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Beauty Lately...

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selection of skincare and makeup products on glitter background
I'm back resurrecting a blog series from several years ago. I started Beauty Lately... in the summer of 2017 and I don't quite know why I never posted again, perhaps because the period that followed was filled with gallstone attacks (!) I don't know, but I want to reinstate it. If you didn't read my blog back then or can't quite recall the post, it's basically mini beauty reviews; good, bad or indifferent (skincare, makeup, fragrance, body, hair) that I'm currently using or have used lately. I have my next post almost ready to go and have used a few new things for the post after that, so let's get stuck into this one and I have 5 items for you today.
soap and glory pore sheet mask in packet
First up is Soap & Glory The Fab Pore, Pore-Refining Sheet Mask £4. I'm an avid face masker and have tried so many different brands of sheet masks, but these are one of the best and having not used them for a while, I'd forgotten that (really must stock up when they're on offer, so I always have some to hand). This one has a minty/tea tree kinda scent and a cooling feeling when wearing it (leave on for 15-20 minutes). It contains white willow bark, cassia, lavender, tea tree, lemon balm, eucalyptus and mint. The cooling, tingling sensation really makes me feel like it's doing something. Upon removing the mask, skin isn't shiny, it's matte and the results are instantly visible. Pore size is drastically reduced, skin feels like it's had a good, deep clean and feels so refreshed. If you have oily or combination skin and/or suffer from acne/breakouts like I do, you'll start to crave that fresh-skin feeling. I felt I had a lovely glow for several days after use, definitely recommend these and will be buying more for sure. figs and rouge hydra pore serum primer pink tube
Prepare yourself for the longest product name ever; Figs & Rouge Soft Focus, Pore Perfection, HD+ Matte Veil, Hydra Pore 30ml/£35. I think I got this in an advent calendar (or beauty box?), had no idea of the price point until I looked it up (the one I have is full size), but I will say it's lasted me a very long time using it daily (I'm just about finishing it now). Okay, so a bit of confusion over this item. It's described as a serum, so I applied as such (under moisturiser), I felt it was drying, so read the directions and actually you apply it more like a primer (over moisturiser/under makeup). So I've since been using it like that and recently introduced using a 'proper' serum into my routine as well (for moisture more than anything). I don't hate it, I just don't like it pegged as a serum.

It doesn't feel like it has any skin benefits I'd expect of a serum.  It's supposed to be good for blemish prone skin, "reducing skin impurities and combating breakouts with it's duo-action anti-blemish formulation", I haven't seen a reduction in the amount of blemishes or a speed-up in their process and the way it makes my skin feel dry, I'm using more skincare to combat that. Even wearing over moisturiser, my face felt tight after application and for a while afterwards.  As a primer, I like it slightly more than a serum. It's very matte (without that silicone feeling), probably why it's so drying, I wouldn't say my pores disappear (despite the "long lasting pore correction-helps fade imperfections, promoting a clearer balanced complexion" claims) and I also don't notice a blurring effect at all.  The scent is a little odd (glue-like), but not strong and months in, I don't even notice it now. Don't rub it in too much, just gently glide over the skin and leave it or it'll start to pill and rub off and I'm therefore not sure how well foundation would do over the top.  I should also state I started applying this by patting (as I do with most of my face products), but gliding lightly worked better. Like I say it's lasted ages and you don't need much for a full face (it's quite a runny formula).  Would I buy it again? Probably not, I prefer Clarins primers (and they're cheaper), it's just not wow enough for me to splurge. I do like the pink tube though! white tube of elemis papaya enzyme peel on vintage get along gang book background
Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel 50ml/£35 15ml/£12 is next and this is a mini from either a GWP or the Elemis advent I got Mum for Christmas (and she wouldn't use this). I've become very, very keen on Elemis in the last few years and have in turn got my Mum hooked on their stuff. It's all she uses now! Scents will either make me love a product or hate it and this is definitely in the former. The second I opened it, oooh it's just lovely. This is a gentle (completely non abrasive) cream exfoliator to purify, revitalise and smooth and is designed for use even on sensitive skin types. You apply it to cleansed skin, wait 10 minutes, then wash off. It's simple, there's no scratchy exfoliation, it just feels like a gentle, cream cleanser or mask.  I've been trying to remember to use it twice weekly, but I'm always a bit unsure if it's doing anything to be honest as you don't feel anything. However, I think looking back over the weeks, my skin texture is improving. I think in the areas where I get spots (chin and lower cheeks), there's less pink or angry looking skin. My spots still come and go, but seem more contained to just being the spot and not reddening the whole area around that. Instantly though, skin does definitely look brighter and fresh.  I'd definitely buy this full-size, I'm actually quite keen to buy one now, so I don't skip it and I can really see the benefits and difference with prolonged use. Update, I've just found another 15ml tube today in my stash, so I'm very excited!red wine jar of sleep mask shaped like barrel
Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask (Red Wine) 120ml/£17.95 this is the first sleep mask I've used that really feels like a mask and I've tried several. I'm sure since masks became the beauty buzz word, companies started slapping it on night creams and lotions just to entice new users! Anyway, this one is by Korean brand Holika Holika and also comes in white wine format. The packaging is divine, so kooky and fun. Shaped like a barrel, the markings on the lid and even the box it came in are just perfect. It comes with a spatula, but I prefer my clean finger and have got it down to a fine art now of scooping and turning, so I don't end up with a long trail back to the jar! It's very gloopy, reminds me of Elizabeth Arden Peel & Reveal Mask, which I used to have a palaver getting onto my face. I pat it into my skin, like I would my normal night cream, it's a little sticky at first. I was using it every night, but instead use it twice a week skin was going through a bit of a bad phase and I wasn't sure if this was just a wee bit too rich for me to use daily.

