Monday, 6 June 2016

Irregular Choice: Thermidor Handbag

Hello lovelies. After all the excitement of the Star Wars launch (check my post here if you're still in search of sizes), I'm back with another handbag review from the SS16 Irregular Choice range. Last time I spoke about Flounder, a new shape in my collection, however Thermidor is my third of this style. I was completely hooked after my first (Purfect Pose), so am always eager to see if there's a new colourway each season.

From the outset I was excited by the bold lobster and unusual combination of colours and textures in this. I've seen the background fabric used in IC shoes before (in different colours, though none that I own), but always thought it was woven and textured rather than a print. It certainly looks realistic from afar and had me fooled!  So that was my only surprise on arrival. It's a lively blue and peach, used as a plain back panel, behind the lobster detail on the front and along the top under the handle.
The sides of the bag are covered in lovely peachy pink sequins. The same used on the White Rabbit shoes from the recent Alice In Wonderland collection. I guessed they might be the same beforehand, but once I got them both together I was so excited, as they are just perfect, with the red accents too. These sequins are so pretty because they have this beautiful green flash in the light, which is illustrated in my photos below.  The layered, textural look fits so well with the sea theme, just like a mermaid tail!    
The base of the bag is distressed red metallic with gold studs in each corner to keep it off a surface. The short fixed handle is also red metallic and there's a detachable longer strap which clips on at the sides if you wish.  I love this bag for the reason it works so well as a hand held bag, which is my preference.    
The bag has two main compartments, front and back, which fasten with a clasp closure (nice big knobbles)! Each of these is pretty roomy and you'll be surprised given the compact look of the bag on the outside, just how wide it opens. I've probably mentioned this in my Purfect Pose and Forest Fantasy reviews, that it borders on a picnic basket when fully opened! It's not big enough for A4 or anything like that, but for a small-ish hand held bag, it really holds a lot comfortably.  Inside the back is a zipped pocket and in the front, a pouch for mobile phone. It is lined in the green velvet that is also used inside all the shoes this season.
The front of the bag features a large red applique lobster. Surrounded by embroidered and applique starfish with luxurious golden rope down each side. There's a lot of additional embroidered and appliqued pieces on the lobster, it's really detailed and stunning.
I've taken some comparison shots with the White Rabbit shoe (size 6/39) and also alongside Flounder, to give you an idea of size. Flounder tapers in slightly in width and depth towards the top, though is taller than Thermidor.  Thermidor is slightly longer than a shoe and roughly the same height as the back end of the shoe.  
As I said with Flounder, being part mermaid (!), I'm easily impressed with anything of an aquatic nature.  Irregular Choice always manage to go above and beyond though, giving you that extra special, quirky vibe and details, so many details!  I hope they continue to use this bag shape, I really love it.  Total bonus that it looks so good with White Rabbit, I definitely need to work both into an outfit soon.  If you missed my post a few weeks back, I photographed all my Irregular Choice bags (well most) in one post, then promptly added another to my collection.  I swear every time I take a group shot...!! What do you think, do you love the new season bags as much as I do?


  1. This is absolutely lovely. I think it's top of my wishlist, along with the cat one.

    1. I finally got my hands on the cat one. The shape of the lobster is my favourite.

  2. I was so, so tempted by this one. I have such an affection for lobsters that when I saw it,I thought about buying it (and then looked at the price!). I love your detail photos!

    1. Yeah there's a lot of detail in these, which is reflected in the price.


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