Thursday, 15 May 2014

Comparison Swatches: MAC Alluring Aquatic

As promised, here are my comparison swatches of some of my MAC 'Alluring Aquatic' pieces. I raided my MAC lipstick tray to find something similar-rather randomly I might add! It's been so long since I've looked at makeup that I'm forgetting shade names and colours and had to check/open each one. However, I easily found several similar ones, some swatched very similarly, others not so much. Comparison MAC Nude Lipsticks Facing
Comparison MAC Nude Lipstick Top
From left, Not So Innocent (Glaze), Naturally Eccentric (Lustre), Siren Song (Lustre), Equality (Lustre), Semi-Annual (Lustre) and Altered Beige (Lustre). Comparison MAC Nude Lipsticks Comparison MAC Nude Lipsticks Facing
All but one are lustre finishes, so that was an added 'bonus' in finding a match. The glaze finish definitely swatched differently-this shade in particular is more like a sheer base with shimmering sparkles throughout. I've taken several hand swatches, because I don't quite trust the lighting in the conservatory yet (new to taking photos in there). My descriptions of the swatches were taken from looking at my hand at the time, rather than the photos and the swatches are in exactly the same order as the lipsticks above. Comparison Swatches on hand MAC Alluring Aquatic Lipstick Comparison Swatches on hand MAC Alluring Aquatic Lipstick
Not So Innocent is lighter and the pink sparkles offer something different to SS. Naturally Eccentric was another MAC beachy, summer theme and this one is actually a pretty good dupe if you've already got it. It's a tiny bit more pigmented and leans more peachy than SS. Equality again is a really good alternative, it's slightly more yellow/tan toned than SS. I doubt you'd notice a difference between NE, SS and E on the lips in all honesty. These final two lipsticks, although they may pass for similar-ish in the tube, are not alike when swatched. Both had a lot more colour to them from the first swipe (in order to conduct a 'fair test', I swatched each one 10 times regardless of how (un)pigmented it was). Semi-Annual is a pigmented, peach-nude and Altered Beige is a beige-nude. Comparison Swatches close up MAC Alluring Aquatic Lipstick
Like I say, if you already own one of those close-matches, I'd opt for a different shade in this collection (if you have the choice, which I didn't). Onto the lip pencils and I mentioned in my original haul post that I thought Naked Liner looked similar to What Comes Naturally. NL is a permanent shade and I was actually surprised at just how alike they are when swatched. I'd say even more so in the flesh than these photos show.  Sorry for the unsharpened NL by the way, didn't have a sharpener to hand!   MAC Nude Lip Pencils MAC Nude Lip Pencils Tips
I couldn't remember which way round I'd swatched them in the photo, so double checked again today and just lightly applying a little of each, it was almost impossible to see that I'd used two different colours. If you already like NL, then you'll maybe want the fancier packaging of WCN too!  WCN is brighter and I suppose NL leans more 'nude' while WCN is more peachy.  Blended on the lips and with a nude lipstick over the top, they are going to look very similar.   MAC Nude Lip Pencil swatches MAC What Comes Naturally and Naked Liner Lip Pencil swatches
Finally, I thought I'd share photos and swatches of my new Peachstock lipglass, paired with it's partner in lipstick (mine from an old LE Liberty collection).  MAC Peachstock lipstick and lipglass MAC Peachstock lipstick and lipglass
The lipglass looks a little lighter in the tube and perhaps also in the swatch than Peachstock lipstick, although only by a tiny margin.   MAC Peachstock lipstick and lipglass swatches MAC Peachstock lipstick and lipglass hand swatches MAC Peachstock lipstick and lipglass hand swatch
Have you made up your mind of what you want from Alluring Aquatic, if it hasn't launched already with you?  Let me know if you find these comparison posts helpful.

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  1. Wow! Probably not going to buy anything even though the packaging is gorgeous! As you know from my love of your turquoise hair, it is my favourite colour! X

  2. I love the packaging and would have bought a lipstick if anything but I've spent too much money on other stuff, clothes and shoes, so nothing for me.


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