Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Swatches: NYX Round Lipstick (Browns/Nudes)

I love when you get in touch with requests for beauty posts or further help regarding something I've already posted, especially when it's something I can easily locate and re-photograph. I got one such email recently from Romy, asking for advice regarding NYX Round Lipsticks. Seeing as my NYX lippie posts always prove quite popular, I thought I'd take some new photos and updated swatches and post them here for everyone to see.
Romy was particularly interested in brown lipsticks (so that's what I've concentrated on today) and I have to say this is what NYX really excel at. There are plenty of options and I own many of them. In my opinion these are not 'nude' colours, at least not for someone as pale as me (I'd recommend 617 Summer Love, a pinky beige for pale skinned gals). I think pale, light, possibly even medium olive complexions will find these too dark to be a true nude. I've bought some in the past and been disappointed at them not being the nude I expected or heard about, so it's just something to remember. It's great if you're actually looking for a brown rather than nude though! Deeper olive and warm tones through to black will hopefully find many of these great as nudes. This is when I really wish I had a few hands in different colours to compare just how different one lipstick can look on each, but I don't and that would look way weird! Anyway, I've split the lipsticks into the cream/satin finish and frost/metallic. First up are the frosts. Generally all of these colours lean coppery, so I apologise in advance for repeating myself in the descriptions!  I love the self-coloured bases on these lipsticks (I store mine upside down), so you can easily locate the colour you're looking for.  
576 Frosted Flakes: This one is possibly light enough to class as a nude for lighter skins. It's got a very light golden tone to it which isn't too strong so it doesn't come across as overly coppery. A golden beige.
512 Ares: Is the only one without copper. It's a beige toned taupe.
556 Iced Honey: A true copper.
578 Earth Angel: Very similar to Iced Honey, but leans ever so slightly more bronze.
517 Hades: Brown with a bronze cast.
546 Ceto: Looks almost identical to Hades in the tube, but swatches more of a pink copper like Iced Honey. It's not as deep or brown as Hades and a little more sheer.
Next are the creamy shades, which can really vary from the bullet to a swatch. You can see on some of them once the lipstick has been used, the colour underneath is different.
552 Creamy Beige:  Isn't as the name suggests or certainly I wouldn't ever class it as 'beige'.  It's a dirty neutral brown and I wore this a few weeks ago on my lipstick challenge and actually it was quite pretty.  
532 Rea:  Very similar to Creamy Beige when swatched, although this one leans a little more pink.  Both of these perfectly illustrate the difference between the lipstick and the swatch (they are nothing alike).  
522 Circe:  Is lighter and could work as a nude, it's got a pink-camel tone to it.  
590 Honey:  Is similar to Circe but lacks the pink tone, this has more yellow in it.  Again it's probably light enough to be nude-ish on paler skins.  
510 Echo:  A deeper camel-tan shade.  Interestingly the orange tone is less visible in the swatch with the flash.  
603 Tea:  Medium terracotta brown.   
If you were looking for nudes or barely there colours, I'd suggest Honey or Circe for lighter skins and Creamy Beige or Rea for darker complexions.  Romy was looking for an interesting brown that wasn't too straight, perhaps with something metallic, so there are tonnes to choose from here.  Ceto, Hades, Earth Angel and Iced Honey all have bronze or copper elements while Tea has an interesting tone without the frost finish.  All of these lipsticks are very pigmented and will definitely show up on the lips.  I find they have quite a 'slippy' texture (you can see several of mine have been damaged inside the tube), so I always wear mine with liners to avoid them bleeding, plus it helps the colour last a little longer.  Most of these lipsticks are quite old now, but I believe the colours are still available (the packaging may be updated).  I bought mine when NYX was hard to find in the UK, but now they have their own UK site, albeit prices are a little more expensive (these $4 lipsticks are actually £4 here).  So they aren't 'dirt cheap' like they'd be considered in the US, but they are still reasonably priced.  Now that I've had a little peek at their site, I'm spying some more lipstick colours I'd like to try!  Have you tried NYX before? Are there any of your favourites here?  I hope this helps and let me know if there's something else you'd like me to compare or swatch and I'll do my best.


  1. Hey,that's so nice you did a post for Romy! I am fascinated by your knowledge of lipsticks! I have no idea about them! Most of mine (apart from my Agnes B one) are ones I got as free gifts!!! These colours do look really nice! OOoh and thank you for the comment windfall! So nice to come home to all those nice comments! I love that your sister also did what I did and fell in love with one dress and found it! What was it like!?!x

    1. No problem Kezzie, good to have you back! I've not been too great at keeping up with blog reading as I've had loads of work to do, so I've been trying to catch up with Bloglovin.


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