Friday, 12 October 2018

Irregular Choice: Tights & Socks

Irregular Choice have always dabbled in accessories here and there, but for the past few years, we've seen a more steady flow of goodies in this department. I've gotten quite a few current season pieces and also from SS18, so thought I'd share them with you. I've split the post into two, beginning with hosiery. irregular choice kimono pattern tights and lamb socks in packets

I started buying Irregular Choice tights when the Muppets collection launched. Prior to this, I'd desperately wanted them, but worried they wouldn't fit or I'd rip them the first time I tried them on! With the Muppets, I just couldn't miss out on those and it turns out they are very stretchy and very thick and I was hooked after that. From Spring/Summer 2018 I have the striped mermaid and lamb print tights... patterned mermaid and vintage lamb tights in packetsIrregular Choice striped mermaid print tights flatlayIrregular Choice turquoise lamb print tights flatlay
I've yet to wear the mermaids, but have worn the lambs a couple of times. Once with my Lammie lamb heels and the matching scarf, shown here hooked up to the iron infusion at the hospital. collage of legs wearing lamb tights and sitting wearing lamb tights, scarf and shoes
Then for a doctors appointment with my Aquata mermaid heels and the matching scarf on my head (coming up in the second post). The shoes were maybe a bit too matchy-matchy here, to the point that I don't think anyone even realised I was wearing amazing mermaid heels, but my doctor did comment that my tights matched my headscarf. Good eye! legs wearing lamb printed tights and mermaid heeled shoes
The lamb print is one of my favourite box designs and not only did it come in scarf and tights form, it appeared on socks too. The Sockadelic lamb socks* are ankle length with pink pom pom trims around the top. As with the tights, I'd recommend hand-washing as they are quite delicate and you don't want your machine to damage them. A couple of pom poms flew off straight out the packet, so it's best to check they are secured before wearing. Like the tights, they come in one size (recommended foot sizes 4-7). I'm wearing them here with Flaming June. Irregular Choice pom pom lamb socks in packetpair of turquoise lamb socks flatlayclose up of vintage style lamb print on sockpom pom trim around top of socklamb image and Irregular Choice branding close up on sockfeet wearing pink glitter bow shoes and lamb print pom pom sockslamb print scarf draped across leg wearing lamb socks and glitter shoes
Then the kimono print tights*, which you've likely seen on my 'You've Got A Friend In Me' Shoesday Tuesday post on The Shoe Girl Diaries or on my Instagram. This wasn't my favourite box/sole design, but I really thought it worked well on the tights and scarf, as it's such a striking print (would've been a great scarf for headwraps). kimono print tights in packetbrightly coloured kimono printed tights flatlaylegs wearing kimono print tights with Toy Story Irregular Choice shoes
For Autumn/Winter 2018/19, the good tights just kept on coming. I didn't want to buy them all (or rather couldn't afford to), but I'm totally craving the two I didn't get, especially the carousel. I did however buy the Lady Daisy striped tights, which feature the unicorn-seahorse. The carousel tights show the full body, the LD just the head with clouds and rainbow. Irregular Choice kimono bunny and unicorn seahorse printed tights in packetsstriped seahorse unicorn printed tights flatlay
Then I had to get the Blossom Bunny tights to match my shoes and bag (my sister has the purse and pouch) and I also got the ring, which I'll show you later. These tights feature the adorable bunny in her kimono on a dusky blue, cloudy background.  I'm not sure how I feel about the tights with the coordinating shoes, if it's too busy and you miss the details on the shoes? I tried the same shoes with the kimono tights with a similar story...not sure if it's the fabric of the uppers that's fighting with the other prints, but I'm not totally convinced I've found their perfect pairing yet. kimono wearing bunny printed tights flatlayflatlay of bunny and seahorse printed tightslegs wearing Blossom Bunny shoes with matching tightsIrregular Choice kimono bunny handbag next to legs wearing matching tights and shoes
My next post will feature scarves and jewellery.  Have you bought any IC tights or socks before? 

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