Thursday, 20 November 2008

Lancome Blues

The beautiful new Lancome colour collection is out now. It's based around deep blue, silver and red. I adore the Diva Magic Powder £28, it looks so sparkly in the promo image (above), so I'll definitely be checking that out in real life.
There is a new 4 eyeshadow Color Focus Palette £30.50 in Blue Enigma as well as 2 new single Color Design eyeshadows (above) £12 in 510 Holly Blue (deep denim blue) or 509 Silver Forever (light simmery grey).
Juicy Tubes have been revamped as 'Juicy Black' £13.50 in shades 52 Sparkling Ava (shimmering silver) or 50 Red Gilda (holiday red). I've heard there are also 2 new shades of Color Fever lipstick, although there are no details of that on the Lancome site.
As well as this, the rare Le Magnetique nail polish £15 (that magnetically creates a star pattern on the nail after application) has been produced in a gorgeous shimmering dark blue 02 Blue Enigma, a must-have. The collection should be available now at counters nationwide. Unfortunately the range is not available for purchase directly from Lancome and although the products are showing up on Debenhams, Boots and Garden Pharmacy, they too are unavailable for purchase.

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