Friday, 4 September 2015

Irregular Choice: Tall Tail

A couple of days ago I showed you my Tall Tail unicorn platforms from Irregular Choice over on The Shoe Girl Diaries for Shoesday Tuesday. If you haven't already seen that post, it's worth checking out after this, because it's obviously quite hard to visualise how shoes like this look on the foot. I've also uploaded a YouTube video walking in them, tilting, standing on one foot etc because I thought that would be helpful to see. I spoke about how easy all that was, but today, I'm taking a closer look at the actual shoes. Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe

The first thing that hit me or surprised me, when I opened them, was how slender they looked. I'd imagined quite a bulky shape from looking online, but I think it's just the way they photograph, as my images look quite similar. They seem slimmer width-ways and the centre section that tapers in, goes much smaller than I thought. They are weighty, enough to act as a solid base for walking on, but not overly heavy that you struggle to lift your foot! They are made from the same off-white jersey type fabric with neon flashes, that the matching King Of The Castle bag is made in. The inner side of the shoe is completely plain. Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe side Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe inner side
The outer, features the unicorn and castle scene, as on the bag. The unicorn is a scaled down version with the same glitter mane and holographic head. The castle though is embroidered rather than appliqued. Instead of clouds, there are large jewels sewn on intermittently, in different colours and shapes to give a wonderful multi-dimensional finish. There's bold, blue glitter strips down the centre front and back of the shoes which exaggerate the curves of the 8 1/4" heel and 6" platform.  They have an open toe, finished with a large fabric bow. Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe side detail Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe wedge Irregular Choice Tall Tail shoes unicorn detail Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe castle detail Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe jewel detail Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe glitter strip Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe bow detail
I found the shoe really shallow, as in there isn't much room between the insole and the strap going around the heel or the uppers across the toe. The strap is also pretty short and I just fit the very last hole and no more (it helps if I'm wearing tights). That said, they are going on easier, the more I try them on. I spoke in that other post about how effortless they are to move around in and it's really helped by the shape. They widen at the base, so it feels totally solid and like a wedge, it's one large piece. It actually looks pretty funny when you look at the sole, because it's a very dumpy, wide but short looking shape compared to my other shoes (it didn't totally come across in the photo below, but it's a bit like baby doll shoes or something). I've always found these "heel-less" type of wedges easy to wear. They look awkward and complicated, but once you try them on, they just feel like ordinary heels. There's a trace of them in these, with part of your foot 'suspended'. The odd part for me was the feeling of being relatively flat footed in them. I'm used to wearing heels and you automatically adjust to your heel being elevated, with the ball of your foot on the floor. You obviously feel that in your ankles and legs, whereas there is no strain in these whatsoever.  Personally I'm not fond of how my ankles and legs look in these, part of the reason I never wear low heels or flats!Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe sole Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe sole comparison
I'm over the moon that I can walk in them and that it came so easily, but for me, they were bought to display. Yes, I'll prance around the shoe room in them for fun, but I have no desire to be over 6ft tall (no offence to anyone who is, but I like it down here) nor to wear them outdoors on uneven surfaces where concentration is required. I reckon I'll have them sitting beside their matching bag, rather than on the shelf with other shoes as they really need to be admired for the wonderful centrepiece they are.  Never in my life did I expect, wish or dream to own such unusual and breathtaking shoes, they really are out of this world, but that's Irregular Choice for you and I love them for it!Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe and bag Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoe and bag Irregular Choice Tall Tail unicorn shoes and bag


  1. Oooh, they do look weird from the bottom!!! They really are a work of art though! I am SO excited to finally see the shoe room!x

    1. Fatty soles! Oh my goodness, the shoe room is making me lose my mind. I had no idea it could be such hard work trying to find colours/styles similar to make it look neat.

  2. They have to be that wide at the bottom, or your center of balance would be much less stable, yeah.

    1. Yes, I mentioned that. They've been designed very well.

  3. These shoes really are a work of art! So beautiful!


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