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Irregular Choice Disney: Chip n Dale Purse

irregular choice disney chip n dale purse and matching shoe
Hi gang, I have another review for you today from the Irregular Choice Mickey & Friends collection. Right off the bat, I wanted the Chip n Dale handbag. Pre-release it was probably my favourite thing from the whole range (yep, even over the shoes), so it made sense if I was to get that, I'd need the matching coin purse too. Well, not need need, but you know what I mean!  Add to that the fact, my Sherbet Ice Cream heels were made from the same floral fabric, this triple combo could complete my life! The day of the launch for me, wasn't a good one. I spoke in my previous post about the hospital ringing right beforehand, telling me my surgery was scheduled for the next week. To be honest, I put that to one side to concentrate on the shoes, because I'd been gearing up for this for months! I was home alone (might just be me, but I like someone there to stress with, I like to share that emotion!), however it was the online queue system that really failed for me.
I've commented on it positively for other launches (it is brilliant that it put an end to the site crashing) and regardless of where it's randomly slotted me in the queue (even for Cinderella where items had sold out before I got in, despite queueing all morning, that's just the random luck of it), but it seemed to be quite glitchy this time (and I've heard this from others too). Long story short, after over an hour queueing, I was let in, only to be immediately bounced to the back of the queue when I clicked to buy something. I tried several different 'techniques' to attempt to regain my place, but only ended up being put further and further back the queue. It was so frustrating and I had no idea whether it was going to chuck me out once I queued for the second time.  It ended up being a 3 hour wait overall, until I got in and bought the bag, the only item left on my list, as I'd been forced to scavenge elsewhere in the meantime. My only thought on why it bounced me, was that it thought I was there to look and not buy and this could've been down to the fact it wouldn't let me on any page pre-release. I couldn't sign into my account, look at non-Mickey items, nothing. It just slotted me into the holding area and then into the queue come release time. Funnily enough when I did get on the second time, it took me straight onto the bag I wanted to buy, so I must've managed to click on that before it bounced me previously. Sheer fluke, that it was my only remaining item as I was too worried to click on anything else for fear of being thrown back.  Anyway, the item I have to show you today is the Chip n Dale purse which I bought without knowing I'd get the bag. irregular choice floral chip n dale purse matching sherbet ice cream shoe
I really wanted to blab pre-release about the purses, but couldn't. I did hint in one of my preview posts that this collection had something for every budget, but that's as much (or probably more) as I could say. I know sometimes life as an adult gets in the way and you don't manage to save for every big release, so it was nice to know there were several cheaper items here that would allow you to be part of this collection if funds were tight.  I ended up buying my wishlist from several online places and ordered this purse with another bag (not the matching one, as that was proving elusive).  Both the bag and purse in this style sold quickly and I can't find it in stock anywhere (in the UK) currently, to link to.    irregular choice chip n dale purse front
So the purses come with a metal frame and clasp fastening. Nice, snappy, knobbles as I would say! IC have been making this design of purse for some time now (I have a couple from the main line) and they're really cute, I like them a lot. They aren't wallet style with card slots, but given I never carry cash, I actually use mine for my cards anyway. You'd fit money and cards in, if you wished, they are roomier than they look. The main purse is the bright floral print on white background and there's a red trim around the edge. irregular choice floral chip n dale purse
Chip and Dale are printed on the purse, but appliqued on the bag. I adore their wee hands, why? I have no idea, but they remind me of something (might be my little nephew's hands).  I also love the little acorn between them, which mirrors the clasp on the handbag (nice detail). My sisters and I used to love watching Chip n Dale (I can still remember the theme tune, "Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'n Dale, rescue rangers! Ch-ch-ch-Chip 'n Dale..."), so I was really pleased to see the characters in this collection. Who doesn't love a wee cheeky chipmunk, even if you aren't familiar with the TV series? disney irregular choice chip n dale purse frontdisney irregular choice chip n dale purse back
Inside, the purse features the same lining as the shoes, that wonderful gold metallic with rainbow shimmer in the light. Despite the smaller scale, you still get the Disney and Irregular Choice branded label inside.  The purses come with a cardboard tag (which I forgot to photograph here, but have done in my upcoming bag posts).  Like IC shoes and indeed handbags, the purse is beautiful inside and out and feels like a quality item.   disney irregular choice chip n dale purse insidedisney irregular choice chip n dale purse gold liningdisney irregular choice chip n dale purse brand label
As you can see, it looks adorable with the matching Sherbet Ice Cream shoes and wait until you see all three coordinating items together, I'm salivating!!   irregular choice chip n dale purse and sherbet ice cream heelsdisney chip n dale purse and sherbet ice cream heels
I'll have another post for you next week, so be sure to check back for that.  Did you manage to get anything from this collection, how did you find the online queue system this time?

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  1. The purse is so sweet! I totally remember the Chip and Dale theme tune and the cartoon. Wasn't the big guy called Monterey Jack!? I am glad you got it!

  2. I found the online queue to be really glitchy, too. I wasn't shopping for me but a friend wanted a pair of the Minnie heels and four of us tried to get them for her, but we all reached the front of the queue and got immediately kicked out, which was a pain.


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