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Irregular Choice: Poker Joker Dice Heels

Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Heels
I'm back with another super cute photo-shoot to debut the latest statement heel from Irregular Choice. Not a 'character' this time, but dice (I refuse to say "die" because I hate that plural)! I quite like dice, with my Blythe & Irregular Choice spotty boots one of my favourite pairs, with their little dice charms on the laces. My Mum would jump in at this point to say I LOVE dice, after I stuck a miniature one up my nose when I was little. The more upset I got, the more I sniffed it back up. Hilarious now, but at the time, I doubt it was for either of us!  I'll never live that one down! Anyway, there were two styles in two different colours, so four in total. Poker Joker that I bought, were also available in plain black or Throw A Six, a court shoe (kinda like Hearts On The Line from summer) in black or red. I really felt there wasn't a "bad one" among them, they were all lovely, but yes, sequins won for me. I must admit, I wasn't as excited about them as I was with Squeezy last month (because they felt like they were made for me), but that all changed when they arrived today.
Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Heels Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Heels Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Sequin Boot Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Boots side Irregular Choice Poker Joker Sequin Dice Boots Front Irregular Choice Poker Joker Sequin Dice Boots Back
The uppers are made up of tiny sequins with a bright turquoise swirly, teardrop pattern. On the main part, the sequins actually change colour when you tilt the boot. In some lights they are a dusky pink, then lilac, then a soft, pale green and actually now that I look at them in the dark (with lights on) they are brighter pink. Hopefully it comes across in some of my photos, because it's captivating! The boots have a nice curved shape, rounded toe and 'scalloped' edging. There's just three eyelets to lace the boots up as they are oversized, which gives a really cool finish. The laces are actually wide, satin ribbon in turquoise. The only surprise I got, was that the turquoise parts are more green than they looked online and even in my photos they have a blue tinge rather than green. Otherwise, they were how I imagined.  Size wise, they aren't as small as older character heels, but I still sized up to be on the safe side.  They are a little big, but the boot itself with all that sequins, is pretty stiff, so because of that I'm glad I went for the bigger pair.  I'm sure after a couple of wears they will feel more flexible and I'll talk about the lining later, but it really helps as there's no rough edges or scratchy fabric against your foot.
Irregular Choice Poker Joker Sequins Detail Irregular Choice Poker Joker Eyelet Detail Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Boots Toe Side Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Boots Toe Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Boots Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Boots
The heel is overall quite chunky and 4" high. It's made to look like loads of stacked dice, in a random order and this pair have a turquoise heel tip and spots to match the rest of the boot. Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Heels Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Heel side detail Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Heel back close up
The image below was taken with the flash, so you can see the sequins really 'glowing' lilac.   Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Heel with flash Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Heel tip
This is my first pair of 'new season' shoes, Squeezy had the summer sole and inners and wow, I love them! The inside is the softest feeling velvet, it's incredible (much softer than the crushed velvet we had for years). In a deep purple floral with holographic snakeskin trim that we've seen before. It's very befitting for the season.  The sole and box are absolutely amazing, definitely one of my favourites ever. Woodland animals; foxes, bunnies, mice, squirrels and hedgehogs. Irregular Choice Poker Joker Dice Boots insole Irregular Choice Poker Joker base Irregular Choice Poker Joker aw15 sole Irregular Choice Poker Joker aw15 box Irregular Choice Poker Joker aw15 hedgehog tissue paper
Over the weekend, I'd been feeling semi-guilty for splashing out on these when like I say, they weren't "must-haves" for me. I knew I'd be disappointed if I missed out on them though but today, I felt nothing but joy when they arrived. It's amazing how shoes have the power to do that isn't it? That's how all shoes should make you feel, that even when there's bad things going on in the world or in your life, you can gaze at your amazing shoes and inhale a little bit of happiness from them.  I was also lucky enough to be one of the first 10 orders on Friday ("get in" as my nephew would say), winning a large dice charm! It was game face (and fingers) on, I was determined to get one of these, after seeing it on the new Chance bag. It's amazing in real life, big and heavy and mine is red with white spots and a black tassel (couldn't have asked for better colour combo). Irregular Choice limited edition dice keyring charm
So yes, I'm really happy with my new buy and there's zero guilt, which is how it should be!  A very welcome addition to my collection.  Do you fancy them or did you buy them over the weekend? Let me know.  Oh and I have my second IC post coming in a couple of days because I ran out of time last week and this one took priority.  Head over to The Shoe Girl Diaries tomorrow for Shoesday Tuesday to see how Poker Joker look on the feet.


  1. They are beautiful! I love the colour and the sequins and the heels are super fun!x

  2. I think they're lovely - so much detail in them. I really struggled to think of what I'd wear with this colour, though. Cool that you won a prize, as well!

    1. Yeah, not thought that far ideas off the top of my head though! I was so determined to get a dice, it's mega heavy too!

  3. did you style the all of those backgrounds for these photo-shoot?
    I really liked them<3
    I'm sorry if you actually had mentioned about it cause I wasn't enough patient to read till the end as I've been feeling dizzy and low blood lately... x P

    1. Yes I did! Grabbed some old board games and toys out of our games cupboard! Was fun to do. Hope you're feeling better and rested today x

  4. thanks for replying as always<3
    you did really good job!
    and I'm glad that you posted a new video on youtube lately x)
    hope you could do more of those but with your pace ofc xx

    1. Thank you, I've got a new laptop now, so videos are much easier than before (my dslr camera isn't that great for taking videos by yourself as it makes loud noises trying to focus or if you switch that off, it is out of focus)! I've just made another one which will be up next week of my new shoes (no face though)!!


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