Monday, 22 September 2008

Red Carpet @ The Emmys

It was the Emmy awards last night. So here's a little look at who caught my on the red-carpet.

Christina Applegate said on her red-carpet look "I'm wearing a pretty dress and lipstick, which is something I haven't done for two months". As many know she has recently battled breast cancer and has (very bravely) done so under the scrutiny of the public eye. This was her first big appearance since and she looked fantastic. The icy blue and gold one-shouldered dress, huge colourful earrings, blood red lipstick, dark nails, pink ring (love it) and slightly severe hair shouldn't work, but somehow Christina looks gloriously glam and comfortable in this outfit. I think it's her confidence in liking what she is wearing that comes through. Definitely one of the stars of the night.

No, no, no Jennifer Love Hewitt, what were you thinking? What happened to the cute personality and vintage style you do so well in Ghost Whisperer? This is like a flashback to the 90's when Sarah Michelle Gellar and JLH (the girls of the moment) wore slightly dodgy outfits, with even dodgier hair. This is like a wedding dress gone wrong, with strange frayed edges. She has a great figure, so why hide it in this gown? And her hair is a mess, seriously, awful.

There was a mixed reaction to host Heidi Klum in her Armani Prive outfit. I'm pretty undecided myself, although I admit I'm leaning more towards liking it. I think the beautiful pewter shade is subtle enough to stop this fussy layered gown and cape from being 'too much'. Heidi always opts for the most beautiful accessories too, check out the size of that ring and butterfly earrings!

I think America Ferrera is just lovely, her sweet inner Betty just seems to shine through, even when she's out of character. She somehow manages to pull of this awkward length dress, that could've looked like a puffy bin-bag on someone else. I like her lace court shoes and I know pointy toes are coming back in fashion, but I'm not overly keen on that shape and don't think they look right with this style of dress. She wore a beautiful necklace and carried a very simple (but cute) satin clutch perfectly accessorized with short dark nails.

Similarily, Eva Longoria Parker wore (waaay too) pointed silver courts with her beaded mini-dress. I think strappy sandals or peep-toes would've looked a lot better. Overall I think her look was a little harsh. The black eyeshadow, snakeskin clutch and then the dress with the beading, fringing, ombre, bow etc etc was just too much for her little frame and although I didn't hate it (lets face it, she'd look great in a bin-liner), it just didn't work for me.
Marcia Cross without a doubt wore my favourite outfit. This is the type of fairytale glamour I love. The nude coloured dress worked with her porcelain skin as it was a dirty, slightly darker tone. The floral detail and cinched in waist were adorable and the sandals were spot-on for this look. Marcia also wore dark nails (definitely the theme at the Emmys) and her sparkly ring and clutch looked great.

(images celebutopia)

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