Thursday, 24 August 2017

Funko Vinyl Vixens: Batgirl

Vinyl Vixens Batgirl face detail
So excited to add this to my little Funko collection. I've really, really tried to not collect too many of their Pop! Vinyl (PV) figures over the years (because I already hoard collect enough stuff).  They've really taken off though, you can collect practically any movie, TV series or pop culture character.  I have a handful that I really couldn't resist and then came the Rock Candy (RC) line. Oh my gosh, I love RC's. I wasn't restrained at all when they brought these out.  Totally different from the simplistic, button eyed, big-square headed PV, RC were more in proportion and I loved their scale and detailing. I bought almost the entire Barbie line (the 1980 Afro Barbie is one of my favourite things ever). Then I went onto collect the Barbie Mystery Minis (MM). Well actually my sister did and she didn't get the one she hoped for (blind box), so kept giving me them! They are cheekier, smaller, with cartoon like faces-not nearly as cool as the RC's in my opinion.  I also have bits and pieces I've gotten as gifts, like a Dorbz (smiley, happiest things ever) Ariel, MM Villains Ursula and now loads of Disney MM, that my sister has collected doublers of!
Funko Vinyl Vixens DC Comics Superhero Batgirl figure boxed
Back to the RC's and I also bought Batgirl from the DC superhero series.  I just thought she was really pretty.  Then I spied Vinyl Vixens. They are much bigger and like the sexier, more grown-up version of RC's. I desperately wanted Batgirl, but they were quite pricey when they first launched, so I didn't get it. I don't know what made me look at the weekend, but there was Vinyl Vixens Batgirl at such a great price (and with free delivery), that I bought it right away. Funko Vinyl Vixens Batgirl figure
She arrived earlier this week and is every bit as fantastic as I thought. She is really quite heavy (her head) and stands on a yellow star platform (holes up her feet). She measures roughly 25cm and I thought I'd post a height comparison photo alongside her Rock Candy counterpart, who is roughly 14cm. They also have Wonder Woman, which I'm quite tempted with, because she's lovely too. Now I just need to find somewhere to display them. height comparison of funko vinyl vixen and rock candy batgirl figures
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