Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Final Panda: Irregular Choice Tian Tian

irregular choice pink tian tian panda heels
If you cast your mind back to March, you'll maybe recall the release of the 'panda' heel from Irregular Choice. Now I tried three different styles, until I found a pair I was satisfied with.  I began with Pin Yin in yellow and black and sent back both, because they weren't quite right for me. Then came Tian Tian, much more subtle, available in black or salmon pink. I immediately knew the pink were for me, but unfortunately they weren't released here, only available on Asian/US sites. So I bought the black, which don't get me wrong are lovely, but I was still hankering after the other colour. I'd given up hope of ever getting them, when one day in May (after the sick bug), I found them, available in the UK! Imagine my horror when the only size out of stock was the one I wanted. I don't know how many days they'd been on the site, but I was gutted that I'd missed them. You know I love a good stalk though, so I signed up to the stock notification and it became my 10+ times a day check. The email alert actually didn't come through, but my hard work eventually paid off as one size 6/39 appeared (even luckier I had 20% off that day too).  So I'm happy to report I do now own the lovely pink Tian Tian that I always wanted.
irregular choice tian tian panda shoes
The fabric is different to the black pair, which you might remember sparkled and twinkled in the light. These have an animal print, are textured and also finished with a metallic sheen (similar to an oil slick) which you can see in the close up image below. The style is the same, lace-up with organza ribbons and a rounded toe. irregular choice tian tian panda shoe irregular choice tian tian panda heels front irregular choice tian tian panda heels detail irregular choice tian tian panda heels toe
The colour really lift the panda heels and have you noticed anything unique yet? It actually took me a while to realise. One of the baby pandas is missing his white tummy! Obviously I knew if I returned them, it meant I'd probably miss out altogether (the size 6 have never been restocked), so I decided to keep them, much to the happiness of my 'Raggy Dolls' sister who has a penchant for buying dolls and toys with 'defects'! The thought of nobody wanting them and them ended up in a constant cycle of being bought and returned or worse, binned (!) was just too much.  I couldn't do it, especially after the long wait I had to get them. I suppose they actually look more natural, now that they're not uniform. I doubt many people will notice when I'm wearing them either! irregular choice tian tian panda heels back irregular choice tian tian panda heels irregular choice tian tian heel close up
Other than that, the heels are exactly the same as the other three pairs, which I spoke about in more detail in those posts (links above).  Size-wise I knew the size up were the better fit for me and they are perfect (with the soft floral velvet inside).  It's unlikely I'd have bought both colours had I known the pink would become available at some point, but they are different enough to justify keeping both pairs (and they look mighty happy together on my shelf in the shoe room).  There's still four sizes available if you fancy them and you can use SPJULY2 for 20% off (wys £125).  I'm very happy I've added them to my collection, they are definitely the most "me" of all the panda styles.  What do you think, which has been your favourite panda?  

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  1. Oh yes,these ones are the nicest! I think Char has these too! I would love them if they were JUST a bit lower (stuck record comment- you'd think I'd invent a more lexiconically interesting way of putting it!) x

    1. Yes! I just knew whenever I saw these, they were my favourites.

  2. I love them! I bet that 'defect' makes them way more valuable. The fabric is to dieeeeee for. xx

    1. It's really interesting, when you tilt them, they take on a different look.

  3. These are lovely! I think these are my favorite of the panda shoes as the pink really suits the pandas:)

  4. Yes!! I have these and they're by far my favourites, too.


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