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Review: BioTrue Rewetting Drops

Bausch and Lomb BioTrue Rewetting Drops box
For the past couple of weeks, I've been using these Bausch & Lomb BioTrue rewetting eye drops*. Not a product I normally use, but I'm finding them invaluable and could be converted! They are a fantastic product for bloggers or anyone that spends a lot of time concentrating in front of a computer screen. Indoor heating, air condition systems and outdoor wind can also play their part in drying out your peepers. These drops are designed to instantly sooth and hydrate eyes, which is exactly what they do. Like I say, it's not something I've previously used, but I do find my eyes get tight and dry (I can feel it beneath my eyelids) and after a drop of this, they feel refreshed and the tightness has gone.
Bausch and Lomb BioTrue Rewetting Drops blogger review
The drops are clear, preservative free and contain hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate). The liquid comes in this bottle, with a supposedly easy to use thumb support. This, I have to admit was my stumbling block and I got so frustrated the first few applications, I was ready to quit it altogether. I repeatedly missed my eyes and the whole thing was a long drawn out process with no success at all. I got what I was supposed to do (two fingers beneath the bottle, two around it and thumb on the support, tip upside down and press the thumb support) it just didn't work that simply for me. For one, it's not as 'smooth' an operation as they make out, you have to push firmly on that thumb support to see the drop appear and there's an obvious fear that when it pings back, it jerks and you poke your eye with the dropper (hence me keeping it as far from my eye as possible and therefore ending up with droplets on my face)! Though more often I found, I'd squeeze and could see the drop at the end of the dropper but the bottle pushed back and the drop was still hanging there, so I had to go through the process again, sometimes a third time. Bausch and Lomb BioTrue Rewetting Drops bottle
I was definitely a little intimidated by it to begin with and it took a few days until I got the hang of it. I'd been trying to do it in front of a mirror, so I could half see what I was doing, but that didn't help and I wasted drop after drop down my cheeks, missing my eyes! However I came to realise the bottle wasn't totally upside down that way and it needs to be. So now I do it 'blind', completely tilt my head back rather than just pulling my eye down, dropper upside down (180 degrees), still with fingers and thumbs as directed and slide that blue thumb support down the bottle. With repeated use the whole thing has probably slackened, which is also helping, but I sometimes miss my eyes still! I hit more than I miss though. It's still quite scary, staring this dropper tip in the one eye and almost pushing it closer, but I'm more confident and quicker with it.  The actual feel of the drop in my eye doesn't concern me in the slightest, it just feels wet and you jiggle your eye about to spread it around and that's you.   Bausch and Lomb BioTrue Rewetting Drops thumb support dropper
I now recognise that dry, almost itchy eye feeling, but I wasn't aware of it and why it was happening until I began using these drops. I think that's what's surprised me most, that I'm conscious of it so many times throughout the day if I don't use the drops.  As I'm writing this I can feel the dryness and know I have to use them again. You can use them as frequently as you wish throughout the day and they are safe for those that wear contact lenses (soft and hard).  So yes, I'm finding it a very handy thing to have and use.  I do wish I was a little better with the application process or that it was easier as the actual product is harmless, it's just getting it into my eye that's sometimes an issue!  You can find them on Twitter (@BauschLombUK) or buy the rewetting drops here (£9.99).  Have you used an eye drop product before, are you aware of how dry your eyes can get (now I've mentioned it)?

Item was provided for review purposes, all opinions my own.  Post contains affiliate link.    


  1. In the evenings, I notice my dry eyes. I'd be the same with the application.x

  2. Lupus and chemo both like to go for my eyes. So I use medicated drops, but I never drop above the eye - I always miss - but instead rest it very lightly against one of the corners and drop stuff in. Which I guess is bad but for me it's the only way.

    1. That's how I'd prefer to do it. I've not used eye drops much in my life, but when I did it was a more traditional style bottle, that you could simply drop in. I'm not a fan of this push/pull style thing on the bottle and unfortunately it doesn't come off, so it has to be used that way.


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