Monday, 17 August 2015

Irregular Choice: Dollface & Cuckoo Bags

irregular choice cuckoo dollface bags
As you're aware, my collection of Irregular Choice handbags has grown considerably over the past year or so. I really must take a group photo, once I have them all contained in the one room! This week I added another two styles from the amazing flash sale they held briefly. I was lucky that I was already browsing the site pre-announcement, so had added the bags to my basket as I'd had my eye on them for ages, then checked to see if there was anything else. Although it hasn't stopped me buying completely, I really have to limit my shoe sales these days due to lack of space, so despite the brilliant bargains to be had, I resisted and left them for someone else! Granted there were a few pairs I'd have bought had they been in my size though!
Checkout was a little slow, but apparently nothing like it got later! I did try to go on at night to show my sister something and the whole site was down. I know that's frustrating, but the sheer volume of people trying to get on and buy things, was just too much. Despite this, I was super impressed with how quickly my bags were dispatched and delivered (bought Tuesday lunchtime) as I knew there had to be zillions of orders. As they were sent from different locations, one came on Thursday with Royal Mail and the other with DPD on Friday (so I could stalk track that one). irregular choice cuckoo bag front irregular choice cuckoo bag back
First one is the cuckoo bag from last winter in black. It's a similar size to my unicorn King Of The Castle one, though slightly different in style. This one is just one big compartment inside (rather than three) and zips along the top. It comes with two fixed straps and an additional detachable, longer strap. I guess to wear across the body? The attached straps are certainly long enough to fit onto my shoulder or to carry, which are how I'd use it. Inside is the wine crushed velvet lining and there's a zipped pocket at one side and two pockets at the other. irregular choice cuckoo bag inside
The outer fabric is a lightweight, floral cord, so it does pick up stray pieces of fluff! The back is plain (floral) and the front dominated by this wonderful applique cuckoo clock, complete with embroidered details, such as a squirrel, bird and toadstools. There's lots of lovely details and so much to look at (as usual), I personally adore the purple, fine glitter, hearts at the base of the straps and zip. I know these bags can seem like an expense, but it's not until you see the amount of work and different fabrics in them, that you appreciate why they have such a price-point.   irregular choice cuckoo bag irregular choice cuckoo bag irregular choice cuckoo bag heart detail
My other purchase was Dollface from the same season. I had the choice of this in two colours, red or black, I went with black. Hands up, who knew I'd say that! Perhaps I should have bought the red, as the black is the exact same fabric as the cuckoo one, but predictably I figured I'd use it more. It's a little smaller than the cuckoo and about half the depth, but a similar width. irregular choice dollface cuckoo bag size comparison irregular choice dollface cuckoo bag side comparison
I really like the way it opens (more like that unicorn one I mentioned above), with the central section as the main part of the bag, with a big clasp closure. Alongside that are front and back sections, which close magnetically against the centre part. I like that idea, because you can keep valuables in the closed bit and things you need easy access to, like a bus pass, sunglasses or gloves, lip balm etc in the front/back sections. Again the lining is crushed velvet and you have two double pockets, along with a zipped pocket inside. It's trimmed in a pearlescent ivory and has two fixed straps. irregular choice dollface bag front irregular choice dollface bag back irregular choice dollface bag inside irregular choice dollface bag irregular choice dollface bag irregular choice dollface bag inside flap
Again it's plain floral on the back, with a large applique and embroidered matryoshka doll and flowers on the front. I'm a big Russian doll fan (totally fascinated with the one my Mum had when I was little), so this was always on my wishlist. It's been updated for summer in brighter colours if you fancy it, though it is slightly different in style (zip closure with big tassel instead of the knobs) and there's also ICED styles named Svetlana, which coordinate with my bag (and a red pair too). irregular choice dollface bag russian doll irregular choice dollface bag side
What do you think of these bags?  I've lost count of how any I have now! Did you buy anything in the flash sale?


  1. I love these bags. Probably a good job I didn't realise there even was a flash sale!

    1. It only lasted a couple of days. Prices from £19.99, it was really good.

  2. These are so cute! I don't have a single IC bag but seeing these makes me want to change that as they are super adorable and look like really food quality as well:)

    1. My collection exploded recently. I used to have very few and now, LOADS! I have 3 on my wishlist already from this season!

  3. I wish I'd seen the flash sale, I'd definitely have bought that clockbag! They are truly beautiful!x

  4. Ooh, the detail that goes into them is impressive! *heart eyes emoji* xx


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