Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Paperchase Purr Maids: Filing Units

paperchase purr maids stationery haul
Last week I began showing you my giant Paperchase haul(s) and I'm back with another Purr Maid product for you today. The filing units £10 took a while to come out online, but my sister had seen them in our local Paperchase and said I had to have them. I saw a couple of photos of them promoting the Purr Maid range and they did look rather fabulous. I eventually got them online and they are currently back in stock if you're interested.
paperchase purr maids filing units
As I hadn't seen them in person (and hadn't bought anything like them before), I was a bit unsure of the quality. I felt the price seemed to hint that they were more substantial than I was envisaging and right enough they are. You get two in the pack and they are made from strong quality cardboard. More board than card, they are rather sturdy.  With a glossy finish. They come flat, but the sides and base open out, so they are self standing. paperchase purr maids cat filing units paperchase purr maids cat filing unit base paperchase purr maids cat filing unit side width
One is a soft lavender blue, the other pink and the cat ears and tiara are shaped at the top. The facial features and tiara have a holographic finish, which is so pretty. It didn't photograph that well, but it's really impressive in person. paperchase purr maids cat filing unit holographic detail paperchase purr maids cat filing unit tiara detail
The files are big enough to hold A4 sized papers, magazines and folders and are reasonably wide. I put an A4 folder in here to show you. I'll admit I have absolutely no idea what I'll keep in them and bought them without having a purpose for them! At the moment they are housing several of my other Purr Maid notebooks and things, so they aren't going to waste. I feel like I need a desk now, just so I can have these sitting out looking pretty, but that might be a bit extreme! paperchase purr maids cat filing unit depth height widthpaperchase purr maids pink cat filing unitpaperchase purr maids blue cat filing unit
What do you think, do you like these? You can buy the set of 2 files here and I shall be back next week with more dreamy stationery.

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  1. Oh my word, I so want these bags! They are lovely, I love cats! And no problem, I know we have loads of things to do, so visit me when you have time, I am fine with that! You are really so nice, other people would never say a word about commenting! Back to the bags, I am really in love with them and I have some friends who love cats, to give them! Hope you have a very nice day!

    1. This whole range would suit you then, it's so cute! Thank you lovely x

  2. Oh my gosh! These are amazing! I know I've said it before, but I just LOVE Paperchase! I miss being able to buy their stuff in Australia. I've noticed ASOS stocking some of their stuff though!


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