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Where To Buy: Irregular Choice Star Wars 2

The second Irregular Choice Star Wars collection launched online today at 12pm. I am pleased to say the online queue system worked wonderfully on the IC site and we were able to look around and shop in a virtual orderly fashion with no crashes or slow running pages, whoop!  Seeing as my Alice post was so popular last time, I thought I'd list current stockist information of which styles and sizes are available from where. I didn't do it this early last time, so obviously the numbers are going to change considerably throughout the day and over the weekend, as it's the first day. Physical stores won't be getting stock until next Wednesday (1st June), it was only online that launched today. I will keep updating this page as more stock arrives/returns are made, so keep an eye out. 
This time I've also split the stockists into UK/Worldwide, so you can easily choose between them. As always, remember goods coming from overseas are subject to customs charges/import duties and these can vary depending on the total value of your order and which company is delivering. Some of these sites offer low or free postage to overseas buyers, but you do have to consider customs as an extra. I'll again link to this Facebook group and also this one, where private sellers will no doubt be listing their purchases if they didn't fit or they ordered more than one size.  Auction sites such as eBay will also likely have some styles, but sellers often have to charge considerably more than rrp in order to recoup their costs, due to fees from both eBay and Paypal.  I've written sizes below as they appear on the websites-so some of the American sizes will need converted (others already show the European size) and remember the likes of Schuh call a 36 a 3.5, whereas Office and IC call them 3's. Schuh offer next day delivery for just £1 and they will arrive tomorrow (Saturday) if you order today before 10pm, they also offer Sunday delivery for £1.  Otherwise standard delivery is free, Scorpio and Office are also free and Monday is a bank holiday, so not all postal services/couriers will be operating.  Pah, do they not know we are desperate to see our shoesies?! Some of the styles from the first SW collection have been replenished in limited numbers on the IC site, but I haven't linked to those.  Also check out the exclusive R2D2 colourway available from Think Geek at the bottom of this post.  If there's anywhere I haven't mentioned, please comment below and I'll add them to the list for everyone to see. Go forth and buy!

UK sites
Battle With Artoo Schuh 3.5-6.5, Office 3-7, Scorpio 4-6, IC 37 and 38, Amazon 3.5-6.5, Fyfo 4-7
Glitzy Artoo Office 3-7IC 37 and 38, Amazon 4-6.5, Fyfo 4, 5, 6 and 7
Iridescent Vader Scorpio 4-7, IC 37-39, Amazon 3-8, Fyfo 3-8
Golden Vader Office 3-8, Scorpio 4-7, IC 36-42, Fyfo 4-7
Dark Empire Schuh 3.5-8, IC 37-43
Floral Artoo IC 37
Day Of The Trooper IC 37, 38 and 41

Dark Lord IC 37-40 and 42
The Golden Droid Schuh 3.5-8, Office 3-7, IC 37-40, Amazon 4-7, Fyfo 4-7
R-Series Artoo IC 37-39
R-Series Vader IC 38
Floral Droid IC 38, 40 and 41
I Am Your Father Schuh 3.5-6.5 and 8, Office 3-7, Scorpio 4-7, IC 37-40, Amazon 4-7.5
Astromech Office 3-5, Amazon 4-6.5, IC 37 and 40
Droid Duo Office 4-7
Worldwide sites 
Battle With Artoo Luke & Stella (Japan) 36-39, Fun (US) 6.5-9, The Shoe Attic (US) 37-42, Zooji (US) 5-8 and 10, Ashbury Skies (US) 36, 37, 39-42, Shoe Fun (AUS) 37-39 and 41, Unique Vintage (US) 7-10, Wild Lily (Japan) 35-41
Glitzy Artoo Fun (US) 6.5-9, Ashbury Skies (US) 37-42, Wild Lily (Japan) 35-41, Karmaloop (US) 5.5-10.5
Iridescent Vader Tilted Sole (US) 36-41, Zooji (US) 5-10, Ashbury Skies (US) 37, 39, 40 and 42, Wild Lily (Japan) 35-41, Karmaloop (US) 5.5, 6.5, 8.5-10.5
Golden Vader Tilted Sole (US) 36-41, Luke & Stella (Japan) 36-39, Fun (US) 6.5-9, The Shoe Attic (US) 37-42, Zooji (US) 5-10, Shoe Fun (AUS) 37-41, Wild Lily (Japan) 35-41, Karmaloop (US) 5.5-10.5
Dark Empire Tilted Sole (US) 36-41, Shoe Fun (AUS) 37-41, Wild Lily (Japan) 37-40, Karmaloop (US) 5.5-10.5
Floral Artoo Tilted Sole (US) 37-41, Fun (US) 6.5-9, Ashbury Skies (US) 38, Wild Lily (Japan) 35-41, Karmaloop (US) 6.5-10.5
Day Of The Trooper Ashbury Skies (US) 39-42, Wild Lily (Japan) 37 and 40, Karmaloop (US) 5.5-10.5

