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Irregular Choice Cinderella: So This Is Love Review

Hello! Today I have another Irregular Choice Cinderella review for you and a pair you haven't yet seen on Shoesday Tuesday (the only pair I haven't had time to photograph)! For me, with most collections like these, there's a stand-out style that I'm really seeking from the out-set, then there's a pair that surprise me that I end up really loving when I see them in the flesh. For Cinderella, the latter occurred with this pair, aptly named So This Is Love (STIL). irregular choice so this is love shoes

Based on Tea & Cakes from the regular line, which has come in several guises over the years. I've always admired them, but never owned them, so I wasn't MEGA excited initially. When they eventually arrived and I saw them in real life though, they just made me giddy. They are so lovely. disney cinderella irregular choice so this is love shoes
They have gold brocade type fabric for uppers. The floral detail in shiny metallic which is picked up in the light. There's a pink metallic, scalloped trim around the top of the shoe and a large glittering, bronzed bow across the centre of the foot. irregular choice so this is love gold shoesirregular choice so this is love shoe sideirregular choice so this is love shoes topirregular choice so this is love gold brocade uppersirregular choice so this is love pink scalloped trim
I was a bit worried about this part fitting me, as I own Fairies In A Jar in a bigger size as I suspected the small elasticated insert behind the t-bar on those might not be ample enough for my foot to squeeze past. I ordered STIL in my regular size and actually they are the only style from this collection I've kept in that size (having sized up AND down on others). There's a minor struggle to get them on and that strap is a little tight once on, but the shoe itself fits very well in my usual 5/38. I suspect once I've tried them on a few times, they strap will loosen a little. The centre of the bow is bigger chunks of glitter to match the heel, which also coordinates with the flashing Gracious Dreamer. You think from afar it's just gold, but close up you can see it's made up of several different shades. The bow though isn't big glitter chunks, but more this amazing micro, twinkling shimmer. It's really impressive in person and catches the light all the time. It looks like someone has sprinkled fairy dust on them. irregular choice so this is love gold sparkly bow irregular choice so this is love glitter heelsirregular choice so this is love gold glitter heel detail
To make them that little bit more special and essentially part of the Cinderella collection, there's the most wonderful embroidery throughout the shoe. At the side of the heel it reads "she will go to the ball" on one shoe and "believe in the magic" on the other. The front of the shoe has the adorable clothed birds carrying a ribbon and "so this" on one and "is love" on the other. No chance of forgetting the name of these shoes then! The toe is a nice rounded shape. irregular choice she will go to the ball embroideryirregular choice believe in the magic embroidery irregular choice cinderella embroidery detail irregular choice so this is love toe detailirregular choice so this is love bird embroideryirregular choice so this is love embroidered bird detail
As with all of the styles in this collection the inners are blue castle fabric with the pink heart insert and branding. The soles differ from right to left with Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother on one and the castle and horse and carriage on the other. irregular choice so this is love heart insoleirregular choice so this is love disney cinderella insoleirregular choice so this is love disney cinderella soles
There's just something so special about these shoes. They are very elegant, not one of the crazier IC designs, but like I say, I found myself being surprised that they are probably my favourite from this collection. I've always been a fan of these birds in Disney movies, so I was really happy to see them included and it's definitely the reason I ordered them. My only hesitation was were they that much more special than any of the Tea & Cakes which retailed for probably half the price? I certainly think they are and as a plus they aren't a style I'll be 'scared' of wearing. No worries about breaking anything or the lights running out and the heel is very manageable. What do you think, do you like these? You can find them in stock here, here or here. disney irregular choice so this is love shoescinderella irregular choice so this is love shoesdisney cinderella irregular choice so this is love shoes
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  1. Got them too and they are really lovely!
    @pinkhairedprincess: have you tried Home Before 12s? I am a full-length (but narrow) 5 and am debating whether to buy 5 or 6...

    1. I have Call Me Cinders. They aren't as tight a fit as the original Glissade (which I got a size up, 6 in), but I still ordered (and have only tried) the 6. They are a nice, comfortable fit on me in that size actually, I'm not sue the 5 would've fitted. I stuck with my usual size 5 for So This Is Love, sized down (unusually) to a 4 for the light-up courts and tried both sizes (5 and 6) of Faith In Dreams, but kept the size up as they were comfier, if any of that helps.

    2. I ❤ how you set this whole thing up, very creative and whimsical. The shoes really stand out with this background, they are so beautiful, they remind me of pastries for some reason. Like if I worked at a bakery, I would wear them with a cute apron. ❤🍰

    3. I could totally see that! The birds would fly to help you and everything! Squirrels and deer queued up around the block!!! x

    4. Thank you, Pink Haired Princess. I got a 5 for Home Before 12s and they fit perfectly.

    5. Brilliant. Aren't they beauties? x

  2. I adore this wonderful scene you have created!! All the sewing essentials are fantastic!!! I really love the bows particularly and your description of sprinkled fairy dust is very apt!!
    You're not showing up in my reading list so I apologise for missing all these posts!

    1. Thank you, I thought it suited these shoes and that was a fun scene when the mice and birds tried to make Cinderella a dress with what they had to hand.

  3. I love the scene you created! So pretty and full of whimsy. Your review was so detailed and I really appreciate that.

    I've been wanting to buy regular choice for years but live overseas, so trying them on is impossible and I have wider feet. But I guess all you can do is give it a go!

    But my question is are they comfortable? I'm thinking of purchasing these for my wedding, but I can't stand blisters or really hard footbeds.


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