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Irregular Choice Disney Muppets: Fierce Piggy

dressing room table with mirror and lights and Irregular Choice Disney Muppets leopard print boots
I was elated when I heard the 7th collaboration between Disney and Irregular Choice was going to be The Muppets. I'm by no means the biggest Muppets fan, but the characters are such characters, with strong identities and lots of bright colours and wild textures, which I just knew IC would do justice. There's been pieces I've loved from every Disney release thus far, but this collection definitely appeals most to my tastes and I knew it would be a little a more 'out there' than previous offerings. Truthfully, Irregular Choice have gone beyond what I hoped for in their interpretations. There's lots of colour, furry fabrics, embellishments, glitter and sequins, lights and something I've spent years wishing for; an outfit changing character heel! They've managed to merge some classic styles (or some we've been recently introduced to) with instantly recognisable Muppets characters to produce this exciting and fresh blend which will hopefully appeal to Muppets fans as well as Irregular Choice followers. I think the pairing between the two brands is absolutely perfect and I'm just so thankful such a bonkers collection of shoes and accessories exists. This is exactly why I fell in love with Irregular Choice all those years ago and why I continue to be such a loyal devotee. dressing room scene with Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots
close up of leopard print Miss Piggy Irregular Choice boots on dressing room table irregular choice leopard print glitter ankle boot with heart detail
Fierce Piggy* are the only ankle boot in this collection and they feature the changeable character heel, but more on that later. The boot has a wide top and the uppers are a fine glitter, leopard print. There's a zip on the inside to get them on and off. The toe is softly pointed and upturned, similar to that of the Alice All Mad Here boots or One Lump Or Two? or My Cup Of Tea shoes. There's a small glitter platform, mainly black, though there's larger flecks of other colours in there too. The toe is made up of contrasting pieces with an exaggerated scalloped edge in black and red suedette and bronzed metallic. There's a smaller scalloped trim around the top of the boot in red suedette. zip fastening on ankle bootclose up of scalloped trim sections on toe of bootsmall glitter platform and scalloped toe trim on bootpointed toe shape and scalloped detail on ankle boot
I'm a sucker for heart details on shoes and on the centre front of this boot is a large applique heart in padded white and pink polka dot with 'Miss Piggy' and small red hearts embroidered. This heart is layered over the same bronze metallic material, then over a really impressive multi-coloured glitter with the red suedette scalloped base. Muppets Miss Piggy boots on vanity tableIrregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots backstage dressing table scene with mirrorfront heart detail on leopard print Miss Piggy ankle bootsclose up of applique and embroidered heart on Miss Piggy ankle bootsMiss Piggy polka dot embroidered heart detail on front of bootpolka dot, metallic, glitter and suede scalloped applique heart
At the back of the boot you'll find a large black glitter bow, sitting atop one in bronze metallic. You'll note the trims all tie in with each other throughout the boot. A really cool feature are the black and clear beads dangling in a fringe formation from that back bow. There's a lot of movement with those as you walk, which you'll find out is rather noisy! A tiny detail you may not pick up on from stock photos are the small coloured jewels pressed into the side of the boot at the back. You even get a packet with some spares in the box. back glitter bow and beaded fringe detail on Miss Piggy character heel ankle bootsbeaded fringed and glitter bow ankle boots on dressing tablelayered glitter and metallic bows on back of ankle boot from sideback detailed view of black glitter and bronze metallic bows with beaded fringeclose up of multi coloured embellished jewels on side back of ankle boot
The soles differ in this collection between the styles and for this pair there's a blue base with eye print and then Miss Piggy as a feature in the centre and it's the same on the right and left shoes. The lining is padded and comfortable like Alice or Cinderella and is an all-over Muppets character print on a pale blue background. Muppets Miss Piggy soles on Irregular Choice Fierce Piggy ankle bootsclose up of Miss Piggy Disney Muppets shoe soleclose up of lining inside Irregular Choice Muppets boots
Finally, the heel. There are several styles in this range with the Miss Piggy character heel. Both figures face the same way and she has one hand on her hip with the other stretched above her. The heel takes on the same shape as the character heels we saw in the Mickey range with a basic heel mould and the character merging into one. The heel is that same black glitter with sporadic coloured pieces. back view of Miss Piggy character heel ankle boots on vanity tableMiss Piggy character heel on shoeMiss Piggy side view of heel with black skirt and arm outstretchedMiss Piggy heel facing, wearing black skirtside view of Miss Piggy heel with bent arm wearing black skirt and silver bodysuit
The base and general heel are reasonably slim for characters, though feel very sturdy. The heels are pretty much in line with the boot itself, her snout and bent arm stick out ever so slightly, but not enough to cause issues. The detail on this figure is outstanding, down to the lilac eyeshadow and individually painted eyelashes and look at that tiny gold and pink ring on her gloved hand. If you look closely at her red shoes, you can even seen a small section of glitter to give the illusion of her heels and to blend into the heel of the shoe. pink heel tip on shoeMiss Piggy character heel close up wearing black skirt, painted gloves and ringpainted face details and ring on Miss Piggy character heeldetailed look at Miss Piggy red shoes on character heel with glitter detail
On this style, Miss Piggy comes wearing a silver bodysuit and black pleated skirt. You'll also find an extra packet in the box with red tulle, glitter skirts and this is the fun part! You can of course leave Miss Piggy in her bodysuit with no skirt (I actually think she looks adorable like that) or wear one of each or change to whichever colour suits you that day. The skirt ribbon is threaded through a small hole in the back of the heel (at the back of her waist) and then you tie in a bow to secure. The black skirt came with organza ribbons and the red with satin and I have to say I found the organza ribbon easier to thread through. I found it easiest to thread through one end, then fold and roll the opposite end into that one and pull back through until the other end appears and then you can tie. It's a little fiddly, but as my sister and I freakily both said at the same time "not as tricky as trying to tie a bow on a Sylvanian Families baby dress" when we were younger! It feels very secure anyhow and I'd have no worries about it coming undone.  There's a generous amount of ribbon to tie, it's more getting it through the hole, especially as in this case it's black, so hard to see. detailed back view of Miss piggy character heel with ribbon looped through hole and tied changeable skirt detail on Miss Piggy character heelclose up of pleated black skirt on Miss Piggy character heelMiss Piggy character heel in painted silver bodysuitside view of Miss Piggy character heel in silver bodysuitMiss piggy character heel without skirtMiss piggy character heels in silver bodysuit no skirt and black skirtMiss Piggy character heels with red glitter skirt and with black pleated skirtMiss Piggy character heels facing with one red skirt other in black skirtchangeable skirts on Miss Piggy character heel on irregular Choice bootMiss Piggy character heel in red glitter skirt
Like I say, I've always wanted a doll character heel where you could change the clothes, so I absolutely adore this feature. Such a small detail can really change the overall look of the boot too.Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy leopard print boots on vanity unit with makeup and mirrorback view of Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots backstage dressing table scene
I have details of the heel height and how the boot fits over on The Shoe Girl Diaries and you can find photos of the Muppets box in this post. Also follow my Instagram and Facebook for updates on the other items I hopefully manage to buy today and behind the scenes photos from this shoot. Right now, I'm probably stressing in the online queue, starving and anticipating a phone call from the bank to decline my card. The weird world of online shoe buying during a limited release!  Totally worth it for a range as fabulous as this in my opinion.  Irregular Choice Disney Muppets Fierce Piggy boots backstage vanity table scene

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