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Paperchase Purr Maids: Ideas and Planner Journal

paperchase purr maids collection
You may recall last year I went a bit Paperchase crazy with their fabulous unicorn themed Pony Party and Wild Aztec ranges. I still don't think I finished reviewing and photographing all those bits for you as I kept adding to my stash! I had the PP mid year diary, which I'd been getting a lot of use out of for blogging purposes and was a bit worried that it was coming to an end this summer, so was on the look-out for a replacement. My sister spotted an updated version with a sweet little mermaid cat on it and immediately got it for me. Then we investigated and discovered an entire mahoosive collection was coming out and I spent an absolute fortune when it did and bought almost every single thing (probably a 1/3 shown above). I took photos of most of it (months ago), then fell ill and never got round to showing you them (I'd planned on doing one thing at a time). The collection was aimed at "back to school", but some of it is still available so I thought now that I have the time, I'd run through some or all of the things. I don't know how annoying it is for you, seeing stuff that you might not manage to track down, so I'll stick with the items still online for now. Beginning with this wonderful little Ideas and Planner Journal £8. paperchase purr maids ideas journal

Now I'm a big fan of the lined paged, glitter notebooks Paperchase do. The glitter covers are beyond amazing and they are covered in a plastic wallet-type cover, which feels totally smooth and so there's no glitter fall-out in your bag or on your desk. This book follows the same look, though it's a smaller square than those other notebooks. It comes in a gorgeous aqua colour* with an adorable Purr Maid and shell in the centre. *Matching nail colour optional. paperchase purr maids ideas journal size paperchase purr maids ideas journal thickness paperchase purr maids ideas journal back cover
The book features the most beautiful coloured pages, split into 8 categories and I've photographed each set for you.  These double pages show each day split into sections with a column for notes and the bottom is decorated with delightful Purr Maids and mice. paperchase purr maids ideas journal weekly planner
This one has four blank speech bubbles over the two pages for doodling or writing thoughts and again, major "awwww" at those kitties! paperchase purr maids ideas journal speech bubbles
Ah the good ol' pros and cons list.  On ruled pages with smitten kittens to distract from whatever you're debating! paperchase purr maids ideas journal pros and cons 
Across these pages you'll find columns for each month of the year and 31 (numbered) rows for each day of that month.  Great for looking at a glance at events or important dates throughout the year. paperchase purr maids ideas journal yearly planner 
My Designs is lilac grid paper, perfect for...designing! paperchase purr maids ideas journal my designs pages 
Thoughts and Ideas are again blank spaces for writing or drawing with a pastel shell background. paperchase purr maids ideas journal thoughts ideas pages 
Ah the classic "To Do" list.  One page states "To Do Today" and the other "To Do This Week".  The page is lined with coloured dots for ticking satisfaction and yes, more cute Purr Maids. paperchase purr maids ideas journal to do list 
Finally Perfect Plans is double paged, lined, pink paper for list writing. paperchase purr maids ideas journal perfect plans pages 
Despite it's compact size, there's 192 pages and enough room for what needs to be written.  Though the pages are super pretty, they are practical too.  I can see me using this one a lot.  Actually I'm kicking myself for using my diary the other day for something, when I should've used this.  I think my favourite is the To Do list pages and daily planning squares.  You can buy this journal here.   

What do you think? Are you keen to see more of my Purr Maids collection?

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  1. SOooo cute! I love that diary. Yesssss, show us more! I bought the Miss Patina mercat skirt- gave in to it at last!

    1. Oh wow, it's beautiful. I really wish I fitted their stuff (well my bank account may disagree).

  2. Oh my gosh! THIS IS SOOOO CUTE! I used to get Paperchase from Borders here, but then they all closed down. I've noticed ASOS has started stocking some though. I love the design of this though, the planner has so many sections! I love stationary as much as I love shoes!

    1. Argh, yeah that's really annoying. ASOS get random bits (!) The mermaid collection they have right now is exclusive to asos, I've bought a few things, it's pretty.


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