Friday, 5 August 2022

Flashback Beauty Friday 83: Hard Candy Charmed Lip Gloss Bracelet

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Hard Candy Charmed Lip Gloss Bracelet
Don't yell at me, but I still don't have that post I've been teasing for weeks! I felt really unwell last night and I'd been busy during the day doing other things for the blog, so it's on hold again. It won't be next week either because if I can tease you some more, it's the brand I'm talking about today and I don't like doing the same two weeks running. It's one of their most iconic items if that gives you a couple of clues. Last time I shared the pretty Stila travel palette, Striking In South Beach if you missed that.
blue and pink cuff bracelets with silver charms and Hard Candy lipgloss attachments
Today I have the Hard Candy Charmed Lip Gloss Bracelet from 2008-ish. I have both colours (I think) that it came in. They are snap on (stud) cuff style bracelets with fixed charms and lipglosses which can be clipped on and off. The glosses are absolutely adorable, they are minute. They even come with slanted sponge applicators inside, I hope you can grasp how tiny they are from my photos.
close up of miniature Hard Candy lipgloss charm with doefoot applicator
Pussy Kat is the pink band with chunky, silver cat charm and glosses in a pale nude and really interesting taupe/grape shade.
Hard Candy Lip Gloss Bracelet Pussy Kat pink
wearing Hard Candy lipgloss bracelet in pink
Sky is the blue band with dog charm and rosy brown and sparkling caramel glosses. I love all the shades, but PK just edges it for me.  I took these photos a while back (before I began swatching for these posts), so I'll update with swatch photos next time I see them.  
close up of Hard Candy blue Sky lipgloss bracelet with silver dog charm
wearing Hard Candy Sky Charmed Lip Gloss Bracelet
*Update* I decided to look for these bracelets again this morning and swatch them for you. All glosses have a very strong scent, like crème brûlée. HC often used this back in the day. I think the glosses will be hard to use efficiently, given that the tiny wand can't reach into the rounder pot so well (you can't tilt it to reach the sides as it's too small). The colours were mostly what I thought, though the Pussy Kat nude is more peach than I expected, still light. The taupe/grape is straight up grey to be honest, but it may have discoloured slightly over the years. The sparkly one in Sky (2nd swatch from the left) does have the most apparent glitter (bigger chunks), though close up all shades have some shimmer to them. It's also the most sheer of the bunch, all 4 have a really shiny, glossy finish. Swatches are in order as shown in the photo below and no edits have been made to light or colour.
Hard Candy Charmed Lip Gloss Bracelet in Sky and Pussy Kat
swatches of lipgloss from hard Candy Charmed bracelet in sky and pussy kat
Do you remember these?

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