diva as well as All About Moi. Miss Piggy suedette and glitter T bar shoe by Irregular Choice in shoe room
Original Diva shoes
This is the best fit I've had in a shoe in a while, it's just perfect on me. Which surprised me given the similar Miami ran a little large. It's an unusually slender shape for IC, who tend to opt for rounder, chunkier silhouettes.  As I suspected, I love the little sticky up ears on Miss Piggy and the colour of that lilac glitter is really pretty. It perfectly matches the eyelids on both of my Miss Piggy bags. The heart buckle is a little fiddly; buckling is fine, it's pulling the remaining strap through (not helped when you have long nails). You can see my Shoesday Tuesday review of them here. 2 packets of Irregular Choice Disney Muppets patterned tights
The Muppets (l) and Miss Piggy (r) tights 
Finally, tights! I wasn't expecting these, but saw them on Irregular Choice's Instagram page right before the launch and took the plunge to try them because I was obsessed. I haven't actually properly tried them on yet (only pulled them up past my knees for my Shoesday posts, ha), but they are really thick and very stretchy. The print remains bold, even when stretched and there's no annoying, visible lines where the print repeats. I love both pairs and they look absolutely stunning with the shoes.

So my bigger reviews will be up soon and you can find my Fierce Piggy review here if you haven't read it already and see them on Shoesday Tuesday and take a closer look at the Muppets box and packaging.  Look out for all my in-depth reviews coming over the next few weeks. 


  1. OOooh, you got lots!!! I like the prettiness of the ones with the hearts on the front! They are lovely and fussy but dainty!!

  2. Fantastic haul here Gemma, love your pics! I just bought the Animal bag - I can't wait for it to arrive!


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