Wednesday, 19 November 2008

My skincare woes

I'm rather depressed today. My skin has been behaving badly again and I've been researching various treatments and the more I read, the more depressed I get. I am simply overwelmed by the advice and lists of comedogenic ingredients to avoid. I thought I had pretty much managed to find a skincare routine that was working for me and knew what items irritated my condition. However, my skin doesn't seem to be clearing up even although I considered myself to be realitively careful about what I put on it these days.

I have printed off a 5-page ingredient list which I will have to take shopping with me, not exactly practical I know. Most ingredients in the UK are 'hidden' on products, so I'm not sure how the shop assistants will feel about me peeling back labels to compare with my huge print-out! The problem is I really don't know what I am looking for. I am literally just avoiding anything that appears on this list, without knowing what the ingredients mean or do.

I haven't put on any make-up today as I know it's such a big task to go through all the items I already own and check if they irritate acne. I am completely paranoid about making the situation worse by using something that isn't right for my skin. It's a huge blow to my confidence and I can see me avoiding using any skincare or cosmetics for the forseeable future, which in turn will result in me not leaving the house (I wouldn't leave un made-up with perfect skin, never mind this).

I would urge companies to start thinking about what they put in their products. Take the sudden influx of mineral make-up from high-end to high-street. On closer inspection many of them do contain other ingredients and aren't completely mineral or natural. It's just a trendy word to use to sell more products. Similarily whilst doing my research I've found many items that state they are 'non-comedogenic' (non pore clogging), then a quick look at the ingredients proves otherwise. It can be very misleading for the general public and as I'm finding, mind-boggling. Please share your views via the comments below and if you have any non-comedogenic skincare/cosmetics recommendations, I would gladly appreciate it.

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  1. - cetaphil cleanser
    - Stridex Daily Care, alcohol free, maximum strength (2%)
    - Persagel 10
    - if you drink diet soda, stop and switch to mineral water

    These are all drugstore things, I'm cheap!

    I have also used things from Paula Begoun with great results. It's also cheap, but available only online


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