Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Monster High Monday: Roller Maze Lagoona

Sorry this post comes a little late, but it's well worth waiting for. Last week, I had a lot of issues colour matching Howleen, even although the look I was replicating was supposedly 'no-fuss' neutrals. I didn't like the finished look and I didn't even enjoy the application. So this week, I picked a doll that to be honest, I've been avoiding since I purchased her. Why? Well she's wearing lime green eyeshadow, bordering on neon and lots of it! That's never going to work on me surely? To make matters worse, the lime is then mixed with green (eww at the colour clash) and bold pink lips. On the doll, it looks fabulous though, but that's because it's Lagoona and she's ridiculously pretty and could pull off anything! After my failed attempt at neutrals, I'd definitely lost a bit of confidence in my makeup artistry skillz (!) and I felt I was destined to look ridiculous. Clown ridiculous. To say this is the antithesis of Howleen last week would be an understatement!
When I started to pick out colours and saw how bright the eyeshadow was that I would be using, I was utterly convinced it would look nothing but hideous on me. O-M-G, I was so wrong! I absolutely nailed the look this week and it's possibly my favourite Monster High Monday ever!!
All the girls in the Skultimate Roller Maze line had some sort of lime in their outfit and hair and/or makeup, so I was dubious as to whether I had a shade bright enough in my own collection. I could only think of one and it was a little more yellow than I would've liked. I then spied my MAC Eyes On Manish palette which I've been using for previous MHM's and within that is a bright yellow and bright green. The green was perfect. I had a little fiddling around to find the correct lip shade, but otherwise it was relatively easy to find dupes.
Note there is also some glitter involved in the eye, as if the colours weren't enough!
I'm trying out highlighting and contouring this week and even although Lagoona wears no blush, I wanted to try and incorporate my HaC methods into this look. I've only properly tried it a couple of times and am already loving it, so I'll maybe do a tutorial/FOTD post once I become more natural with the process. I started with Lancome Teint Miracle foundation in 005 and applied Dainty Doll concealer in 001 to blemishes, under the eyes and as my highlighting colour. I used Pout Face & Body Illuminator in Love Glow on the top of my cheekbones, Mark Good Glowing powder blush in After Glo on the cheeks and Cameo Glo as my contour colour and finished with Clarins Ever Matte Mineral Powder Compact in Transparent Opal. HaCing does involve a little more products and brushes than usual!
On the eyes, I applied Too Faced Shadow Insurance and some Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Gel in Backstage for the glitter, just under the brow. Despite the glitter being gel based, I still managed to lose a lot of sparkle as I tackled the rest of my makeup, however it turned out just like Lagoona, with sporadic glitter.  I decided against the line Lagoona has in her crease, I felt I didn't need it.     
On the lids up to the crease, I applied MAC Shimmermoss eyeshadow. Then taking a blending brush applied the lime shade from MAC Eyes On Manish palette from the crease upwards and also under the lower lashline. It's bold, it's bright, it's kinda ugly, but it's exactly what was required. It's a really harsh colour, but somehow it's worked.  I finished with YSL Waterproof Eye Pencil in Black Ink and Lancome Artliner for the flicks and YSL Shocking Volume mascara. I also filled the brows a little with the brow powder from the Jelly Pong Pong Wakeup Makeup Palette.
For the lips I had to mix a couple of shades together to get just the right colour. Although the pink is bold, it's a little more dull than most of my bright pinks. So I used MAC Outrageously Fun (Cremesheen) as a base over Pout 36DD Lip Liner and then MAC Romancin' (Lustre) over the top. It was perfect.
I had no idea these colours could look so good together, especially as I have green eyes and I'm sure there's some stupid beauty rule about not wearing eyeshadow the same colour as your eyes, along with only wearing either bold eyes or lips and not both. If anything this post just proves that it's worth doing something outside of your comfort zone, no matter how subtle that might seem and that beauty rules are there to be broken.
I was so happy with the finished look and the photos, I felt great and who knew lime eyeshadow would be the reason?! I think my HaCing is partly responsible too as I've been having such trouble with my skin lately but this sculpting and glowing can't fail to make you feel good. You can see my full outfit and slightly less green eyes on The Shoe Girl Diaries now. How do you think I did?


  1. So lovely! What a great and unexpected color combo! You did fabulously! <3

    1. thank you, yes, didn't expect those colours to work together.

  2. I think you did really well, green would scare me!
    I actually saw a monster high doll in debenhams recently for the first time ever and was like "oooh Gem would like this" although you probably already have it!

    1. Haha, it did! I was freakin out when I saw how bright it looked on the back of my hand! I was looking at MH in Debs this week too, they only had two and my sister had one and I have the other already.

  3. The lip shade is lovely. The eyeshadow makes your green eyes really stand out, I have a moss green shade that makes my green eyes seem to sparkle.
    I think it's a good idea that you do a highlight & contour post. I always have problems deciding what shade to use as a contour colour, the always end up too dark or too orange, good excuse to go shopping for makeup (not more makeup as my husband always says). X

    1. The lips; OF is like a bright violet pink then Romancin' is a dull browny pink and quite sheer, so on their own they are completely different colours, but looked so pretty together.

      I'm just finding my feet with HaCing...the technique seems easy enough, but like you say it's finding the right shades for it. I'm struggling to find a light enough colour as a contrast to my already pale skin. I just bought a Lancome blush palette which has a contour and highlight colour in it as well as a blush, so I tried that out yesterday, today I tried using foundations (darker and lighter)!

    2. I'll keep an eye on your progress & see what works for you. I find bronzers way too dark on me, even the lightest ones I've found.
      I think I'll give the foundations a try, I have a clinique one in ivory which is quite a bit too dark so I'll give that a go as a contour.

  4. LOVE the eyeshadow!!! Well done :-)


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