Monday, 6 June 2011

Inspiretty #97

Hello pumpkins! I noticed my 'blog hits' were down this weekend, quite considerably and no wonder, seeing as I've neglected you since last week! I've been feeling like poo, not in the mood for anything, completely uninspired, generally lethargic, migraines are back, hair is beyond a mess, diet has gone out the window, don't think I've shaved my legs in a fortnight and my nails haven't been painted for nearly 4 weeks-I'm going to the dogs I tell ya! When you feel like that, I never think the best thing you can do is write a blog as it just comes across as very depressing and lacklustre and nobody wants to read that! So, I'm going to attempt to spark myself up (hair will get coloured this week) and I'll hopefully resume normal service...including Inspiretty, oh how I've missed it (perhaps there's a direct link between this and my mood?). So here's my New Look/LCF shoes I bought the other week, mahoosive aren't they?


  1. Oh wow! I saw these in store and as I picked them up I noticed how heavy they were - are they any harder to walk in than other huge wedges? I'm so in awe of your amazing shoe collection! xo

  2. Those shoes are the coolest thing I've ever seen!

  3. I have to say, I think YOU make certain shoes look good, I saw these New Look, in a black version also, they look like the accessories Dr Frankenstein's monster would rock.However, I reiterate, they look good on YOU, they aren't for everyone.

  4. Katie Marie-thank you : ) Yeah they are rather heavy, only had a quick sprint around the living room in them, but they seemed ok. Have a bit of a strange fit though (rather tight across that middle strap but quite roomy further down).

    Vintage Glitter-thank you!

    Antigone-haha thank you! Didn't know I had that power! They are very clumpy and I could see how people would liken them to cartoon shoes ; )


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