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Haul & Swatches: Lancome GWP

Lancome GWP Bag
This post has been neglected for so long! I ordered the stuff back in May and each week it's been 'carried over' into another week because I've not had time.  My health woes this year have been well documented, but this past week I've been struggling with motivation and fighting extreme tiredness on top of hospital appointments and having my nephews here 3 days a week.  Blogging has just been a no-go unfortunately.  I'm still completely shattered today, but have given myself a wee pep talk and the first thing to tackle was this post. There's so much editing and writing required, that's why I'm unable to post them as regularly as I used to.  Anyway enough blethering, on with the Debenhams/Lancome haul. My main only reason for buying was because they had a rather spiffy GWP, but I dithered for so long on what to get (actually I was holding out waiting for the summer collection that never happened), that the couple of things I'd wanted went out of stock. So it was back to the drawing board, as I can't leave a pretty GWP hanging!
Lancome GWP
This particular gift with purchase has since finished, but there's a lovely wee set out just now with a Jenny Packham cosmetics bag (with 2 purchases online, instore offer may vary). It's been on since the end of May, so I'm not sure how much longer it will last. Plus until 24th August there's 1500 bonus beauty points when you spend £50 on Lancome. Onto my GWP and I was again impressed that Lancome shook it up a bit by adding in some variations. The above photo is the standard gift and with a third purchase I got the extra cleanser and toner shown in the photo below. Lancome GWP Bonus
Both the Tonique Douceur and Galateis Douceur are 125ml (regularly sold as 200ml for £22.50 and £23), so it's nice big sizes you're getting. Lancome Tonique Douceur and Galateis Douceur
The BiFacil eye makeup remover is actually full size (£21, 125ml) and there's also two small moisturisers. Hydra Zen Neurocalm SPF15 15ml and for the first time (I think) in a GWP, Hydra Zen Nuit 15ml. I've never tried the night cream before, so was pleased to see that in there. Lancome BiFacil Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm and Nuit
Continuing with skincare, there's a small Advanced Genifique -Youth Activating Concentrate. I've tried this many times before, along with the coordinating moisturiser, so can always put it to use. Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate
Then there's a small bottle of La Vie Est Belle. As you might recall, I stored up several of these thinking I didn't like it, then one day tried it and loved it! So I'm always happy to get a more portable version in GWP's. Onto makeup and no 'Fraise' Juicy Tubes! Really! For summer we get Marshmellow Electro instead. Ok, so I've already got the full-size, but honestly I couldn't deal with yet another tube of Fraise, it was getting ridiculous. Alongside that is a small Hypnose mascara. Lancome La Vie Est Belle mini Lancome mini Juicy Tubes Marshmellow Electro & Hypnose Mascara
What really caught my eye in the set though was this small compact, Blush Subtil in 021 Rose Paradis. It's a rare new colour release from Lancome for their powder blusher and even more rare to find in a GWP. I'm always glad to see something completely fresh included in a GWP, especially as the aim is to entice you to try and therefore buy something new next time. Lancome mini Blush Subtil in 021 Rose Paradis
My compact was really badly scratched from rattling against the other items, but thankfully the blush inside was still intact. It's a very bright blue-pink. It's photographed much warmer here and without that blue tone (cameras hate bright shades). There's sporadic shimmer in the pan, which I didn't notice in the swatch. It doesn't however skimp on the pigment in the swatch. It's just as rich and bold, which is nice to see. I can see me using this a lot and maybe even needing to buy the full-size and that's coming from someone with enough blush to last several lifetimes!Lancome Blush Subtil 021 Rose Paradis swatch
Like I say, it's just refreshing to try something different, although old faithfuls can be good too. So, onto what I bought.  I was really hoping for a new collection as I've got almost everything I want from the main line. One thing I really wanted to get regardless, was a full size La Vie Est Belle. I somehow resisted the urge to pay more for the 'limited edition' glitter version that's exclusive to Debenhams (would've looked so pretty though) and instead got the standard 30ml size. Seeing as they still had some Mothers Day sets left over and for the same price you got the little extras, I opted for that set. Lancome La Vie Est Belle gift set
The perfume bottle had broken through the packaging (taking other items with it) and the set was in a bit of a mess really when it arrived. However none of the actual products were broken, it just wouldn't have been acceptable had it been a gift though. La Vie Est Belle set
I would try and describe the scent, but I'm pretty rubbish at it and off the top of my head, can't think of a definite whiff of any single ingredient, I just like the overall smell.  Anyway, I love it, it puts a smile on my face every time I spray it. My only worry is the 30ml might not last too long...perhaps I should've gone bigger! Look how cute my wee mini is next to it! Lancome La Vie Est Belle Lancome La Vie Est Belle and mini
As you've seen in the set, you get mini versions of Le Crayon Khol, Hypnose Star mascara and Gloss In Love in 144 Glittermania. I haven't tried this shade of the gloss before (it was 146 Peach Show I got in my set at Christmas), it's a very warm coral (not as red as it looks here). Lancome Gloss In Love 144 Glittermania Lancome Gloss In Love in 144 Glittermania tube
The shimmer when swatched, is amazing. It's non-gritty and multi dimensional and the shine on that gloss! Pretty cool. Gloss In Love 144 Glittermania swatch Lancome Gloss In Love 144 Glittermania swatch
As you'll notice there are other swatches on my hand, belonging to a couple of lipsticks I bought. Lancome lipstick boxes Lancome L'Absolu Nu and Rouge In Love lipstick cases Lancome L'Absolu Nu case Lancome Rouge In Love case frontLancome Rouge In Love Lipstick case back L'Absolu Nu in 202 Beige Tulle is in the black case with Rouge In Love in 345B Rose Flaneuse in the silver.  The nude one was pretty predictable (who knew there was a Lancome nude I didn't already own though?), but I like to think I surprised you somewhat with the pink one.         Lancome L'Absolu Nu in 202 Beige Tulle Lancome L'Absolu Nu in 202 Beige Tulle close up Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick 345B Rose Flaneuse Lancome Rouge In Love 345B Rose Flaneuse close up
I was just in the mood for something a bit different and although it looks scary in the case, once it's on, it's not so bad.  It's still bright and there is a lot of colour, but it's not neon.  Again it was difficult to photograph true to life.  The beige lipstick (left swatch) has a pinky tone and is so soft looking, it's very pretty.Lancome swatches L'Absolu Nu 202 Beige Tulle and Rouge In Love 345B Rose Flaneuse
To the far right is the lipgloss again.  Lancome swatches L'Absolu Nu 202 Beige Tulle, Rouge In Love 345B Rose Flaneuse, Gloss In Love 144 Glittermania Lancome L'Absolu Nu 202 Beige Tulle and Rouge In Love 345B Rose Flaneuse and Gloss In Love 144 Glittermania lip swatches
I have to admit to another Lancome haul a couple of weeks ago for that gorgeous Jenny Packham bag, when we eventually got the summer collection.  I took some photos last week, so will start editing them soon.  I'm also keen to try the new swan neck mascara wand that just launched, Grandiose.  It looks very intriguing.  In the meantime what do you think of this little lot?

Post contains affiliate links.  Where items are out of stock, I have linked to in stock items elsewhere.    


  1. Great gwp!!! Id be tempted by that nude lippie! X

  2. What a cool thing! I loved your blog, congratulations!



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