Sunday, 25 October 2015

Toy Shop Bargains For Christmas

I've recently made a start to my Christmas shopping, helped along by some terrific bargains at The Toy Shop (The Entertainer), which I couldn't keep to myself. They launch special discount deals in the countdown to Christmas, every Thursday and now that we're several weeks into it, there's plenty to choose from. I saved £75 on the Kre-O Transformers Autobot Assault Devastator, down to £24.99 from £99.99. I hadn't read it properly (too excited by the bargain) so had intended it to be for my youngest nephew, but it's for ages 8+ and contains 781 pieces (sorry sis), so I think it's a little too advanced for him, so am giving it to the middle one instead. You can construct different things like robots or trucks and hopefully it'll keep them amused and they'll all play with bits of it, without fighting! Plus the box is MASSIVE, so that in itself is exciting for them! I also couldn't resist the fantastic Lalaloopsy deals. The original big dolls are down to £10 (saving £17), the 'Littles' my favourite, are £6 instead of £15, as are the newer 'Girls', down from £20. Any of these look like a really substantial present, so they are great if you have kids (or adults) to buy for and are budgeting. I got a couple of Littles and a Girls for my sister. lalaloopsy dolls

Like I said these 'Littles' are my favourite size of Lalaloopsy and my how the product range has grown since it's launch!  You can get everything from pencil toppers to little figures, soft dolls, make-your-own, crazy hair, playsets, everything!  I find Littles slightly more robust and definitely easier for smaller kids to play with than the original size, where that tiny body is struggling to hold up the heavy (and often wobbly) head.  They were launched as younger siblings of the main line.  The doll and shoes are all plastic, but the clothes are fabric. They also come with a little pet/friend. Their limbs move up and down and I think their head swivels too. Bow Bah Peep is wearing an adorable, super fluffy lamb suit with blonde hair and blue booties and her little pet lamb. My sister is just going to love that furry outfit. lalaloopsy littles bow bah peep doll lalaloopsy bow bah peep doll side lalaloopsy bow bah peep doll close up lalaloopsy bow bah peep doll face lalaloopsy bow bah peep doll pet lamb
Tiny Might is a brightly coloured superhero! With green hair (note the lightning bolt shaped into her fringe), neon pink cape and a star print catsuit, complete with obligatory pants worn over the top! She comes with a pink (removable) mask, with cute holes cut out in the exact shape of her button eyes and a mask wearing hedgehog pal.  I just love the character in their faces and am extremely fond of their tubby tummies! lalaloopsy littles tiny might doll lalaloopsy tiny might doll side lalaloopsy tiny might doll close up lalaloopsy tiny might doll mask lalaloopsy tiny might doll face lalaloopsy tiny might doll pet hedgehog
The stories behind the dolls are just as sweet, with Tiny Might sewn from a hero's cape on National Comic Book Day (younger sister of Dyna Might), while Bow Bah Peep's birthday or 'sewn on' day coincides with 'Herd Your Sheep' day and she was made from Little Bo Peep's bonnet! I think they're a nice alternative to fashion dolls or a segue to them and because of the often 'storybook' type themes they have, it can help introduce younger children to the tales or nursery rhymes.  They will hopefully be inquisitive about those back-stories and you could even buy a book or comic that corresponds to that doll as a gift alongside it.  Thankfully The Toy Shop were prepared this year with plenty stock of these offers (though they will go, so I wouldn't leave it long) and there's lots more to choose from. I have a soft spot for Cape Riding Hood, Sherri Charades and Twirly Figure of Eight.

Last year I bought my sister her first Lalaloopsy Girls (Mittens Fluff 'n' Stuff), but I knew she was still after Pix E. Flutters, so picked her up for this Christmas. They've got 70% off, down from £20. Girls are aimed at a slightly older market and are a more grown up version of the original line, intended to be teenagers. They again come with fabric clothes, but their bodies are longer, slimmer and head more in proportion with the body. The hair on their head is moulded in a similar fashion to the other lines, but they have pigtails or bunches sticking out, which can be 'styled' and change colour in water. Again they come with a pet, but this deluxe version also includes an extra outfit (pyjamas) as well as a couple of hair clips and cute comb. The box handle doubles up as a hair clip for you too (so stealing that afterwards)! lalaloopsy girls pix e flutters lalaloopsy girls pix e flutters face lalaloopsy girls pix e flutters bow handle lalaloopsy girls pix e flutters comb lalaloopsy girls pix e flutters pet firefly
You can see she is a little more intricate and slightly older girls will love playing 'sleepovers' if they have more than one.  At just £6, you certainly could!  The original size are terrific at a tenner.  I'm very tempted with Haley Galaxy and Teddy Honey Pots for my sister and also Scraps Stitched 'n' Sewn, Mona Arch and Winter Snowflake, but I really don't think she has room for more of the bigger ones.  My Mum had already bought Yuki Kimono and Smile E. Wishes elsewhere (not as cheap) for her (she's going to have a very Lalaloopsy Christmas).  Other deals worth noting; the new one this week, 33% off My Magical Mermaid Playset and they still have stock of Moxie Girlz Storytime Princess Fashion Dolls, which look like they are based on Ariel, Pocahontas, Jasmine etc!  The set of 5 is available for £15.99, which I'm sure you don't need me to tell you is roughly the price of one fashion doll these days.  So lots of bargains to be had.  I have another dolly post coming up, hopefully next week, but for now, how do you like these and have you started the Christmas shopping yet?

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  1. Wow, that is a terrific bargain!x

    1. My friends and I have decided against presents this year (unfortunately when they are this cheap) or else I'd have bought loads (I have 10 of their kids as well as my 3 nephews).


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