Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Purrfect Boots?

I realise the majority of posts this year have been shoe hauls-sorry if it's boring you, or maybe you like to see new, pretty shoes? I've been super busy with 'eBay selling' over the past couple of weeks and it seems to have sapped my energy for doing anything else. Today I went out, shopping, because I was desperate to see something other than these same walls and see people and breathe (not so) fresh air! The shops were quiet (a good thing) and although I didn't come home with any spectacular goodies, I felt better for getting out. I've also been busying myself behind the scenes, starting up tumblr (haven't actually done anything to it yet) and adding new pages to the blog (just a little background info), but that's all taken time. Anyway, luckily my sister was off today and she took delivery of 3 pairs of shoes for me. Two don't fit (long story), but the other pair and I realise this is particularly ironic that it should follow the last post/rant (about Jeffrey Campbell shoes being overpriced in the UK), are my tapestry cat Lita's!
Yes I bit the bullet, or rather sold s***loads on eBay and finally had funds for these.  I can recall the first time I saw them and initially I was rather perturbed by the scary looking moggies, then they grew on me as being quite kooky and cool, until they became my most wanted Lita pattern.  They repeatedly sold out in the US, so I was really pleased to see them pop up in the UK (even if they were very expensive). 
I have an odd relationship with animals where I'm pretty much terrified of every one in real life (seriously scared of dogs) and the thought of a cat sitting on me has me breathing into a brown paper-bag, but I seem to love animals at the same time.  The animal jewellery obsession?  Animals on clothing?  Yes please! I detest any animal cruelty, it makes me sick, even if I would be last in line to stroke a kitty or hold a hamster. So anyway that round-about-story was to say I'm not a cat lover, but I love these boots!    
There's a dog version as well, which I'm just not as enamoured with-it was definitely kitty's for me.  Office delivered them quite quickly, I was expecting to wait longer given that they said it could be a week because they were particularly busy.  I was so annoyed though because I forgot to use Treat Street, typical!  I was remembering all last week, as I stalked the site, but then when I went to purchase I forgot.  Although last time I spent £40 at Office, they cancelled my points with Boots and I hadn't even returned or cancelled my order.  Annoying!!  I did manage to find a 10% off code which helped the hefty £120 price-tag (just google and you should find it).  
So what do you think? Super cute or super scary? They need to make a whimsical pair with unicorns on them, right? I'd be all over those!


  1. Guh! I love these SO much!


  2. sweet!!!!

  3. Wow, these are definitely different! I wish I could actually walk in heels then I'd probably have these in the dog pattern...

  4. Ahhhh I love these!!

    I love cats and shoes so voila, the perfect combo!!

    Laura xx

  5. These litas are so cute! And I think the unicorn pattern is a really brilliant idea!

  6. These are actually beautiful, I want them so badly! I don't think I could actually walk in them though :( stupid impacted kneecaps...

  7. cute!!!


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