Thursday, 30 July 2015

Irregular Choice: Squeezy Bear Heel Preview

irregular choice squeezy bear heels
Tomorrow sees the release of the latest character heels from Irregular Choice and we've been given a sneak peek. I'm going to sound like a talent show judge and say I don't like them.....I LOVE them!  I am genuinely so excited about this release.  I might have stared at the email for an entire hour yesterday, drooling, then forcibly made myself log out!
First of all, heels. One pair (black) feature the panda heel we saw last season (black heel tip) with the little baby. The white of the panda looks brighter than on mine, but perhaps that's just the lighting in the promotional images.  The other pair (brown) feature the exact same heel but in mirrored gold, like the unicorn and bunnies last year. Already I'm leaning more towards the gold, because as I mentioned last week, I already have two pairs of pandas and the gold makes them look like plain bears instead. Which leads me to the theme of the amazing uppers. irregular choice squeezy black bear heels
They are covered in fluffy, teddy bear fabric, made to look like toy bears with googly eyes and tiny ears sticking up.  Utterly awesome! They have the most adorable little faces and after reading Kezzie's post on childhood toys and the sentimental feelings they stir up, I think this is why I'm so infatuated with them.  They really speak to me, because they look like old, very much loved toys.  We were clearing out our attic recently and it was funny because there were bags and bags of old stuffed toys.  As my sister went through each one, she became so animated with some and nonchalant with others.  In the end, all the plush, pristine ones went to charity shops and the scabby, rough looking ones with noses rubbed off, loose stitching and not so fluffy fur were the ones she kept.  It became a joke, that anything looking a little worse for wear would end up on the "keep" pile!  Naturally they are the ones she had an attachment to and remembered most from her childhood because she loved those ones.  Even though these shoes are brand new, they give off that nostalgic feeling for me. irregular choice squeezy gold brown bear heels
Once more Irregular Choice have come up with something I didn't know I needed or wanted and though the uppers are a little reminiscent of Cougar Cub or Kirby, they're taken to an entirely new level of cuteness here.  I haven't been this excited about the actual shoe part of character heels, ever, I don't think!  I'm sure you'll be pointing out that I uttered words along the lines of "I'm satisfied now" in regards to panda heels just last week, didn't I?!  Well it just shows, you never know!  That's why I'll never tire of IC or get bored or find them predictable, because you just don't know what will come next.  They feel like perfect, dream shoes for me though, so if you can't already tell I'm very excited!!  Information for you though before I go off to drool over the photos again; they are called 'Squeezy', available tomorrow (Friday July 31st) at 12pm and I'll be praying my internet doesn't play up (it's been a menace lately).  Personally I am going for the brown pair and will be calling the heels "bear heels" rather than pandas and so then they are very different to my others!  What do you think though, do you like or loathe these?  Love the heel, hate the uppers or vice versa? Let me know and wish me luck tomorrow x

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