Like I say, it definitely feels more mask-like than a regular cream. It's a little sticky when applying, but it dries, but still feels like I'm wearing a mask (hard to describe). Not in the sense I'd be worried about it marking my pillow, just that I feel a layer of something (not literally). This anti-wrinkle sleeping pack aims to smooth, nourish and moisturise the skin with shape memory moisture membrane of red wine, indeed! There's a definite wine kinda smell, which I wasn't expecting and the product is a runny, reddish goop! I was worried the scent would bother me (never been a fan of the smell of many alcoholic drinks), but it didn't. It disappears pretty quickly. I'm not sure I've noticed a massive difference to my skin in the morning compared to the other nights using my regular cream, but skin does feel nice and plumped. I'm really making an effort to use up my stash, so I'm rotating and using lots of new to me things, so it's harder to notice which products are doing what these days. I wouldn't not buy this again, I like the novelty of it and I do think it's a nice enough product. If you're looking for a true mask to sleep in, then this is it.  Oh and I love how the product ends up smooth again in the jar, as if you've never touched it, when you've made a mess of it the night before with your finger!  wine therapy sleeping mask jar with wooden style lidred wine sleeping mask product inside jar
Finally, I've been going through a lot of lip balms this past year, my lips always seem to be in need of moisture.  During lockdown (I say this like it's different to my everyday life, it's not!), I've decided to wear gloss instead of balm.  I have a gazillion glosses, so I'm using a different one every week or so, to both attempt to use them up and just to feel a bit nicer in myself, when every day is a no makeup day.  I started with a really good one, honestly, it was such a joy wearing this each day, it's amazing how it can boost your mood a little.  It's the Dior Gloss Addict in 311 Magic which if I remember correctly was a limited edition shade, but they revamped this line (for the millionth time recently), so Dior Addict Stellar Gloss £28 in 629 Mirrored, 630 D-Light or 640 J'Adior are potential new alternatives for you.  Update, mine is from the Mystic Metallics Autumn collection in...2013, can't believe I've had it that long!  The star embossed eyeshadow (384 Bonne Etoile) from this collection is still a firm favourite of mine too!  I've bought loads of these Dior glosses over the years and the swatch doesn't do it justice, it's super sparkly (in a classy, grown-up kinda way) under lights, but is more muted in normal light.  It's a gold-nude with a super glossy appearance which makes lips look really plumped.  It feels lovely and smooth, no scratchy glitter particles, no stickiness and yeah, I just love it.  I believe the new wand has a sponge applicator, this older one is a small brush.     dior lipgloss in nude colour on get along gang vintage image backgroundpale skin with dior lipgloss swatch in 311 magic
I have no idea why I've procrastinated so long about posting this (started it months ago).  Some days I'm just far too exhausted to blog, but more so, I'm really out of my routine, so I feel I just need to get back into it and it'll get easier or more natural!  Anyway, hope you enjoyed this and the next one will be coming soon. 

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