Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Mid Week Must Haves

Hola, how is this week treating you so far? I'm pretty wrecked, but plodding along. Whenever I saw this High End Hottie in an email, I instantly knew it had to be included in MWMH. So I racked my brains trying to find a High Street Honey worthy of sitting alongside such a magnificent find. I spent ages...then it dawned on me, I had the perfect pair already on my wishlist*. Waste of time, silly me!Mid Week Must Haves
The high street are Iron Fist 'Change Your Spots' sunglasses £14.99 (sale). I love the whole leopard print collection they brought out for summer. There's a gorgeous cardigan with studded shoulders and a little dress and shoes and boots. Anyway the sunglasses are just brilliant, big round frames and a lovely leopard pattern and every so often there's a little skull in amongst it. Pretty cool. The high end pair are new from Miu Miu £212 and actually come in five different shades (no pun intended). I think this pair are my favourite, but hey, I wouldn't say "no" to any of them! I'm not even sure I want to wear them particularly, I just want to look at them and marvel at their design and colourful patterns! The pink velvet case they come in is pretty rad too!  You know how much of a sunglasses fan I am, but do these take your fancy?    

*Wishlist is in my head and my head gets easily confuzzled and forgets, no matter how badly the wishlist is wanted.
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