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Irregular Choice Disney: Whoa Bag

Following on from Oh My last week, I have the second of my Irregular Choice Disney Mickey & Friends bag reviews, Whoa. Now, we saw this one in the previews before the release and I hinted then, that it was one I wanted to buy. I managed to find this along with the Chip n Dale purse, as both of those items were selling very quickly from the retailers I saw stocking them.  I actually recall having the bag in my basket on three other sites while searching for other items and being in a bit of a panic once all of them sold out.  Thankfully I found an undiscovered source (at that point) and didn't hesitate when I saw they were stocking the purse too.  whoa disney donald duck handbag

I felt I had to choose between Whoa and the So Pretty bag (purely because I was buying several and these two were quite similar in colour) and though I prefer the latter for shape, the glitter and overall aesthetic of Whoa swung it for me. It has quite a nautical feel, with the main bag made from a fresh, diagonal stripe in white and blue. Again it's that scuba-style fabric with a padded feel that we've seen on many items within this collection. It looks really crisp and lays a great foundation for the other materials and trims used over the top. irregular choice disney donald duck bag frontirregular choice disney donald duck bag striped back
I'm not usually one for big handbags as I rarely need to carry much with me and like I say, So Pretty is my preferred bag shape when it comes to the bigger styles. I love the 3 compartments it's split into, just like King Of The Castle, Starry Night or What A Hoot. Whoa though has one big space, like Cat Call or Cuckoo. There's quite a lot of depth, as you can see from my photo of the base below which is in a shiny, blue metallic. There's studs in each corner to keep it off surfaces, to avoid getting damaged or dirty. The blue metallic curves midway up the sides of the bag too, where it's met by gold metallic. irregular choice limited edition whoa bagirregular choice whoa bag metallic blue base
There's a contrast red striped piping all around the bag and two fixed handles in a combination of pale pink stripe and the shiny blue. That all sounds a bit hideous together really, but it totally works when you see it. The straps are long enough to go on the shoulder or can be carried in the hand. There's also a removable strap which fastens to the sides and that comes in blue stripes. I can't see me ever needing to use this, as I manage fine with the fixed straps (on the shoulder) and wouldn't wear such a large bag across the body. There's so many details on this bag, that I want to point out. Hearts were prevalent throughout this collection, however here they take a backseat and instead we get stars.  At the base of the fixed straps and where the D-rings are on the sides, they come in red suedette. irregular choice whoa red striped piping trim irregular choice whoa fixed bag handles irregular choice whoa bag red star detailirregular choice disney Dring whoa bag detailirregular choice whoa removable striped bag strap
This is mirrored on the ends of the zip fastening across the top of the bag. I find the bag a little tricky to get into, not because of the zip, but the sides of the bag come up to form almost gussets at each side, but in turn this hinders the bag opening fully. I can't separate the two sides as widely as I'd like. However in saying that, the zip isn't fixed to the bag at the ends, so I think the high sides are probably there for security, so there's no visible gap for hands to sneak into, even when the zip is closed. It's beautifully executed anyway with all the trimmings. irregular choice disney donald duck bag side view with star zip detailirregular choice disney whoa bag alternate side view top view of zip closure on irregular choice disney whoa bagdetailed view of zip closure and striped piping details on irregular choice whoa bagtop view of irregular choice whoa bag zip opened close up view of gusset sides on irregular choice whoa bag whilst open
Inside is the usual shimmering gold lining with the Disney and Irregular Choice branded label. There's a couple of pouches inside, on one side and a zipped pocket on the other. irregular choice whoa bag inside gold lining and inner pouchesirregular choice whoa bag disney brand label and zipped inner pocketdisney and irregular choice branded bag tag
Now onto the real spectacle, the front of the bag! The top third of the bag is taken up by this beautiful glitter section with an exaggerated scalloped edge. I die every time I see two-tone glitter like this, it's soooo ridiculously beautiful. As you can see it's a pretty baby blue with pink and you sometimes get flashes of green in the light. Down the centre front is a large applique Donald Duck carrying a triple scoop ice-cream cone. I think I said this in the preview, but the animation on him (and indeed all the characters across the bags and shoes) is just brilliant. That look of utter delight and wonder might just be exactly the same face I'd pull in front of an ice cream that's almost the entire size of my body! I love the addition of the melting drips on the bag, it really adds to the narrative and is one of those extra little details that didn't really have to be there (but I'm glad it is). irregular choice whoa bag scalloped glitter sectionirregular choice disney donald duck applique detail on front of whoa bagirregular choice whoa bag close up of donald duck face and ice cream applique on front of bagirregular choice whoa bag ice cream drip applique detail on front of bagirregular choice whoa bag donald duck face close up on bag
There are sporadic, padded, applique stars to the front too, mirroring those I mentioned earlier. This time there's a mix of the blue and gold metallic alongside the beautiful glitter. irregular choice whoa bag metallic gold star applique to frontirregular choice whoa bag blue metallic star applique to front irregular choice whoa bag glitter star applique to front of bag
There's so much going on in this bag, though I find all the little details really stand out clearly. Like I said at the start, the striped background provides a great base for these trims to pop.  The obvious shoe to match with this bag is Whoa, which are glitter pumps with Daisy and Donald on the toes. If they'd been heels, I'd have been all over those, but unfortunately I don't wear flats. However, my Sherbet Ice Cream shoes and Chip n Dale purse actually look pretty good with Whoa. The patterns nor characters are matches, but I'd definitely still style them together. This is what was great about such an extensive collection, there's so many combinations from all the items and some of them not too obvious. What do you think, do you like this bag? irregular choice disney whoa donald duck bag with chip n dale purse and sherbet ice cream minnie mouse heels

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