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Irregular Choice Disney Princesses: Ariel & Belle Tights Review

[Tights provided for review consideration.  Words and photos my own]

Earlier today the final Disney Princesses instalment launched; Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Belle from Beauty And The Beast and it's the final in the very long line of Irregular Choice Disney collaborations over the past few years. Today I have the last lot of tights to show you (2 Belle, 1 Ariel), so let's get stuck in. rainbow cloud background with 3 packets of disney irregular choice tights

First up is Ariel, these are the Sea Dreams Tights. You have mermaid Ariel swimming up one leg and sea witch Ursula up the other, against a beautiful underwater backdrop. You'll find Sebastian and Flounder along with other sea-life. disney the little mermaid character printed tights
First off the colour of these is just lovely, but then I am a sucker for that aqua shade! I found Ariel sat slightly higher up the leg than Ursula, but you can manoeuvre them if you'd prefer them more level.  Ursula wanted to sit more round the outer side of my leg, so I twisted the leg slightly so she was facing forwards like Ariel. The black in Ursula isn't as solid or saturated as that of Mulan's hair or the background on Still The Fairest, there's naturally a smokey shading to it, therefore the colour being lightened by stretching on bigger or longer legs doesn't seem as obvious here (compared to those other two I mentioned).  There's a definite front and back to the print, but it's up to you whether you want those characters up the back of your legs or down the front as I've shown here.   ariel mermaid and ursula sea with printed tights flatlayback of tights in aqua sea printariel the little mermaid disney tights printursula the little mermaid printed tights close up
I teamed them with Lookin Good shoes from last winter. I think the purples and greens work really well here and the flower embellished heel always remind me of a coral, so I felt they were sea appropriate! I'm really fond of this combination and I love how detailed the print is in the foot portion of the tights. As much as I don't want to cover that up, Just Me And The Sea boots are going to be a wonderful continuation of the sea on the tights. legs wearing the little mermaid themed tights and shoes with lilac fluffy straplegs standing wearing the little mermaid tights with purple shoessea themed printed tights with sea with ursuladisney mermaid tights on legs with purple rainbow shoesclose up of disney mermaid tights wearing colourful shoe with lilac furry strapclose up of ursula side of tights
Starting with Be Our Guest Tights from Beauty And The Beast. These have a really pretty pastel, rainbow background with the castle characters dotted around. There's Mrs Potts, Chip, Lumiere and Cogsworth with text and gold stars. beauty and the beast themed printed tights in pastel rainbow finishclose up of clock cogsworth print on tightsChip and Mrs Potts print on tights
As it's more of an all over print, you don't need to be so careful about placement. One leg definitely has more mint with yellow, while the other is pink and yellow. There's a nice selection of characters no matter what area you're looking at. There's flats to match these (Be Our Guest), here I paired them with my mint Kir Royal. These are one of my favourite shoes, I really love the colour and that dreamy, pastel vibe fits perfectly with the tights.  Not shown here, but the gold Truly Magical and fluffy Zodiac ankle boots also looked awesome.  legs wearing mint furry shoes and pastel rainbow disney tightsfront of legs wearing disney beauty and the beast tights in pastel rainbow colourspearl and fluffy shoes worn with disney pastel tightsside legs wearing disney pastel tights and fluffy shoeslegs standing wearing pastel shoes and disney print tightsclose up of disney pastel beauty and the beast tights and fluffy pearl shoes
As Old As Time Tights are a pink base with Belle and The Beast dancing and a large rose print with scrolls saying "a tale as old as time". disney rose beauty and the beast tights
The print works it's way around the legs, so there's not really a "front and back" to these like The Little Mermaid pair. Looking from the side, I definitely noted (and have shown below) one way was more yellow (Belle's dress), while the opposite side was more blue (The Beast's suit). From the front, you get the mix of all colours. close up of disney belle print on toe of tights
I picked out two pairs of shoes for these and had too hard a time deciding which I liked best, so photographed them both and you can make your mind up! The blue Ember Starwand allow the tights to shine while the red toadstool and yellow flowers pick up the accents in the print of the tights. If you want to go all out with the floral theme though, Smitten Kitten are the pair to pick. They not only have a floral printed fabric but flower embellishments, not to mention the catterfly in a teacup on the T-bar and pussy cat heel. As crazy clashing but matching as they are, I like it!  I'll definitely be trying out both of these.  legs wearing blue shoes with flowers and rose beauty and the beast tightsyellow pink and blue beauty and the beast tightsyellow side of beauty and the beast tightsblue and pink side of disney tights worn with cat heeled shoesfloral cat heeled shoes worn with disney beauty and the beast tightsbeauty and the beast themed tights worn with flowery shoesbeauty and the beast disney tights worn with floral shoes
I've found the sizing consistent in the whole Disney Princesses line. I'm a little heavier these days and all three pairs fitted fine and weren't as tight as (off the top of my head) Toy Story. They say they fit up to a size 16 and are very thick and stretchy. Which is your favourite?  Hopefully these reviews have given you some styling ideas and shown you that you don't necessarily need to combine them with the Disney styles from the same collection. I've been wearing my other Disney tights a lot on Instagram, so you can see how well they work with other pieces. I'll link to my other blog posts, the first launch here (Snow White and Mulan) and the second collection (Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty) if you missed those.

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  1. They are very detailed! I have to say I love the shoes you are wearing with them!


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