Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How To: Decopatch Halloween Coffin

Ok, I can't take the credit for this, but my Mum is very crafty and this week she has been making some Halloween themed goodies and I asked if I might share one with you all. When she was looking after my nephews on Monday, they decorated polystyrene skulls and she's since made her own which are hanging in our conservatory. Yesterday I went to see what she was up to and here she was with a glitter pot, skeleton paper and a mini coffin! I was intrigued! This isn't a step-by-step tutorial because it's not complicated enough to require one, plus it would feel weird when I didn't make it myself, but this is honestly really easy to do and child friendly too. halloween decopatch coffin
Decopatch is something any level of crafter or non-crafter can tackle. It involves tearing (roughly) pieces of paper and sticking them to something. Like a more decorative papier mache. That's it!  You want to be sure not to leave any gaps (or at least in this make), but otherwise you can be pretty relaxed about the whole thing, as it's not supposed to look uniform or overly neat.  Everything used in this make was from Hobbycraft and I'll link to each item (sorry no 'before' photo or items used, because we didn't realise this was going to be a blog post).  hobbycraft halloween decopatch casket draculaura hobbycraft halloween decopatch casket hobbycraft halloween decopatch coffin hobbycraft halloween decopatch coffin draculaura
So she started with a plain casket, which you can decorate by paint, glitter or in this case decopatch.  I think the black skeleton paper she used has since sold out, but there are loads of different decopatch papers to choose from.  She used the decopatch glitter glue to paste the ripped pieces of paper onto the casket.  The glitter is more apparent in real life, my camera and the poor lighting (thank you Scottish winter) meant it wasn't really sparkling (but you can see sporadic glitter throughout).  She only did this to the lid and painted the bottom of the coffin with black paint.hobbycraft halloween decopatch casket top hobbycraft halloween decopatch casket top detail hobbycraft halloween decopatch casket close up
A layer of glue around the top edge of the coffin lid and a generous sprinkling of black glitter and it was almost complete.  She placed a bat sticker in the centre of the lid (again out of stock, but there are more stickers here) and filled the coffin with purple shredded tissue paper.     hobbycraft halloween decopatch glitter glue skeleton coffin hobbycraft halloween decopatch coffin bat sticker detail
My sister immediately claimed the coffin as a new home for one of her Monster High 'Draculaura' dolls and I think she looks perfect in it.  Like I say, anyone can do this and there's no sharp things involved, just lots of glitter everywhere (yes, even just taking photos) so kids will love it.  I've just noticed this unicorn, which would look amazing in some pastel or rainbow decopatch papers with a glitter tail and horn!  Might have to not so subtly suggest this to Mum!  What do you think, have I inspired a glitter filled Hobbycraft haul?

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