Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ice Cream + Free Flip Flops

I wish I was writing this with appropriate themed weather, but we had the loudest, most violent thunder, lightning and rain that I've ever seen or heard earlier. I was actually super excited! Anyway I wanted to share this offer of free flip flops, but first I can't keep the bargain of the century to myself. Karl Lagerfeld Melissa ice-cream shoes

I've ogled the Karl Lagerfeld/Melissa ice-cream cone heels for ages. Really ages. I've come close to buying them before, but thankfully didn't-because I spotted them on Daniel Footwear last week reduced from £120 to £36. Yes, really! It's the cheapest I've ever seen them (I think ASOS had them around £60 and even discount sale sites haven't had them so low). Obviously I didn't hesitate and bought them right away. They arrived today and are just fabby. Karl Lagerfeld Melissa ice-cream shoes side
Daniel have four colours (different prices) and the glossy black were the cheapest and happened to be the ones I liked most anyway. Don't worry, I didn't get the last pair, as I'm typing this, all sizes are in stock. The glitter heel comes wrapped for protection, but there is some serious glitter fall-out on other parts of the shoe. I took a wipe over it and removed the majority, but the odd bit of escaped glitter doesn't really concern me.  I can't get over how life-like that cone is! Karl Lagerfeld Melissa ice-cream heel Karl Lagerfeld Melissa ice-cream glitter detail Karl Lagerfeld Melissa ice-cream cone detail
Size wise, they are a snug fit, like most closed-toe Melissa shoes. I opted for my regular size though and they don't feel uncomfortably tight. A longer wear would be necessary to confirm that, but certainly I wasn't wincing wearing them for 10 minutes. They have the bubblegum scent and come with a dustbag. Karl Lagerfeld Melissa dustbag
Now for an extra bonus, Daniel are currently offering all customers a free pair of flip flops worth £19.99. They come in four different colours (pink, black, orange and gold). I got the gold pair (for my Mum) and all that is required is you pay for postage. So you could buy them without placing an order (p&p is £3.99), but you may want to add them to your basket along with the ice cream heels! Just click my link here, add the required colour/size to your basket and then sign into your account (or make one) and add code 'upkeep' at the checkout and £19.99 will be taken off your order (you'll see it discounted before you pay). Daniel Footwear flip flops Daniel Footwear flip flops detail Daniel Footwear flip flops close up
I'll leave you with the rather strangely worded booklet that comes with the Melissa shoes for a lol. Did you know Karl was one of the most designers in the world? Most of what, I'm not quite sure, hmmmm! Karl Lagerfeld Melissa booklet
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  1. Those shoes are amazing! I can't wear heels but if I was flush I'd buy them and put them in a display cabinet. :) x

  2. These are what Roisin wore for her wedding! But the white ones. I really like them and I JUST wish they were lower because I would order these IN A HEART BEAT! x

    1. Yes, put them on my radar once more when I saw them! Pity they don't come in lower heels, although these feel very manageable with the concealed platform.


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