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Review: Nails Inc Lottie Tomlinson Good As Gold Paint Can

Hello lovelies, I hope you are well. I've been in a bit of a funk this week and didn't feel like blogging, so didn't force it and now I'm feeling much more keen to get stuck in. Starting with a beauty post and a really cool item, this Nails Inc Paint Can by Lottie Tomlinson in Good As Gold*. nails inc lottie tomlinson paint can
Good As Gold is a limited edition shade (so snap it up now if you fancy it) and it's precisely what you'd expect of such a name, gold! The colour swatch on the can is a terrific indicator of the colour inside as you'll see in the photo below. nails inc lottie tomlinson limited edition good as gold paint can
Spray-on nail polish is a new concept, so a complete novelty. I was very excited to try it!  There's a lot I liked about, but first I'll explain how it works. You begin by applying a traditional base coat to your nails. I used Nails Inc 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat*. Once this dries, you apply the spray polish. As expected, you shake the bottle, apply from a distance of 10-15cm, directly onto the nail (ensuring you cover any work surface underneath). You can finish with a top coat (I used the same product again) and then with warm soapy water, wash the remaining polish off your fingers.  Sorry the lighting changes in some of the photos, I was applying this one night and wanted to get shots of each step of the process for you. nails inc paint can application process
I found one layer of spray was nowhere near the coverage I was going for, so built it up. They dried very quickly in between, I felt quicker than a regular polish. I was impressed with the spray, I thought it would make quite a bit of mess (and was prepared for that) but actually the nozzle sprays quite precisely and there wasn't a whole lot that didn't land on my nails or fingers. Naturally your fingers, especially around the nail, do get covered, but as it's designed to wash-off, it isn't an issue. As I'd built up the layers, I found it a little trickier to get that off with soapy water, but didn't panic and the odd patches that remained had gone by the next day (after washing my hands several times). nails inc paint can good as gold one layer
As I applied the spray, I noticed a little bit of bubbling around the edges of my nail (like the spray fizzed and clung rather than just covering the nail in colour as it did elsewhere), which could be down to the condition of my nail tips, but it evened out a lot more once dry. It was still slightly visible, but perhaps because I knew to look for it. I should maybe buff before using it next time.  The colour applies very well to the whole nail.  Like usually I'd find I'd gone nearer (or sometimes on) to my skin on some nails than others, but this applies to the whole nail on each finger. nails inc good as gold application
This colour is a beige gold, not totally my thing if I'm honest, I'd likely be more prone to use it as a feature nail than a full manicure. If you are a gold lover though, I'm sure you'll be entranced. There's a nice subtle shimmer or sheen right from the first layer (which you'll see in the photo 2 above), but I found the top coat gave a nice glossy finish and would always use one with this. nails inc paint can finished result
Overall I found this a little quicker to use than regular nail polish in both application and drying time. I love that it applies evenly and there's no worry of brush streaks or accidentally getting it on your fingers (it washes off, unlike regular polish). The application is pretty much fool-proof. There is a little bit of trial and error to find the perfect depth of colour for you. I didn't apply enough the first time round and therefore my tips were visible through the polish, which I don't like. This might even be down to the colour, which is quite pale. I'd definitely be keen to try this in other shades as it doesn't seem as laborious or time consuming as traditional nail painting. What do you think, would you try a spray on manicure?

Item was provided for review.  All opinions are still my own.  


  1. Thanks for this review Gemma. I've been dying to know if this really works and I'm pleased to see it does!


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