Thursday, 2 February 2017

Irregular Choice: Rosie Cheeks

irregular choice rosie cheeks
Last Friday a very exciting collection launched at Irregular Choice. You may remember back in 2010, IC teamed up with London College Of Fashion and the winners, So Yeon Sarah and Rosanna Gault, had their designs made into shoes that were sold in very limited numbers. I bought the So Yeon Sarah pair with all the attachments and had to decide between Rosy, a court shoe with removable cuff or Rosanna, a floral ankle boot. I bought the former and the latter have haunted me ever since! No joke, I've been desperately seeking these for the past 7 years and have come close, but not close enough!  Which brings us to last week, when it was announced that Rosanna had worked on some more colours and styles and we were treated to 6 new pieces. The Rosanna boot was reworked in two colours (now called Rosie With Love), which I bought in red (you can see me wearing them here for Shoesday Tuesday). The Rosy cuffed shoe was newly titled Rosie and there were three more court shoes (without cuffs), Rosie Posy, Ring O'Rosie and Rosie Cheeks, which I'm showing you today. They are my absolute favourite of the collection, I've been pawing them like crazy, they are just so pretty.

irregular choice rosanna gault rosie cheeks
The shoe itself is a slip-on court and shaped differently to the original Rosy. The vamp seems lower at the front and is much higher at the sides and there's a lot more shaping around the top. The uppers are made up of tiny sequins in a chevron design in silvery grey, white and iridescent, which shines pink or green in the light. The iridescent ones really add interest and a bit of glitz, yet they manage to pass as quite understated. The top edge is piped in silver metallic and they are finished off with an adorable soft peach ball of fluff. I'm such a pom pom devotee, I knew as soon as I saw that, that these were the pair for me. I think the colouring just adds to me feeling like it's a vintage makeup puff and this is why I felt inspired to create my own dreamy boudoir shoot for these photos. It's the perfect finishing touch to the shoe anyway. irregular choice rosie cheeksirregular choice rosie cheeks frontirregular choice rosie cheeks heelsirregular choice rosie cheeks shoes back irregular choice rosie cheeks uppers patternirregular choice rosie cheeks sequins detail irregular choice rosanna gault rosie cheeks shoes
The toe is a soft almond shape and like the originals, they feature a large floating platform, this time in mirrored rose-gold. I happen to love floating platforms, I know this put several people off (not me liking them, the shoes having it!), I guess it's one of those features you either love or hate. It's certainly worked for Charlotte Olympia for years and despite the smaller base (than a standard platform), they are actually very easy to walk on. I'm not saying everyone will manage, but they are manageable for high heel wearers and aren't as extreme as you'd think. irregular choice rosie cheeks rose gold platformirregular choice rosie cheeks floating platformirregular choice rosie cheeks pom pomirregular choice rosie cheeks toe detail
Another key feature from the first collection was the cut-out heart heel and again it's reworked in rose-gold to match the platform. This heel may not have loads of depth (front to back), but the tip is really wide from side to side, almost like a block heel (just not square). It also tapers drastically when coming down to the tip as the top of the heel actually stretches from the instep to the back of the shoe, so provides a lot of support. This all really helps the shoe feel steady and for you to walk confidently. irregular choice rosie cheeks statement heart heelirregular choice rosie cheeks cut out heart heel irregular choice rosie cheeks heel tip
If you follow my Instagram, you'll have seen my excitement at receiving my first SS17 new season box with the adorable bunnies on it. The same pattern is used to line the shoes and on the soles. It's pink and white striped with pastel bunny rabbits all over. I feel like I need to breathe into a paper bag every time I look at them, they are just so utterly cute! What's really nice is the sole of the shoe as well as the platform sole both feature the print, so you get a double dose...because you can never have too many bunnies y'know. irregular choice rosie cheeks liningirregular choice ss17 rabbit insole irregular choice bunny platform soleirregular choice ss17 bunny rabbit sole
I'll talk more about the sizing on Tuesday on The Shoe Girl Diaries, but I'm finding them a little generous (probably not enough to size down), so if you're between sizes, go for the smaller. I'm absolutely in love with these, if you haven't already guessed and I love the little set-up, it perfectly compliments them. I've attached a photo below without the shoes, so you can see the whole dressing table without obstruction!  Did you get anything last Friday or do you have some on your wishlist? Let me know what you think and look out for my Rosie With Love review in the next few days, I created a totally different scene for those!! irregular choice rosie cheeks shoes boudoir dressing table makeup unicorn scene


  1. I do think these are utterly beautiful!!! I loved your original ones and these see so opulent. I think your setting for these photos is put perfect!!!

  2. I'm so disappointed with mine. They look fantastic but the sides are too high and dig into my ankle bones. Putting an insole improves the fit a little but I can't even walk around my bedroom in them so there's no chance I will ever venture out in these. Such a shame as I love the colours, the zig zag sequins, the pom poms and the rose gold heels. Gutted! My Rosie's fit like a dream! Bizarre that they didn't keep the shoe shape the same.

  3. Tinkerbell heels ❤🌟 I love them and this review, they just make me anticipate IC Cinderella's part 2 collection, it would be awesome if they have a cool heel like this one in the second collection, I'm checking Irregular Choice website and blog almost everyday to see any new news lol ❤

  4. The setup is amazing. I love these shoes but omg they cut in under my ankle bones making it so hard to walk. I really don't want to send them back so if any body has any hints on how to combat this issue please put in the comments.


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