Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Review: Eucerin DermatoClean Micellar Cleansing Fluid*

Do you remember the 'blind micellar water trial' I took part in last year?  Well Escentual thought I'd be interested in trying the latest micellar water (MW) on the block , given that I'd enjoyed the blind trial so much.  That product is Eucerin DermatoClean Micellar Cleansing Fluid 3 in 1 £9 (currently reduced to £7.19 in their sale which ends tomorrow).  It comes in a 200ml bottle, the lid unscrews to reveal a small hole.  You simply apply to a cotton pad and onto the skin without rinsing.  I was a little concerned that the liquid would pour everywhere and I'd waste lots, thinking something like a pump applicator would have been more practical.  However the stopper in the neck of the bottle prevents over-pour (pretty sure I just made that word up).  Basically, I had no issues with it, in fact I felt in control of exactly how much or little I wanted for each application.    Eucerin DermatoClean Micellar Cleansing Fluid 3 in 1

Given that I haven't worn makeup this year with being ill, I didn't really get the opportunity to test it's abilities at removing face and eye makeup.  In my blind trial, I wasn't as keen on MW's for this purpose, preferring to use them for basic cleansing.  I found the effort and soaked pads required to do so (and in some cases giving up and going back to using a separate eye makeup remover and makeup cleanser) just wasn't worth it.  Like I say, it would be unfair to comment on how I think this one would work.  For basic cleansing though, I really loved it.  I've been using it at least once, if not twice a day.  I was amazed at how gentle and light it felt on my skin.  With previous MW's I found a tacky or sticky film was left on the skin, there was no such issue with this one.  My face felt thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and prepped for applying moisturiser, without the need for a toner.  It's fragrance free, alcohol free and paraben free, so it didn't dry out my skin either.  Eucerin DermatoClean Micellar Cleansing Fluid Detail
Imagine my utter disappointment then, when roughly 3-4 weeks later my face reacted with a rather nasty breakout.  Blemishes in places that I'm not prone to breaking out.  Nothing is ever 100% certain in cases like these (and I do have acne prone skin), but I wasn't using anything else new and since ceasing use, my skin has started to slowly clear up.  Obviously I'm not keen to try it out again for fear of the same thing happening, but it's so frustrating as I was really enjoyed using it and compared to my previous experience with MW's, this one was up at the top.  I notice another similar review on the product page, so it's a pity.  So a bit of a mixed review for this one, without the suspected breakout it would've been a brilliant product that I couldn't fault.  Perhaps if your skin isn't as sensitive to change as mine, you'd fare better.  

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  1. Ugh I want to try this so bad! I wish I could get this in the States!!

    1. Oh no that sucks. I was honestly so surprised at how light and gentle it felt, yet it really cleaned. Brilliant.


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