Thursday, 6 November 2008

Boots 17 GWP

I love the free gifts you get with the Boots 17 range. You only have to spend a fiver and get a little set probably worth a bit more than that. My only problem is, that I have qualified for so many of these gifts, I now own almost everything (decent) from the 17 range. There's nothing I've previously bought that I've used up or that has become a must-have item for me. Therefore each time I have to try and find another couple of products to purchase that I don't already have. To be honest I'm running out of ideas. I tend to look at it in the opposite way though and pretend I spent the money on the free gift and got the bought items for free, that way if I don't like them it doesn't matter (I always seem to like the gift stuff though!). So here's another cute set, for smokey eyes with glitter pencil, loose eyeshadow and what on earth shall I buy to get this?

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