Friday, 21 November 2014

Bought & Thought

Love Moschino Charming Snow Tote Bag
Happy Friday!  Today I have a bag I bought months ago, that I'd almost forgotten to show you.  I'm sure I've said this before but the Love Moschino 'Charming' girls range just keeps getting better.  I literally want every single design they release.  This seasons snow scene is absolutely adorable.  I love the chic wee lady in her fluffy red coat and hat, walking through the snow in her high heels.  Look, she even has a big ring on her finger and is carrying a little clutch!  "Love Moschino" is written in the snow and there's a church and some buildings in the night skyline with snowflakes falling all around.
This is the large tote*, definitely bigger than I'd usually go for (I tend to opt for their clutches or small shoulder bags) and too big for me to carry on a daily basis.  However if you require a bag roomy enough for a laptop and A4 folders and documents then this could be the one for you.  It's fully lined, has an internal zipped pocket and pouch, two chain shoulder straps and it closes with a zip.  I was very lucky that I had a voucher to spend, so the grand total was only a few £'s!  I've already bought one of the clutches in another print and there's a few other designs I have on my wishlist that I'm hoping to buy soon.  Do you like this?    Bought & Thought Quote
Quote.  Post contains affiliate link, bag was part purchased with gift voucher.


  1. I love it!! Perfect for winter. I have this one: but I'm wondering about another..

    1. That one is lovely. The women always have such character! I got the one with the wee doggy where she's coming off a plane (it's pink) in clutch form, but I'm desperate for the one on the moped, such pretty colours. There's also another with ginger hair made of hearts, it's gorgeous. Hoping to get some at sale time.

  2. Awwww, Christmassy bag!!! X

    1. Yeah, not sure I can use it all year round!


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