Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Irregular Choice Roseus Flamingo Heels

Irregular Choice black Roseus flamingo heel boots
Following on from my post last night, I have the second pair of Irregular Choice flamingo heels I bought, black Roseus. Firstly, I was really excited to see an ankle boot in this range. It's unusual we get treated to anything that goes further up the foot than a shoe-boot in character heels!  I picked the black because I thought they were a 'go with anything' type boot and I liked that the flamingo heel was a stark contrast against the uppers.  At times in these photos you'd be forgiven for thinking the boot was heel-less as your eye is drawn to the uppers while the flamingo blends into the backdrop!  They definitely have a very different feel to the Blushing Bird courts (not better or worse, just different).
Irregular Choice black Roseus flamingo heel boot Irregular Choice Roseus flamingo heel boots Irregular Choice black Roseus flamingo heel boots back Irregular Choice Roseus flamingo heel boots back Irregular Choice black flamingo ankle boots
They are made from a heavy floral lace over mesh, both materials in black. The trim and the back of the heel are a distressed moleskin type fabric, soft, not with as much pile as suede but slightly shiny in some areas, dull in others. They lace up the front with thin metallic laces. The first thing that struck me straight out of the box was that they didn't look as sheer as I thought. They are see-through-ish in bits, but only when held up to the light really. Not enough to see the colour or pattern of tights through them for example.  I took close up photos to illustrate. Irregular Choice black Roseus fabric detail Irregular Choice black Roseus lace mesh fabric detail
The toe is rounded and the insole is the same green/floral as the Blushing Bird pair, as is the splodgy outer sole. Irregular Choice black Roseus flamingo boots toe Irregular Choice black Roseus toe side Irregular Choice spring summer 2016 spotty sole print Irregular Choice black Roseus sole
I bought a size up (39/6) in these as I usually find boots a little small. I find them very comfortable, if a little roomy (not by much though). Though I could see me wearing these with socks or tights, so may welcome the extra room.  I spoke about the flamingo heel in that other post, so I'll try and discuss further points here.  The birds are a pale pink with carved and shaded (painted) details for their wings and legs.  They have a lightly glazed finish, not as shiny as the gnome, not matte like the bunny.  They feel lighter than many of the other character heels, which of course is down to their smaller scale. Though the body stretches over quite a bit of the sole, the remaining part of the bird is very much detached in a heel fashion rather than a wedge that we so often see with animal heels.  The heel tips on all the shoes in this range are gold and following on from my 'lecture' on caring for the sticky-out head, I've taken a photo from above to detail how far it protrudes out the back.  Irregular Choice black Roseus flamingo heels Irregular Choice black Roseus flamingo head detail Irregular Choice flamingo character heel detail Irregular Choice Roseus flamingo heel back Irregular Choice flamingo heel tip Irregular Choice flamingo head
I spoke about the SS16 sole and insole, but here's a closer look at the box. You no longer have to make that difficult decision between spots or stripes because this box has it all! Yellow diagonal stripes on one side, lilac horizontal stripes on the opposite side. On top you have the spots (mirroring the soles), on the back, hearts and on the front of the 'drawer' purple zig zags. The box is bordered in blue with more hearts and has a glossy finish. It's nowhere near as detailed as the forest pals last seasons, nor are the soles, but I buy shoes for the shoes, not for the boxes. Yes, it's lovely to fall head over heels for a pretty box design and we've been treated to some amazing styles over the years (and it's been one of the unique aspects of IC for a long time), but this one is still fun and bright and most certainly wouldn't put me off buying from SS16. You can see in my historical Irregular Choice sole post, that sometimes the soles are patterns or colours and not images of something.  I see it as shooting yourself in the foot, refusing to buy because the bit you walk on, that is hardly seen and will wear away over time anyway or is stored at home (the box) isn't to your taste. The uppers are where it's at for me, but hey, everyone is different!Irregular Choice ss16 box yellow stripes Irregular Choice ss16 box lilac stripes Irregular Choice ss16 box purple spots Irregular Choice ss16 box purple hearts Irregular Choice ss16 box zig zag pattern Irregular Choice ss16 box striped tissue paper
You can read and see in more detail my Blushing Bird pair in turquoise here.  I felt I might be tempted to keep both pairs if I'm really honest with you, but I've made up my mind to send these boots back.  I love that they are the type of thing you could wear with anything and that they are boots, but Alice In Wonderland is coming and I need money for that because they'll be wonderful!!  I'm going to pop up some more photos on Facebook later in the week of another little shoot I did with both of these pairs, so look out for that.  What do you think, do you like these?  Irregular Choice flamingo heels roseus blushing bird


  1. I confess that I LOVE the black lace shoe bit, I LOVE the flamingo on its own but together I am not sure! They ARE more versatile though!x

    1. I'm a little like that too. On the one hand I think you miss the heel for looking at all that black, then I think perhaps you notice it more because the boot is so black. They would go with anything...the shoes not so much, but they are so utterly beautiful!


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