Dark Lord Wild Lily (Japan) 36-41
The Golden Droid Tilted Sole (US) 36-41, Luke & Stella (Japan) 36-39, Fun (US) 6.5-9, Zooji (US) 5-10, Ashbury Skies (US) 37-42, Unique Vintage (US) 7-10, Wild Lily (Japan) 35-41, Karmaloop (US) 5.5-10.5
R-Series Artoo Tilted Sole (US) 36-41, Fun (US) 6, 7, 8 and 9, Shoe Fun (AUS) 37-41, Wild Lily (Japan) 36, 38, 40 and 41, Karmaloop (US) 5.5-8.5
R-Series Vader Tilted Sole (US) 37-41, Fun (US) 6, 7, 8 and 9, Shoe Fun (AUS) 37-40, Wild Lily (Japan) 36-42, Karmaloop (US) 6.5
Floral Droid Wild Lily (Japan) 37, 38 and 40
I Am Your Father Tilted Sole (US) 36-41, Luke & Stella (Japan) 36-39, Fun (US) 6.5-9, Think Geek (US) 5.5, 6.5, 7-10, Ashbury Skies 38-41, Unique Vintage (US) 7-10, Wild Lily (Japan) 36-41, Karmaloop (US) 5.5-10.5
Astromech Luke & Stella (Japan) 36-39, Fun (US) 6.5-9, The Shoe Attic (US) 37-41, Ashbury Skies 39, Shoe Fun (AUS) 37, 38 and 41, Unique Vintage (US) 7-10, Wild Lily (Japan) 35-41, Karmaloop (US) 5.5-10.5
Droid Duo Luke & Stella (Japan) 36-38, Wild Lily (Japan) 38, 39 and 40

*Exclusive* R2D2 blue flats Think Geek (US) 5-10

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  1. I wish I hadn't seen that exclusive design / colour way - purchase made (thank you).

    1. Brilliant, thanks for letting me know. They are lovely, I'm liking the blue!

  2. FYI: SIZE UP on "Battle with Artoo". I just received the size 40 from IC and they are too small (toes hit the end of the shoes sitting down). Luckily this time, I anticipated this and ordered some 41s from a US vendor which fit much better.
    For some reason, I have not yet received Day of the Trooper from IC yet, even though they were the same order as Battle with Artoo (wonder why?)
    Hopefully IC will get back to me soon with tracking info.
    I will be sending the Battle with Artoos back unless there's anyone (size US8) reading this who lives close to SF CA and wants to pay me what I paid for them.

    I've gotta get them back within 14 days, so I must hustle though. SF to UK.

    This is why I wish IC would let us far away people know beforehand which vendors are closest to us since sizing is not constant with this company and the need to return and (if possible/ (not) exchange is frequent.

    Other companies that you buy from also give you at least 30 days to return and sometimes 60 days.

    I would advise reviewing return policies, in addition to price, when choosing a vendor, if there are enough IC shoes out there to afford you that choice. Some vendors will not refund money and only give credit and those, of course would be the last choice to order from.

    There is a company called DollsKill in SF that carries some cool weird shoes, but they only do exchange or credit, so you better make sure that you might want other things on their site if you order from them. Always always check return policies.

    If I would have known beforehand that the US vendors were going to carry the IC shoes I wanted, I would have never ordered from IC. It is just too far away. If you are in Britain, it wouldn't seem to be a problem. Plus a visit to the store to return/exchange would be fun if you are close enough.

    At any rate it would probably be good to size up on all the R2D2 shoes, and for sure these gorgeous (and they are totally gorgeous!) Battle with Artoo shoes. At any rate I love them and I am so glad that I have a pair that fit.

    1. For once we've found the sizing different. I had no issue with Battle and they were in my usual size. The original R2D2's were small at first, but fitted better after some wear. DOTT I found really small and had to return for a larger size (well actually I returned them and bought the other size when I saw it in stock, in a panic they wouldn't stay there until my return was dealt with). Same with Floral Artoo, I had to re-order the bigger size as they were very small.


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