Sunday, 23 July 2017

Irregular Choice Disney: Oh My Bag

In the fourth Irregular Choice Mickey & Friends review, I have the first of my handbags. I mentioned to you in previous posts that it was the bags I was eager to get and I ended up buying three (and have a 4th on the way, but I'm not sure I'm keeping that yet). This was the first Disney collection to have bags and accessories alongside footwear, so that was a big deal.  Especially as so many of us had thought for Star Wars, Alice or Cinderella "wouldn't it be cool IF..." and here we are! I didn't necessarily try to match the bags I bought to the shoes, I just got the ones I liked most and it was a bonus that a couple go really well with the 2 pairs of shoes I have from this collection.  Generally (and because the collection was so big), there were several shoe styles that could be 'matched' up to each bag.  The darker coloured ones, tended to have more 'matches' than the others.  All of the handbag styles are based on shapes we've seen in the mainline collection over the years, which I see no problem with. My IC bag collection started off quite tentatively, but now I own a lot and have several shapes that I like so much, I'm keen to buy in new variations each season. All of the Mickey bags seem to have sold really quickly everywhere, so I think they've been popular choices. Irregular Choice Disney Mickey Oh My bag Oh Boy shoe

The Oh My circular style goes waaay back, to the very early days of IC accessories. I can remember lusting over those beautiful bags back in the day and never owned one, so they'll always be very special to me. More recently, the shape made a come-back in the form of the furry Frog Prince (I did get that) and once more there's a new spin on it for the Disney collection. Irregular Choice Disney Oh My bag
The round, deep shape remains the same, but with the addition of sticky out mouse ears attached to the front of the bag. The main fabric is that stretchy, scuba like material in black with white hearts on the front and back. The surround is half monochrome stripes, half large polka dots (white on black). The ears are also spotty and the bow is a reverse in white with black spots. These bags come with a central handle which faces front to back rather than side to side. There's also a detachable strap which fastens to D-rings midway down the sides of the bag. I prefer using a short hand-held handle anyway, but I personally find this shape a bit chunky to wear across the body with the longer strap. Disney Minnie Mouse Oh My bag frontIrregular Choice Disney Oh My bag sideIrregular Choice Disney Oh My bag back Irregular Choice Oh My bagstriped materialIrregular Choice Disney Oh My bag detachable strap
The short handle is made from a deep red metallic which really pops against the monochrome elsewhere. You can always rely on IC to go above and beyond on the finer points and one of my favourite parts of this bag is the scalloped glitter trim around the front. I hadn't actually noticed that online, but it was the first thing to catch my eye when I unwrapped it.  Most brands probably wouldn't have bothered with it to be honest, but I really appreciate extra little details like this. Irregular Choice Disney Oh My bag fixed handle detailred metallic handle scalloped glitter trim detail
As with the shoes and the purse I showed you last week, inside is just as much of a treat. In that shimmering gold metallic with side gussets, so nothing spills out when you unzip the bag. There's the large embroidered Disney and Irregular Choice branded label inside and I remembered to photograph the tag it came with this time. It's just as lovely as the shoe box, in a Mickey head shape with heart details. Irregular Choice Disney Oh My bag lining insideIrregular Choice Disney brand labelside bag gusset Irregular Choice Disney tag
The ears (like the rest of the bag) are strengthened with board inside, so remain upright and in the centre (on the front) is a large bow. Well, actually two bows. In the exact top heavy shape of Minnie's, there's a gold metallic one beneath the spotted one. The gold material is so shiny and smooth and in the centre of the bow is a metal embellishment with Minnie engraved (just like on my Sherbet Ice Cream shoes).  Although there's no facial details, the shape of the bag together with the ears, the bow and the materials used are all instantly recognisable as Minnie Mouse.  gold metallic bowpolka dot Minnie bowOh My bag bow detail engraved Minnie embellishment
These bags are a little bigger than you expect, but the shape somewhat limits what you can fit inside. A phone, purse, makeup etc will fit in no trouble, but bigger notebooks (digital or otherwise) likely won't. For me, it's a decent enough size for everyday use, but I don't need the kitchen sink with me! I told you last time that I ordered different items from different shops as I couldn't get them all in one place and I bought this bag along with the Oh Boy shoes. I hadn't bought the bag with the intention of pairing it with these shoes, but when I opened them both, they just looked so stunning together. Once you see my other bags, you'll understand when I say this one is actually quite plain, but because of the colours and the smaller size I can see me reaching for it a lot. Irregular Choice Disney Oh My bag Oh Boy shoes
What do you think, did you manage to bag a bag this time?  I'll have another one for you next week, so look out for that and in the meantime, you can find me on Instagram and Facebook.


  1. I LOVE how you point out and photograph the minutest of details! You have such an eye for them and a great appreciation! x

  2. I've always loved the vanity case style round bags, and have managed to get a few of the originals although I know some still allude me. You've also reminded me that I still haven't unwrapped my Frog Prince! I love that this collection included accessories, although I didn't get any, and that they could be matched with various pairs in the collection - the mix / match theme seems great.


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