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H! By Henry Holland: My Top 5 Dresses

Wearing H by Henry Holland dresses
Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all well and enjoying the little bit of sunshine. If you follow my other blog, The Shoe Girl Diaries, then you'll be fully aware of my love for the H! by Henry Holland range. I find it's generally quite generously sized, so being on the cusp of 'plus-size', the 18's actually fit me well. Debenhams is one of the rare places I can walk into and have options and choice on what to buy, which makes a pleasant change.
Wearing H by Henry Holland blue dresses
It's no wonder then, that I've amassed quite the collection of HbH pieces.  I've completely lost count of the amount of HbH dresses and items I own, but it definitely dominates my wardrobe.  Now that the range has been going for several years, I'm noticing some classic designs being reworked in new prints, along with new shapes and styles, so I've not tired of the brand yet. To celebrate the bank holiday weekend, Debenhams have 20% off all dresses on their site (not just this range), so I thought I'd share with you a very small portion of my HbH collection from previous years along with my 5 favourite new season dresses, below. Wearing H by Henry Holland printed dresses
1. Flamingo Print Prom Dress £45 (£36). I spoke about this dress last month and it's still top of my list. I adore the flamingo print and the shape of the dress is similar (although not identical) to the yellow one I bought a couple of years ago (first photo, 2nd from left). This one doesn't have the fiddly, crossover straps, which is a bonus. Although it's a bit of a pain to iron, there's actually another layer underneath the skirt, which gives it a lovely, fuller shape.
2. Dipped Hem Floral Lace Dress £35 (£28). You'll recognise this one immediately, as I wear my version a lot (above photo, 2nd from left). I was so excited to see it in a new print this season, as it's a lovely dress to wear and proves it's worth reworking an older style. It's so comfortable and unlike many dip hem dresses, the shorter length is nowhere near 'indecent', which means it can be worn with bare legs. This dress is perfect for taking on holiday as it rolls up very small and does not crease at all (I love it for that alone). The black crochet section around the bodice is a nice touch and the softly elasticated waist (it sits high on me), ensures there's plenty of room for moving and eating! If I remember correctly, I sized down on this one. H by Henry Holland dresses H by Henry Holland fabric details
3. Navy Sunglasses Print Dress £32 (£25.60). One of the things I love most about the HbH range, are the quirky prints. I'm a sucker for them! I wasn't too fussed on this dress when I saw it online, until I zoomed in and saw the wonderful vintage glasses print. It's really unusual, but subtle, I love it. I already have a floral print shirt dress in this style (first photo, 2nd from right).
4. Scatter Flower Print Dress £35 (£17.50).  Last time I was shopping (which was ages ago), I saw this dress and put it on the 'list in my head' of things to buy!  It's a little bit like my black/red dog print one (not shown here), maybe mixed with the floral collar one (first photo, middle).  I really like that collar detail, it smartens up an otherwise pretty casual and comfy dress.  Plus this dress is actually half price right now, so it's a total bargain!
5. Navy Candy Swirl Dress £32 (£25.60).  Yet another dress that benefits from seeing the print close-up.  The dress shape is similar to my fruit one (far right, second photo), but I don't think there's a sheen to the fabric.  I love the swirly lollipops print, it's a fun little dress for summer.

Is there anything here that tickles your fancy? Are you also a bit of an HbH fan?  Do let me know.  Thanks again for all your healthy good wishes-unfortunately the recovery process is going to be very long, so blogging has taken a back seat while I recuperate.  I really miss my daily outfit posts on TSGD too (this post has just made me remember how fun it was), but hopefully in a couple of months, I'll be capable of getting dressed and blogging about it again.  Have a good weekend : )

This post contains links that can earn this blog a small commission when purchases are made by clicking the links.  All opinions are my own and I was not gifted anything or paid to write this post.  Top images my own, last two images Debenhams.  


  1. I really like his stuff!!! So tempted to buy the flamingo dress!!! I bought a really cute scalloped Peter zpan collared top in the dale recently which I was v pleased about x

    1. Brilliant bargain! I actually haven't bought new clothes in ages, seeing as I'm only wearing jammies just now : (

  2. I find it really funny that the girls in the website pictures are completely straight up and down & yet the dresses look so much better on your figure. I'm curvy & would never consider buying any of these based on the website pictures! Shops need to show the clothes on a range of models!

    1. Thank you and I agree. Not blowing my own trumpet, but I often find the clothes uninviting on the models on the Debenhams site. I remember buying the most gorgeous dress from Coast and when I got home and looked it up online, I wouldn't have looked twice at it on their model. Debenhams use some size 16 mannequins instore, so it would be nice to see some variety in their real life models too.

  3. I don't know why but I tried commenting from my phone (as soon as I read the post in the afternoon) but I couldn't post the comment? Weird. Anyways, LOVE all of the dresses (both yours and your selection from the current ones) and am seriously thinking of getting the flamingo one (swoon. It's perfect!! Too bad I'm broke at the moment). Wishing you the best and so happy about this post you wouldn't believe, hope you feel better and as always can't wait for another post.

    1. Eek, don't know why that was : ( Thank you...I just wish I was able to do more, it's so frustrating because I genuinely love blogging and the blogging community, but I'm having chest pain and difficulty breathing with the slightest bit of activity (i.e. getting up to go to the toilet or just checking emails or flicking through magazines), bit of a nightmare.


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