Saturday, 5 October 2013

Comparison Lip Swatches: Dior & Guerlain

Ok, so here are some comparison swatches for the lip items I showed you earlier this week. Look at me being all organised and doing something when I say I will! First up is my Dior 'Mystic Metallics' Gloss in Magic and I've compared it with three other Dior glosses I bought a couple of months ago.
Top to bottom or left to right are Addict Gloss in 311 Magic (the new one), Addict Ultra Glow Gloss in 216 Lace Beige, Addict Gloss in 223 Angelique and Addict Gloss in 413 Eclipse.
I'd say the colours are most true in the photo above.  311 Magic (Shimmer) is a pale gold, which I was struggling to photograph in my original post. 216 Lace Beige is an older formula, similar to the pearly 216 Beige Songe in the updated line. It is a pearl finish as well and is a light beige nude. 223 Angelique is a 'pure' finish, with no pearl or shimmer and is a light peachy nude. 413 Eclipse is a pinky beige with a shimmer finish.
Sticking with Dior, I pulled out some old lipsticks to compare with my new 'Mystic' lipstick, again from the Autumn collection. I also compared it with Incognito that I bought recently.
From top to bottom or left to right are Addict High Shine in 222 Casual Beige, Addict Extreme in 369 Mystic, Addict Extreme in 316 Incognito and Rouge Dior in 296 Box Office Beige, all by Dior.
These swatch a lot lighter than they look in the tube, so don't be put off by their rather uninteresting shades of brown. Essentially they could all be considered 'nudes', the Rouge Dior one being the darkest of the bunch. 222 Casual Beige is a sheer warm brown-nude, 369 Mystic is a light peach toned nude, 316 Incognito is a pinky beige and 296 Box Office Beige is similarly toned to Casual Beige, but without the sheer finish. It's a warm brown-nude.
Finally, despite these two lipsticks looking nothing alike in the tube, they actually swatch pretty similar.
Guerlain Rouge G in 64 Gemma is the darker mauve-pink and 862 Madame Reve from the new autumn collection is the bright red-pink.
When swatched, Gemma is still a rosy pink with a slight mauve tone while Madame Reve is a sheer, brightish berry pink that loses that red tone it has in the bullet.
I don't think any of these are dupes for one another, but I thought the comparison would be of interest.  I'm wearing Madame Reve this week and am actually loving the flush of colour.

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  1. Thank you so much for your Gemma description. I could not tell from pictures whether it was Gemma Georgia or Garance that would be a pink mauve Rose, which is exactly the color I am seeking.There are no Guerlain outlets near me, so I have to order online. Thank you for helping me to know that Gemma is precisely what I want!


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