Tuesday, 8 October 2013

ICED Hunnie Monster (Irregular Choice)

Before you're all like "Gem, what happened, you got a temperature, you broken both legs?" These shoes are not mine! No, I've not stepped down over to the...low side, but bought these for my little sister. Phew, had you in a panic there!  I actually love the ICED range and especially the new stuff we've seen this season. However I don't wear trainers or flats and can't walk in them, so they are of no use to me despite their prettiness. Now physically my sister and I have never looked alike (she has long dark hair and big blue eyes) but we do like similar things whilst contrasting on others (she'd never be seen dead in a floral dress for example or a dress of any kind for that matter). She's a tiny wee thing; 4ft 11", fits kids clothes, fits kids shoes, looks like an actual kid, seriously, someone asked her if she was on an in-service day from school the other month and she's 31!! Plus more than once, someone has mistaken me for her Mum, which to be fair is entirely plausible if I'd become pregnant at 14 months old! Grrr! She hates shopping for clothes and shoes (starting to doubt we're related at all now), so it's usually self confessed shopaholic big sis that has to give her a nudge in the right direction.
I've been desperate to get her into Irregular Choice for a while now, but she's a fussy wee bugger. While she loves a lot of the styles, she's not big on the painted soles, as she finds them 'slippy' and favours something with a rubber grip sole. Ok, I have to agree our town got new pavements and when it's wet, they are treacherous, but I manage them and shiny shop floors in heels, so how hard can it be in flats? So when Irregular Choice's ICED collection launched, I was hoping the rubber soles would entice her. She loved the first drop and was seriously considering buying a couple of pairs (Felix The Fearless and Huggle Puff). Then there were some newer styles that launched at the end of last week and she actually needed no encouragement to buy a pair.
She instantly fell in love with the glitter-tastic Hunnie Monster (sparkles, phew we are related). They have these huge and kinda ridiculous embroidered eyes on the front, contrast polka dot ears sticking out, the 'ICED' dripping sole and a cute l'il bunny embroidered on the back. She loved all these factors and combined with the multi-coloured glitter, she wanted me to order them that night! So I did and they arrived yesterday.
She let me open them and take these photos before she got home from work yesterday. I thought despite not being completely to my taste, they would still be of interest.  Sadly, they didn't fit her. I suspected this whenever I opened them. They were too big all over, but I wouldn't necessarily use her as a guide, as she's really a 2 or kids size 3, rather than an adults 3/36. It's a pity, as they are super cute and she really liked them.  I think Irregular Choice will expand to smaller (and larger) sizes in the future depending on how popular this line is (from what I hear it's been a good seller), but for now you'll only find a size 35 in some of the main IC range.  What do you think of these, something you would wear?  I certainly would if flats were my thing.  Oh and I love the box with the clear panel as it reminds me of buying dolls!


  1. OMG,you got flat!!haha
    but ofc,why not if this one!!hehehe
    well I don't think this one is the first flat you've got though,I've got no flats for years except boots and one shoe for working.
    but I still this one is pretty niiiiice<3hehehehe

    1. haha OkOk,I just read.was too impressed with looking.
      anyways now I know that one's for your sister :)
      that's interesting how your sisters style too!
      I have two of sisters too but every one has extremely different style so.
      may you should post something about it one day<3

    2. Haha Asa, no worries-dazzled by the glitter! Yes we share a love of sparkles, so are related after all!

  2. Love to hear about your family. I have a sister and a brother. Me and my sis are total opposites. My sis is tiny and very sporty while I'm quite tall, a bit plump and not sporty at all. My sis is 5 years older than me (31) but looks likes she's fifteen. And she hates clothes/shoe shopping. But still she's my best friend:))

    1. Thanks. Aw that's sweet, yes I'm very close to my youngest sister. My older sister and I are very different again, but she likes nothing I like and vice versa. We've become much closer since she had children, but before that our differences meant we were always fighting with each other!

  3. Haha, love hearing about sibling differences! My sister is RIDICULOUSLY organised and tidy and I am the opposite!

    1. Haha, how funny. People actually don't believe me when I say I'm related to either of my sisters. There is no similarity in looks whatsoever!


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